Dayton Moore Chats With Fans

Royals GM Dayton Moore was not terribly revealing in his chat with fans today, but let's take a look anyway.  He deserves props for answering a few tough questions, though it would've been nice to have one about Alex Gordon's service time manipulation (Gordon and his agent didn't consider the demotion devious, though).

  • There are "no immediate plans" to try Joakim Soria as a starter, though Moore did not dismiss the idea outright.
  • Yuniesky Betancourt and Mike Aviles will compete for the shortstop job in 2010.
  • Moore wouldn't reveal much regarding his team's catching situation, though he expressed a desire to improve blocking and receiving skills behind the plate.
  • He was also vague about the idea of signing a power hitter in the offseason.
  • Moore expects to sign Aaron Crow, but has nothing new to report.
  • When Moore was asked, "Mr. Moore, why is this team so bad? Plz answer. Thx," he went with injuries as the explanation.
  • Another funny exchange – Moore was asked why he gave up Dan Cortes for Betancourt, when Betancourt probably would've been designated for assignment.  Moore believes it was "highly doubtful" the shortstop would've been DFA'd.
  • Moore spoke in generalities when asked if he'd try to lock up Billy Butler.
  • Moore says he's focused on pitching, speed, and defense, much like the Angels.

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