Tate, Boras Seeking $6.5MM Bonus

Lars Tate tells Chip Towers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that his son Donavan Tate and agent Scott Boras seek a $6.5MM bonus from the Padres. The younger Tate can play football at North Carolina if he doesn't sign, but his father, who had a standout college football career, has doubts about a life in the NFL.

"You need to swing that Louisville Slugger," the elder Tate told his son. "The NFL is Not For Long. That's what it stands for. My knees hurt right now."

The Padres' draft pick recently left Tar Heels camp, leading some to assume that he's close to a major league deal. Tate and Boras have three and a half days to work out a deal with the Padres.

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