Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Holliday, Teixeira, Mussina

A look at what is being written around the Blogosphere…

  • MetsBlog recognizes that Francisco Rodriguez will improve the team and appease fans, but is not sure he is worth a four or five-year deal.
  • Mets Geek projects the Mets ’09 roster and looks at some options from outside the organization with Pat Burrell and Derek Lowe being the biggest offseason targets.
  • Was Watching says bringing back Brian Cashman was a mistake.
  • River Ave. Blues assesses the Matt Holliday market and feels that Phil Hughes and Robinson Cano for Holliday "doesn’t make much sense."
  • Sox and Pinstripes provides an in-depth preview of the upcoming offseasons for the Yankees and Red Sox and wonders if Theo Epstein can convince the Rockies to take J.D. Drew and a top prospect for Matt Holliday.
  • iYankees notes that Brian Cashman wants to make the Yankees’ OBP a priority this winter and feels Mark Teixeira fits the bill.
  • Oriole Post does not want to see Mike Mussina return to the O’s and would prefer they "stay the course" with young players.
  • C70 At The Bat takes a look at the Cardinals’ decision to sign Kyle Lohse and what it could mean for the offseason ahead.
  • Viva el Birdos projects the Cardinals ’09 roster and payroll.
  • McCovey Chronicles reacts to some quotes from Brian Sabean and what they mean for the Giants’ offseason.
  • Newberg Report thinks the price for the Rangers to acquire Jake Peavy would be too high, even if he’d waive his no-trade clause to go there.
  • Athletics Nation sees no point in signing Jason Giambi.

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