Gammons On Peavy, Greene, Holliday

More rumors from's Peter Gammons in his latest column:

  • Gammons says it made sense for Kenny Williams to try to deal for Jake Peavy because the AL Central is winnable and Gordon Beckham wasn't part of the deal.
  • Gammons expects teams to be wary of no-trade clauses after seeing Peavy thwart the Padres' plans to deal him.  
  • Nats GM Mike Rizzo wants to deal now, while more teams are in the pennant race and remain possible buyers.  
  • Rizzo would like to improve his bullpen, which has an ERA nearing 7.00. 
  • The Red Sox want to wait on David Ortiz and plan on giving him the chance to start hitting. He finally homered this week, but has struck out in seven of his last 20 plate appearances. 
  • Gammons believes it makes sense for the Cardinals to see if the Red Sox have interest in Khalil Greene 
  • Billy Beane may face a limited market for Matt Holliday if he decides to trade the left fielder in July. 

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