Odds and Ends : Snyder, Ludwick, Bradley

Reading material for Tuesday…

  • Chris Carpenter is reportedly dealing with a unique and career-threatening nerve injury, which could increase the Cardinals’ need for starting pitching this winter.
  • Viva El Birdos says the Cardinals should offer Ryan Ludwick and others for Matt Cain.  Can’t hurt to ask.
  • The Cubs claimed outfielder Brad Snyder off waivers from the Indians.  He was the 18th overall pick in 2003, but hasn’t produced enough in the minors.
  • Milton Bradley stands to earn another half-million bucks if he can snag seven more plate appearances.  Bradley met with the Rangers a few months ago to discuss a long-term deal, but nothing is close.  Bradley feels the Rangers are dragging their feet, and gives 50-50 odds on a return.  He said he’d quit baseball if he couldn’t find a multiyear deal somewhere.
  • Sam Mellinger reminds Royals fans that their long-term success hinges on the development of in-house youngsters rather than free agent signings.
  • Steven Goldman notes that the Red Sox are far better prepared for the future than the Yankees.

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