Knobler’s Latest: Pirates, Brewers, Beltre, Cabrera

Here’s the latest from’s Danny Knobler.

  • A rumor made the rounds that Pirates president Frank Coonelly and GM Neal Huntington were at odds over the team’s strategy, with Coonelly pushing .500 as a goal.  Huntington denied that, and has five coveted players to work with in the next week.  Keep in mind that only Damaso Marte is a free agent after the season, so moves can be made in the offseason.
  • Teams with available relievers believes the Brewers are still in the market, despite Doug Melvin’s claims.  Many teams are scouting the Brewers’ Double A club.
  • Adrian Beltre‘s contract wouldn’t be a problem for the Twins, but the teams haven’t found a match on players.
  • Knobler heard that the Marlins might consider Baltimore catcher Ramon Hernandez.
  • The rumor about Kevin Towers becoming a candidate for the Seattle GM vacancy won’t die.
  • Some folks expect the White Sox to move shortstop Orlando Cabrera before the deadline.  They’re still looking for pitching.

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