Elias Ranking Update: NL Starters

Once again we turn to Eddie Bajek at Detroit Tigers Thoughts, who has cracked the Elias formula.  Today, National League starters have been added.  Thoughts:

  • Four starters project to have Type A status: C.C. Sabathia, Kyle Lohse, Ben Sheets, and Oliver Perez.  Lohse and Perez are solid pitchers, but they’re less attractive given the loss of a draft pick.  Teams like the Mets, Astros, Cardinals, and Yankees may be searching for starting pitching and may have unprotected first-round picks to lose.
  • Type Bs: Randy Wolf, Randy Johnson, Derek Lowe, Brad Penny, Jamie Moyer, John Smoltz, and Greg Maddux.  You have to like Lowe not costing a draft pick.
  • Odalis Perez, Braden Looper, Livan Hernandez, Tom Glavine, Pedro Martinez, and others you’d expect are not Type A or B.  No one loses a pick, no one gains a pick.

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