Frank Thomas Signs With A’s

TODAY: Thomas has signed with the A’s, according to the AP.  Can’t help but like such a low-cost move, though it means Jack Cust can’t be stashed at DH.

WEDNESDAY, :12pm: Brown says Thomas was close with the A’s, but another team jumped in with an offer.  So he’s considering two offers currently.  That mystery team is not Ron Gardenhire’s Twins.

6:49pm: There are not quite 100% but legit-sounding stories bouncing around about the A’s signing Thomas.  One is from WWWT Radio in Washington D.C. via Baseball Digest Daily; another is a now-defunct post from Yahoo’s Tim Brown via RotoWorld.

8:17am: When we last checked in on Frank Thomas, the A’s admitted they’d have an internal discussion about him.  Today, Buster Olney writes that the A’s will have that talk within 48 hours.  They may prefer Thomas to Mike Sweeney.  Manager Bob Geren won’t comment on the situation.

Meanwhile Hank Steinbrenner says the Yankees have "never even talked about" signing Thomas.  He’s not a good fit for their team.  The Yanks still owe Jason Giambi more than $23MM this year. 

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