Cubs Offseason Targets

Recently I wrote a Cubs Offseason Outlook, where many reasonable acquisition targets were discussed.  If the Cubs re-sign Ryan Dempster and Kerry Wood, they’ll be limited by payroll unless the salaries of Jason Marquis ($9.875MM) or Derrek Lee ($13MM) are moved.

Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune names his possible Cubs targets: Brian Roberts, Adam Dunn, Jeremy Hermida, Mike Jacobs, Rafael Furcal, Jake Peavy, and Brian Fuentes.  Some fun names in there, many of which could only be added if payroll space is created.  Dunn would be an interesting choice for a regular right fielder, while Jacobs would represent a downgrade at first base.

The Cubs aren’t likely to add Peavy, especially if they re-sign Dempster.  If you’d like to take the speculation to the next level nonetheless, Barry Rozner has ideas at the Daily Herald.  With any trade scenario, it is always important to put yourself in the shoes of the other team and ask if it is truly the best deal for them.

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