Bonser Not Discussed In Washburn Talks

8:42pm: Hold the phone – John Hickey says Bonser’s name never came up in the Washburn talks.  Jim Street and Larry Stone agree.  The criticism of the Mariners may be somewhat unjustified.  Hickey says Nick Blackburn was on the table for a very brief period of time.  Lee Pelekoudas was tight-lipped on the topic.

4:52pm: Even Washburn can’t believe the Mariners wouldn’t trade him for Bonser.  He’s disappointed the trade didn’t go through.  Perhaps a new GM will deal him this winter.

FRIDAY, 12:19pm: Joe Christensen has details on the Twins’ uncharacteristic claim of Washburn.  He heard they offered the Mariners Boof Bonser (plus apparently the salary relief), but the Ms wanted someone like Nick Blackburn or Kevin Slowey.  It is hard to see this as anything but a blunder for the Mariners’ front office. 

On a related note, Scott Miller says Lee Pelekoudas will not become the Mariners’ permanent GM, while Jon Heyman says Kevin Towers is unlikely.  Pat Gillick is still rumored as a possibility for the next team president.


11:48pm: Baker says the Twins put in claims on both Washburn and Ibanez, but only won the Washburn one.  With Washburn, the Twins would’ve put him in the rotation and moved a starter to the setup man role.  Baker notes that a deal still could happen.

4:58pm:’s Jon Heyman says the Twins won the Washburn claim and the Tigers won the Ibanez claim.  The Red Sox and Mets also put in claims on Ibanez.  Interesting on both fronts, but no deals were struck so both players will remain with the Mariners. 

Heyman says that while the Twins’ Washburn claim had the flavor of a blocking move, the two teams did have trade discussions.  There wasn’t really anyone to block, unless the White Sox were lying about their lack of interest.

4:56pm: The Cardinals did not put in a claim on Washburn, according to Derrick Goold.

3:00pm: Geoff Baker expects that the Mariners will hold onto Ibanez, given the compensatory picks they’ll receive this winter. He further speculates that Washburn’s next start will not be for Seattle.

10:54am: The Twins didn’t win the claim on Ibanez, according to Joe Christensen.  Ibanez doesn’t expect a trade, though the Mariners have not discussed an extension with him.

9:57am: Geoff Baker confirms both players have been informed they’ve been placed on waivers.  He sees the Jays, Red Sox, and Rays as possible AL claimants for Ibanez.  Buster Olney considers the Twins a possibility as well.  There seems little chance Ibanez would slip to the NL.  Baker and Olney also heard an unconfirmed rumor that the Cardinals claimed Washburn.


According to Ken Rosenthal, Mariners players Jarrod Washburn and Raul Ibanez were claimed on waivers yesterday.  The Ms have until tomorrow afternoon to work out a deal with the claiming teams.  Rosenthal says the Yankees did not claim Washburn.

At the least, the Mariners have a chance to unload Washburn’s contract.  Ibanez is inexpensive, so they’ll want quality prospects in return.  The Mariners can also elect to keep both players if they don’t like the offers.

The American League received first crack at the two Mariners, in the following order (omitting non-contenders):

  1. Tigers
  2. Rangers
  3. Blue Jays
  4. Yankees
  5. Twins
  6. White Sox
  7. Red Sox
  8. Rays
  9. Angels

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