Gammons Chat: Lucchino, Lugo, Manny

The Boston Globe has a Peter Gammons chat transcript up on its blog.  Let’s take a look at his nuggets of rumor wisdom.

  • Gammons heard from someone close to Larry Lucchino that the Red Sox would not let him leave.
  • The Red Sox could try to unload Julio Lugo in the offseason, or convince him to accept a super-utility role.
  • Gammons says neither Hank Steinbrenner nor Brian Cashman have any interest in Manny Ramirez as a winter signing.  He expects the Yankees to chase C.C. Sabathia.
  • Manny apparently wants four years and $100MM, but Gammons expects something more in the three years, low $40MM range.
  • The Red Sox have been looking for a young catcher, and Gammons guesses that Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Mike Napoli could be targets.  Evan Grant suggested today that the Rangers may prefer to deal Salty and keep Gerald Laird.

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