Remaining Top 50 Free Agents

On November 5th, I posted my Top 50 Free Agents list.  Let’s take a spin through to see what remains.  I’ve included my old predictions for reference. 

7. Barry Bonds – Padres. The Friars seem content to go with Scott Hairston/Jason Lane/Chase Headley in left field; I doubt they’ll be signing Bonds.  With the A’s effectively out of the picture I have no idea where he ends up.  But that 3,000 hit milestone is lingering for him.

15. Mike Cameron – Astros.  This won’t happen; the ‘Stros are set with Michael Bourn in center.  Possible suitors: Twins, Brewers, Cardinals, Reds, Braves.

18. Bartolo Colon – Mariners.  This still could happen.  Other possibilities: the Royals, Nationals, Mets, Rangers, and Phillies. 

19. Jason Jennings – Rockies.  I like the idea of Jennings returning to Coors, but the Rockies seem pretty full if they ink Josh Towers.  The Rangers, Astros, Nationals, Royals, and Mets are possible suitors (similar to Colon).

24. Kyle Lohse – Cardinals.  Will the Cards throw down $40MM to add an innings eater to their rotation?  Probably not.  Aside from the Mets the market for him has been dead so far.

25. Roger Clemens – Retirement.  Clemens could definitely still retire, or he could try to hook on with the Astros or Red Sox at a large discount.  Would he consider other clubs?

26. Livan Hernandez – Mariners.  The Ms got their innings eater in Carlos Silva.  Livan is a possibility for all of the usual suspects – Mets, Phillies, maybe the Astros and Reds.

27. Hitoki Iwase – Reds.  Just heard he’ll stay in Japan on a one-year, $4MM deal.

29. Kenshin Kawakami – Royals.  According to RotoWire on December 3rd, Kawakami is a free agent and should decide sometime soon whether to jump over to MLB.  He makes an interesting sleeper if he does.

31. Freddy Garcia – Padres.  The Padres have reached their quota on rehabbers.  The Mets are eyeing Garcia; the Rangers don’t seem interested.  Garcia had surgery to repair a frayed rotator cuff and labrum in August.

34. Shannon Stewart – White Sox.  This prediction ain’t happening.  There has been almost no buzz on Stewart thus far.

35. Kazumi Saito – Not Posted.  Haven’t heard anything about the Hawks posting him – he’s not eligible for free agency.

38. Pedro Feliz – Yankees.  Oops, they’ll go with the best hitter in baseball at third instead.  McCovey Chronicles doesn’t want him back on the Giants, but it’s still possible. 

42. Kenny Lofton – Twins.  I could still see this happening if the Twins don’t get a center fielder via a Johan trade.  Otherwise Lofton can try to re-engage the Brewers.  Some interested club is bound to pop up once Cameron and Corey Patterson sign.

48. Luis Gonzalez – Twins.  This move probably won’t be necessary with Delmon Young, Jason Kubel, and Michael Cuddyer all in tow.  Jerry Crasnick wrote a Gonzo article today, naming the Twins, White Sox, Rangers, Rays, Brewers, and Giants as teams that talked with his agent but didn’t pan out.

50. Jon Lieber – Nationals.  He could end up in Washington if he’ll take a one-year deal.  Talks apparently died with Houston, but the Mets, Reds, Royals, and Rangers are options.

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