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The Tigers, Phillies, and Mariners are three contenders that may be on the lookout for bullpen help.  I get the feeling the winless Tigers might act quickly.  What does the relief market offer?

  • Jon Rauch and Luis Ayala of the Nationals.  As I’ve written, Rauch is the one to chaseJohn Perrotto says the Tigers have "strong interest" in him.  But with Chad Cordero in questionable health, will Jim Bowden weaken his pen in the short term?
  • Ron Mahay and Yasuhiko Yabuta of the Royals.  Neither free agent signee will be traded anytime soon.  But the Royals’ pen might have the depth to overcome the loss of one of them in July, and desperate teams always overpay for relievers near the deadline.  Something to monitor later in the season.
  • Kevin Gregg of the Marlins.  Gregg had his ERA wrecked early by a bad appearance at the tail end of a blowout at the hands of the Mets.  He’s affordable, decent, and even comes with the closer tag.
  • Joaquin Benoit of the Rangers.  He’s signed through ’09 and was quietly solid last year. 
  • Mike Wuertz of the Cubs.  It’s been said that the Cubs would only include Wuertz in a major deal.  Maybe so, but he’s pretty far down on the depth chart given his abilities.
  • Brad Hennessey, Tyler Walker of the Giants.  Hennessey is a pitch-to-contact type who’s given up an astounding 12 hits in three innings so far.  He’s not exactly at peak value.
  • Alan Embree, Huston Street of the A’s.  Billy Beane is expected to extract a huge bounty for Street later this summer if he does trade him.  Street’s allowed runs in his first three appearances though.
  • Chad Bradford, Jamie Walker, George Sherrill of the Orioles. Right now the O’s are just enjoying first place.  In a couple of months they might have the best trove of available relievers.
  • Brian Fuentes of the Rockies.  They can’t spare him.
  • Damaso Marte, John Grabow of the Pirates.  Marte’s last appearance was encouraging; he’ll have to continue building up value.
  • Jose Valverde, Doug Brocail of the Astros.  Richard Justice wonders whether Drayton McLane could order a roster teardown if things are looking bleak a few months from now.  Valverde could fetch a couple of quality prospects.

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