Mets Bullpen Rumors: Monday

11:56pm: Rodriguez’s agent Paul Kinzer on whether the rumored two-year, $25MM offer with a third-year option is true: "Absolutely not."  It will require three guaranteed years at least to sign K-Rod.

8:43pm: K-Rod gave some quotes to the media, nothing interesting.

7:14pm: Stark says the Mets finished their meet with Fuentes; Hoffman is up next.  Wood is not in Vegas.  Stark adds that the Mets discussed concepts but did not make a formal offer to K-Rod.

6:45pm: Sherman now says the Mets’ offer was for $25MM over two years plus a third year option.

6:03pm: Rodriguez’s agent Paul Kinzer told Sherman he’ll try to be creative with this contract. Sherman asked whether that could mean an opt-out clause, and Kinzer responded in the affirmative.  Sherman says the Mets’ offer is in the range of three years, $33MM; no talk of the vesting option Heyman mentioned.

5:26pm: Jon Heyman says the Mets offered K-Rod a two-year deal worth about $12MM per with a third-year vesting option.  Doesn’t sound like something he’ll jump at.

2:14pm: Joel Sherman rejects Graziano’s report.  Sherman says the Mets have not talked to the Jays about B.J. Ryan.

1:39pm: Gerry Fraley learned from a team official that the Mets made a three-year offer to K-Rod, but they don’t expect him to take it immediately.

12:06pm: Joel Sherman has details on the Mets’ talks for Huston Street.  Omar Minaya called the Rox a few weeks ago suggesting Aaron Heilman and Pedro Feliciano for Street.  The Rockies took the weekend to think about it, but when they called back Minaya had changed his mind.

In another article, Sherman says Omar Minaya’s approach toward free agent closers is Boras-like.  He believes the Mets’ offer to K-Rod last night was three years with an option.

11:16am: Jon Heyman and Ken Davidoff/David Lennon agree that the Mets are meeting with Fuentes and Hoffman shortly.  And Heyman believes the Mets’ offer to K-Rod last night was for three years.

10:33am: Dan Graziano of the Newark Star-Ledger says the Mets and Blue Jays had discussions about B.J. Ryan.  However, the Jays want Fernando Martinez and the Mets don’t want to trade the young outfield prospect.

7:50am: According to David Lennon of Newsday, the Omar Minaya and other Mets officials dined at a steakhouse with Francisco Rodriguez for over four hours Sunday night.  Lennon believes the early presence of Mets COO Jeff Wilpon implies that negotiations with K-Rod may have reached a critical stage.’s Jon Heyman wrote earlier yesterday evening that the Mets were expected to make an offer to Rodriguez at the meeting.  Maybe three years with a vesting option.

The Mets also plan to meet with Brian Fuentes and Trevor Hoffman today, with Kerry Wood also on the radarKen Davidoff looks at the options and says, "It’s gotta be K-Rod."  The Rangers like Wood as well, by the way. 

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