Heyman On Lowell, Tejada, White Sox

The latest from SI's Jon Heyman

  • The Phillies had a "brief talk" with the Red Sox about Mike Lowell, but Heyman finds a free agent signing more likely.
  • A competing agent believes Fern Cuza might be able to get a three-year deal for Miguel Tejada, which seems unlikely to me.  Heyman says Tejada is drawing interest from the Cardinals, Astros, Giants, Phillies, and Rangers.  The Rangers keep getting linked to starting infielders, but they're really only looking for a backup.
  • Heyman notes that the White Sox signing Andruw Jones represents a rare Kenny Williams-Scott Boras matchup.  He says Boras tried to sell the Sox on bringing back Joe Crede, prior to their Mark Teahen acquisition.
  • Kendry Morales apparently advised Aroldis Chapman to switch from API to the Hendricks brothers.

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