Lowe Receives Two Offers

5:27pm: George King at the New York Post has details on the Cashman-Boras meeting. An offer for Lowe is not mentioned, but a reluctance to offer Lowe five years is cited. As for the Boras clients beyond Lowe that were discussed, King explicitly mentions Mark Teixeira, Manny Ramirez, and Oliver Perez.

3:30pm: Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. wouldn’t confirm or deny his team’s rumored offer to Lowe, but he admitted interest.  I imagine he would’ve denied it if it was false.  Amaro noted that he’s talked to the representatives for many free agent pitchers.  He’s reluctant to go past three years on one, but might consider it.

9:11am: Tony Massarotti, citing a baseball source, says free agent starter Derek Lowe has received two offers.  One is from the Phillies, and the other is not from the Yankees or Red Sox.  Massarotti believes Lowe will land a three or four-year deal at $15-16MM per.  Jon Heyman recently named the Mets, Giants, Mariners, and Dodgers as other Lowe suitors.

Massarotti’s source adds that Yanks GM Brian Cashman flew to California to visit with Scott Boras today.  That could lead to an offer for Lowe, though other Boras clients may be discussed as well.  The Red Sox like Lowe, but may choose to avoid a bidding war.  Massarotti still likes the Sox as a match for Mark Teixeira.

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