What We Cover

Since I started this website in November of 2005, I’ve pretty much just covered the topics I wanted to.  Here’s where we stand currently.

Topics MLBTR Covers

  • Trade rumors and completed deals
  • Free agent rumors and signings
  • GM hirings/firings
  • Amateur draft (trying this out for the first time, and liking it)

Topics MLBTR Does Not Cover

  • Manager hirings/firings (just never interested me)
  • Callups and demotions, unless they have direct hot stove implications
  • Injuries, unless they have direct hot stove implications
  • Steroids
  • Miscellaneous baseball news (for example stadiums, uniforms, no-hitters, milestones, off the field incidents)

I wouldn’t say I’ve never dabbled in these topics, but for the most part I avoid them.  My take is that people want MLBTR to aggregate articles in a specific niche, and stick to what we do best.  I made the exception for the June draft because it does interest me and readers wanted it.

What do you think, should we change any aspect of our coverage?

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