Drama Over Pedro Alvarez Contract

4:51pm: Jim Callis’ analysis is a must-read at Baseball America.  There is a legitimate chance Alvarez is treated as if he didn’t sign, and will become eligible for the ’09 draft.

2:08pm: Jonathan Mayo, Jenifer Langosch, and Kevin Goldstein dig up more details.  Turns out Hosmer turned down $5.5MM prior to the deadline, but agreed to $6MM during an MLB-approved extension.  The Nats may have had an extension for Aaron Crow as well.

THURSDAY, 8:19am: MLB and the Pirates say the grievance is without merit, while Boras says the Bucs violated MLB’s rules and need to "come clean."  Dejan Kovacevic says the sides have not yet discussed the idea of more money, dismissing the idea that Boras demanded another $200K.  An arbitrator will make a binding decision on this case on September 10th.  Most believe Alvarez will remain a Pirate with a $6MM bonus.

By the way, Royals GM Dayton Moore is not concerned about Hosmer’s contract.

WEDNESDAY, 5:07pm: MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo has been digging all day on this topic.  Many questions remain, but it’s a good read.

2:27pm: Baseball America’s Jim Callis offered thoughts on the situation in a chat today.  He heard Hosmer was granted an extension by MLB, and signed a bit after the deadline.  Alvarez may have been granted one as well.  Alvarez apparently took control of the negotiations toward the end, which may be the cause for Boras’ complaint.  A similar situation happened in ’93 with A-Rod, and the grievance didn’t go anywhere.

Also, it should be noted that the Players Association filed the grievance, not Scott Boras.

2:07pm: MLB.com’s Jenifer Langosch talked to a source who said Boras wants another $200K, so that Alvarez’s bonus matches Buster Posey‘s.

12:57pm: Turns out Pedro Alvarez has not reported to the Pirates yet for a reason – the Players Association filed a grievance on his behalf today.  They’re saying Alvarez verbally agreed to his $6MM bonus after the midnight deadline on August 15th.  Scott Boras informed the Pirates that Alvarez will not sign the contract unless it is renegotiated at a higher number.  Royals top pick Eric Hosmer may also become tangled up in this mess, since his contract was submitted after Alvarez.

The Pirates issued a statement, showing their displeasure with Boras’ tactics but expressing confidence the grievance will be dropped.  The team also indicates disappointment with Alvarez himself, as he ultimately approved this grievance.  In a way, it seems like Boras is taking a stand in general against the idea of the midnight deadline.

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