Graziano’s Latest: Sherrill, Arroyo, Rhodes, Zaun

Dan Graziano of the Newark Star-Ledger has a new Trade Winds column.

  • Graziano notes how incredible the Erik Bedard trade could look for Baltimore if they spin George Sherrill for prospects.  He names the Cardinals, Rays, Marlins, and Red Sox as suitors.  The Mets fear Sherrill’s price tag, while the Yankees don’t expect a deal within the division.
  • The Yankees haven’t spoken to the Reds about Bronson Arroyo (although based on previous reports, they have scouted him).  The Yanks aren’t likely to sign Barry Bonds, and aren’t terribly thrilled with the catching market.
  • Fernando Martinez‘s possible injury could increase the Mets’ urgency to find a left fielder.  For some reason, Adam Dunn is not in the mix.  The Mets are in on relievers Brian Tallet, Jack Taschner, and Arthur Rhodes
  • The division rival Marlins are after Rhodes, as well as Gregg Zaun.
  • Graziano says no one denied his rumor that the Blue Jays were quietly discussing Roy Halladay with other teams.  The offseason might be a better time to shop him, though.

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