Rosenthal’s Latest: Teixeira, Yankees, Padres, Fish

And now, the latest from Ken Rosenthal’s Full Count video:
  • If the Braves decide to shop Mark Teixeira, they may have a tough time getting as much as they’d like. The Red Sox, Angels, and Diamondbacks – among other contenders – are set at 1B/DH with David Ortiz, Casey Kotchman, and Conor Jackson respectively. Rosenthal notes Boston will only pursue Teixeira if Ortiz’s wrist fails to heal.
  • Brian Cashman isn’t sure whether the Yankees are buyers or sellers.  Most of their high paid players have no-trade clauses.  Should they want to buy, Rosenthal suggests A.J. Burnett is a guy they could make a play for: an underperformer with a contract the Blue Jays would be happy to pass off.
  • The Padres are planning to hold onto Brian Giles with the anticipation that a better replacement will not be available this winter. They continue to shop Randy Wolf, who can veto up to 14 clubs, and Greg Maddux to the Cubs continues to be bandied about.
  • The Marlins need help in the bullpen, at catcher, and particularly centerfield. They could pursue Willy Taveras, Scott Podsednik, or potentially free agent Kenny Lofton, 41, who has generated interest but not signed anywhere.

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