Latest On Hosmer, Alvarez

5:49pm: Disappointing development for the Royals – Hosmer cannot play until the grievance is resolved.  The hearing takes place September 10th, so he won’t miss too much time.

9:08am: Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette provides his analysis of the Pedro Alvarez situation.  How much of this is due to the rivalry between Pirates team president Frank Coonelly and agent Scott Boras?  Is Alvarez making a mistake by letting this drag on?  Peter Gammons blames Bud Selig, Don Fehr, and Boras for this mess.

Kovacevic does not believe Alvarez will be eligible to return to college in the fall.  Independent ball would be the most likely path, if his contract with the Pirates does not stand.  Meanwhile, the Royals are trying to keep Eric Hosmer out of the crossfire.

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