Selling Off The Mariners

So it’s been a bit Mariners heavy today at MLBTR. It makes sense, though. They currently own the worst record in baseball, yet have some chips that could be valuable to contending teams. Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times takes a look at a few teams that might be interested in buying what the M’s are selling.

  • Jason Varitek is hitting poorly. Kevin Cash is doing worse. Could the Sox pick up one of the M’s catchers? Baker notes that Jamie Burke could catch Tim Wakefield and probably hit better than Cash. Or, what about Kenji Johjima? Baker mentions that he could take over for Varitek, who will be a free agent, next year. Problem is, Johjima is hitting even worse this year.
  • With Hideki Matsui’s knee barking, could the Yanks be interested in Raul Ibanez? I think they’d opt to bring in Barry Bonds if Matsui’s knee doesn’t heal up soon. Not mentioned by Baker, but speculated by yours truly, the Yanks might show some interest in Richie Sexson as a defensive backup first baseman.
  • Plenty of teams need relievers, and the Mariners have a few. Baker names Mark Lowe, Sean Green, and Arthur Rhodes as available parties. Just about any team in contention might be interested, though Baker names the Braves and the Rays.

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