Bonds Vows Not To Retire

Curious why Barry Bonds, he of the .480 OBP and undeniable baggage, doesn’t have a job yet?  So is the Players Association; Donald Fehr and Co. will examine whether there has been collusion against Bonds this winter.  It’s just part of an annual free agent market review by the union, so this isn’t a huge deal.

It’s tough to analyze Bonds’ situation without inside information.  Perhaps certain clubs did look into signing him, but found his price prohibitive.  Other teams may be focused on bringing in good clubhouse guys.  Others may not have DH or left field vacancies. 

Bonds’ agent says he could be ready in two weeks; he vowed directly to that he will not retire.  It’s not like Opening Day is some magical date after which Bonds cannot sign.  Injuries happen, teams get desperate, and maybe Bonds will drop his price under $5MM.  He mentioned on the phone call that he’ll come back in July if necessary.

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