Olney On Halladay, Mets, White Sox

As ESPN.com's Buster Olney notes, the Yankees and Red Sox are hesitant to give top prospects up for Roy Halladay, since they'd have to pay him like a free agent to keep him around long-term. But some scouts aren't sure Joba Chamberlain will be able to improve his control, so Olney wonders if the Yankees might consider including him in a potential Halladay trade. Here are the rest of Olney's rumors:

  • The Mets appear poised to sign two or three veterans for $5-7MM per season. We know they're interested in Bengie Molina and they're looking for pitchers, but they have other needs, too.
  • Olney expects the Mets to land a starter like Randy Wolf, Jason Marquis or Joel Pineiro.
  • The Mets have discussed Mike Cameron, who would consider playing left or right, and Xavier Nady.
  • Olney hears that the White Sox don't have much payroll flexibility this offseason.

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