Olney On Wagner, DeRosa, Betancourt, Wolf

The free agent rankings are out, so ESPN.com's Buster Olney breaks down the winners and losers. Here are the details from his latest blog post:

  • Billy Wagner is a Type A free agent, so teams will have to surrender a draft pick to sign him if the Red Sox offer arbitration, as expected. This hurts Wagner's value, since he's coming back from Tommy John surgery and teams will hesitate to give up a top pick for an injury risk.
  • Olney wouldn't be surprised to see Mark DeRosa field two and three year offers. The versatile 34-year-old is a Type B free agent, so teams won't have to give up a top pick to sign him.
  • Rafael Betancourt, a Type A free agent, has less leverage with the Rockies than he would have had as a Type B free agent, because few teams would be willing to surrender a top pick to sign the reliever. 
  • Randy Wolf's status as a Type A free agent could chase away some suitors.
  • Other GMs believe the Astros should offer Jose Valverde and LaTroy Hawkins arbitration.
  • If the Giants offer Bengie Molina arbitration, the market for him would diminish.

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