Discussion: The Red Sox And David Ortiz

David Ortiz has presented the Red Sox with a dilemma. Without him the Red Sox probably wouldn't have won two World Series titles this decade, but this year he's hitting just .211/.318/.324. He hit his first homer of the year this week, after Terry Francona benched him for a few days, but he hasn't found the form that saw him post an OPS over 1.000 and average over 40 homers a year from 2003-07. 

  • ESPN.com's Peter Gammons says the Red Sox are willing to wait on Big Papi.
  • A few days ago ESPN.com's Buster Olney suggested the Red Sox would have to consider replacing Ortiz if he doesn't start producing soon. Olney speculated that the Red Sox would like to deal for a young hitter like Matt LaPorta.
  • Earlier in the week, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports wrote that it would be easy for the Red Sox to replace Big Papi's numbers, but nearly impossible to trade him. 

The Red Sox have many choices; what should they do? Trade for a bat to replace Ortiz immediately? Ride the slump out for a few more weeks? Hope that, like Carlos Delgado a year ago, Ortiz puts it all together? Stick with him for the season regardless of his production?

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