Olney’s Latest: Nationals, Dye, Cabrera

Buster Olney has an update on his blog. Let’s take a look…

  • The Nationals are looking for a slugger, and have shown a lot of interest in Mark Teixeira. However, if they can’t sign the first baseman, they may turn their attention to Adam Dunn. Dunn would face a tough decision: Does he take what’s likely to be a larger offer from the Nationals, knowing that he’ll be put into a situation similar to the one he had in Cincinnati, playing for a losing team? Or, should he take less money to play for a team that’s more likely to contend, such as Tampa Bay? You can insert your own "he doesn’t like baseball" jokes on this one.
  • The rumors of the White Sox looking to trade Jermaine Dye may be overblown. The Sox would want a good return for Dye, but he’s set to make $11.5MM in 2009, and any team really looking for a corner outfielder can simply call up Dunn or Bobby Abreu.
  • Olney doesn’t expect Orlando Cabrera to accept arbitration. He thinks he’d be better suited getting out of an environment that never proved to be a fit for him, and go elsewhere. Olney names Baltimore as a potential landing place.

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