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In 2008, Derek Jeter posted the lowest full-season OPS (.771) of his career.  That's not a bad number for a 34-year-old shortstop, but it was enough to make some Yankee fans wonder if their captain was on the decline and what might happen when Jeter's contract expired after the 2010 season.  Would Jeter insist on remaining at shortstop?  Would he want a salary close to the $21MM he's set to make in 2010?  And, if Jeter continued to struggle and the Yankees balked at committing so much money to their star, would New York fans have to cope with seeing their beloved Jeter in another team's uniform in 2011?

These questions still remain to some extent a year later, but in the wake of Jeter's excellent .334/.406/.465 performance in 2009 and the Yankees' 27th World Series title, there is a lot less fear in New York that a Jeter extension will turn into an albatross on the club's payroll. 

As per team policy, contract negotiations with Jeter won't begin until after the season, but it's safe to assume that this delay won't be a distraction for either Jeter or the team.  Tyler Kepner of the New York Times predicts "a quick resolution and a new contract that greatly enriches Jeter while preserving his spotless reputation."  There won't be much, if any, drama in the negotiations since Kepner notes that Jeter recognizes the value of his clean image as a franchise hero, and the Yankees similarly want to keep their "dependable, well-spoken, maintenance-free front man."

Kepner thinks the 10-year, $275MM contract that Alex Rodriguez signed with New York after the 2007 season may serve as a benchmark for Jeter's next deal.  Given how much the economics of both baseball and the world have changed just in two years' time, it would be surprising to see even the Yankees commit that much cash to a player who will be 36 in June, no matter how big of a franchise icon he may be.  Also, as Kepner notes, Jeter has managed to avoid the scrutiny that comes with big-money contract negotiations ever since signing his current deal back in 2001.  It's unlikely that Jeter would want to change that as he enters the twilight years of his career and the chances increase that he'll have more seasons like his 2008 campaign. 

Something in the neighborhood of a six-year contract that pays Jeter around $22MM per year (a nod to his uniform number) might be a total more to the liking of both parties.  Jeter gets a slight raise from his previous contract, is locked up until he's 42 years old, and is amply rewarded for his contributions to the team while still leaving the Yankees with a bit of flexibility to sign other players (like, for example, fellow Yankee legend Mariano Rivera, whose deal is also up after 2010).

There could also be a mutual option year or two tacked onto the end of the deal in case the 42-year-old Jeter still wants to play and/or he has a chance of breaking Pete Rose's hit record.  Kepner raised the possibility that Jeter may ask for incentive clauses for passing various hit plateaus, similar to how A-Rod's contract provides him with a $6MM bonus whenever (or if-ever) he passes the career home run totals of Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and then tying and breaking Barry Bonds' all-time record.  Jeter is just 253 hits away from 3,000, but, as Rose himself said to Sports Illustrated's Joe Posnanski, “You tell Derek that the first 3,000 are easy.”

Since we can assume that 99 percent of Yankee fans want to see Jeter retire in the Bronx, what do you think would be an ideal contract to keep the captain in the fold until the end of his career?


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  1. Guest 5 years ago

    If Derek Jeter changes teams in 2011, than Omar Minaya had the best 2009/10 off-season ever.

    There is a 100% chance he will remain on the Yankees for the rest of his career.

  2. Utley4God 5 years ago

    4yrs 100 mm…

  3. Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

    Something in the neighborhood of a six-year contract that pays Jeter around $22MM per year (a nod to his uniform number) might be a total more to the liking of both parties.

    Given how much the economics of both baseball and the world have changed just in two years’ time, it would be surprising to see even the Yankees commit that much cash to a player who will be 36 in June, no matter how big of a franchise icon he may be.

    Put those 2 together and perhaps the column makes more sense. $22-milion a season for an aging SS would be a steal for Jeter. God love the man as he’s one of the more prolific players to grace the game [out of many], but a 36-year old player doesn’t make that kind of cash, especially after you mention how the baseball economy has changed.

    I still think a 3-year $40-45-million contract is what he’s worth making nowadays, but his 2010 season will dictate that.

  4. Guest 5 years ago

    maybe you shouldn’t write exagerated obnoxious comments that make no sense.

  5. BrianMancash 5 years ago

    Dear Mr. Cashman,

    Give Jeter whatever he wants. The amount of money the Yankees make off of Jeter every year is probably a lot more than any contract you offer him. He’s the poster boy of the Yankees and some would argue of the MLB too. Be it right or wrong, I would simply hand Jeter a blank contract and have him fill in the amount and years. I trust that he knows his worth and what he should be getting paid. Bottom line: Derek Jeter in a uniform other than Yankee pinstripes just doesnt work. Re-sign him whatever the cost.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Mason94, Agreed.

    • Jeffrey 5 years ago

      As a Red Sox fan, I agree. Please lock him up for a long time, for some ridiculous amounts of money. When his 2010-2014 look worse than his 2008, the rest of baseball will have no sympathies for you and your bloated payroll.

      • jeffreyisretarded 5 years ago

        Says a fan of a team who raised their payroll by around 30 million in a rebuilding period.

      • Tom_Zig 5 years ago

        At least the Yankees only employ one third baseman and aren’t still currently paying probably 4 other players to play for other teams.

        You can pretend to be a small market team all you want, but the fact is your team out spent the Yankees this offseason. In fact the Yankees signed only 1 free agent this past offseason.

        • Jeffrey 5 years ago

          “You can pretend to be a small market team all you want, but the fact is your team out spent the Yankees this offseason. In fact the Yankees signed only 1 free agent this past offseason.”

          I’m not pretending the Red Sox are small market team, just pointing out that bad decisions like signing Jeter until he’s 42 are what gave the Yankees trouble from 2005-2008. Saddling your payroll with enormous contracts for underperforming players is a recipe for disaster.

          Also, of course the Red Sox outspent the Yankees this offseason (so did many other clubs) but that’s like buying a Ferrari on Tuesday and pointing out that your friend who bought a Toyata on Wednesday outspent you on Wednesday: it’s completely nonsensical. Measure 2010 payroll vs. 2010 payroll, not new money spent in 2009-2010 offseason.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            Hey Bonehead, you do realize that your team has an expected payroll north of $170mm going into this season and you do not have more than 1 all star and not a single HOF’r.

            Get your facts straight. You think Boston fans were being scrutinzed this season for their lack of production? Just wait until the end of June when you are 10 games out. You can bank on that. $170mm plus for a bunch of over 30 yo (most are 35 +) band aids.

            You do also realize that Boston is #1 in the league with the highest average age of players at approx 33.5, 34.

          • theroadto28 5 years ago

            2010 payrolls are Yankees at 185, Redsox at 170
            2009 revenue are Yankees at 253, Redsox at 201
            The Yankees are just a better team because they put the money back into the team and dont hate on us the fans when we just have the best owner in baseball.

          • boy9988 5 years ago

            And cause NY is the largest market on the continent and is more than capable of supporting 4 teams? Duh! Of course NY can put all that money back into the team. The rest of baseball doesn’t get that kind of revenue and owners would have to pour their own money, that they couldn’t recoup, into the team to get to that kind of payroll. Yay! They Yankees are better cause they play in a city with 10M people! Don’t kid your self, they Yankees have an extreme unfair advantage in almost every respect. It would be really nice once in a while if the Yankee fans could just recognize this. It would make the rest of us feel better and not cast the stereotype stigma that New Yorkers have of being pompous jerks.

          • theroadto28 5 years ago

            As you can go and look up teams like the Marlins who have a ridiculously low payroll made revenue of over a hundred million last year and still keep their payroll low as this shows they actually can put the money back in their team.
            And the redsox revenue was well over two hundred million but they still kept their payroll at around 135 million last year, your owners could of easily gotten texiera or sabathia and stolen them or one of them from the Yanks but they chose to not put that revenue towards payroll

          • boy9988 5 years ago

            From Cots

            2010 Payroll obligations as of 2/14/10

            NYY – $210.99M
            BOS – $165.82M
            PHI – $138.05M
            CHC – $135.30M
            NYM – $122.16M
            DET – $121.70M

            Still absurd. Just in case anyone was wondering.

  6. yanksrdashit 5 years ago

    Give the guy whatever he wants as long as its under 23 per year, frontloaded, and between 4 to 7 years. I don’t want to sound corny, and obviously i’m biased, but i think it’s true. This guy has been the face of the most successful franchise in all of sports since the mid 90s. If cashman by some apocalypse doesn’t get this done, he should be fired on the spot. I will start riots outside of yankee stadium, and the babe will roll over in his grave.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      I actually don’t think that your thought is crazy. Maybe 4-6 instead of 4-7 though.

    • That just reminds me of the fact that I love that so many of their contracts are frontloaded or at least even over the duration of the contract.

    • nflisbetter 5 years ago

      Sorry dude, Yankees aren’t the most successful franchise in American sports. Try the New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Lakers. Not get off your knees in front of Jeter.

  7. icedrake523 5 years ago

    This is easily the biggest overblown, non-story in sports. The Yankees don’t give out extensions this early and it’s not as if Jeter is pissed and outspoken about it. He’s not signing with any other team. Anyone who thinks he will is high.

  8. pt_nj 5 years ago

    6 yrsx27.5M – He should not make less than A-Fraud.

  9. mistermonkey 5 years ago

    Stupid that they’ve locked up ARod for the rest of his career but not Jeter, who puts way more butts in the seats at Yankee Stadium. Imagine if Jeter decides to leave after 2010 for one reason or another. “Now playing SS for the New York Yankees: Orlando Cabrera!” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  10. Dexter_Morgan 5 years ago

    I love Jeter but the Yankees should pay him market value. And to me, that’s $13-15 million per year.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      I bet he’d take it but it’s still a buisness.

      • Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

        Jeter would accept $800k if it meant staying as a Yankee. This is why I’m certain Dexter is correct. For what Jeter brings, no matter how great he is/was, he’s not worth $20+million a year anymore.

        Only in Yankeeland would they overpay a player, even if he is one of the best the franchise has ever produced.

        • pt_nj 5 years ago

          I think you’re underestimating Jeter’s pride. The guy was part of 5 championships with the Yankees. He’s not going to take a pay cut. The Yankees just spent 500M for 33 players last year on top of the 300M they just handed A-Rod. They better get ready to open up their wallets. The only way this gets ugly is it Jeter fees disrespected.

    • kigs 5 years ago

      how is 13-15 “market value”? and by the way…you dont determine “market value”. Jeter is the best SS in baseball. period.

      • R_y_a_n 5 years ago

        Hanley Ramirez is slightly offended. He’s still great but Hanley is absurd.

      • What? How on Earth is Jeter the best SS in baseball? A good contact hitter with average power and poor defense does not equal the best. Hanley with the Marlins is way better than Jeter is.

        • Tom_Zig 5 years ago

          Actually Jeter has improved his defense. He was above average last year.

          • 3 years of UZR data equals about 1 season of offensive to find an appropriate sample size. Did his defense improve? Most definitely but he was becoming an extreme liability at SS. His defense is bound to regress, although I won’t say the same about his slash line. I still see an OPS right around 800 in ’10.

        • Reply Fail

        • theroadto28 5 years ago

          Did Jeter not win the gold glove last year?

          • alphabet_soup5 5 years ago

            His defense improved, but those awards along with the silver slugger are generally a joke and popularity contest.

      • vtadave 5 years ago

        We disagree.


        Hanley Ramirez and Troy Tulowitzki

      • Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

        how is 13-15 “market value”? and by the way…you dont determine “market value”. Jeter is the best SS in baseball. period.

        If there was a dislike button, I would have pushed it.

      • bjsguess 5 years ago

        “Jeter is the best SS in baseball. period.”

        And Yankee fans wonder why they are hated …

        • R_y_a_n 5 years ago

          So we’re going to base all of Yankee fan’s opinions off this one lunatic?

      • Best SS? No. Amazing Iconand absolute asset to any Organization? Yes.

        In all reality, how do you put a price tag on Icon Status? I am sure merchandise sales play into that equation, but how do you truly defend against “Icon”, “The Captain”, “King of New York”, etc? (at least from a Yankees standpoint).

        I would love to see Jeter backload a ridiculous portion of the next contract and sign for below market to show that he is putting the club first. That is a perfect case scenario of course.

        I’m not a Yankees fan but would love to see something like this occur as an example of true leadership that “The Captain” could make a point to show the rest of the league.


        • kigs 5 years ago

          Name 2 shortstops better than Jeter…I give you Hanley but thats about it

          • 1. Hanley
            2. Tulo
            3. Rollins
            4. Jeter

          • kigs 5 years ago

            Right the same Tulo who hit .263 8-46 2 years ago. The same guy who plays in Coors field. Pass. He is not better than Jeter. Jeter is a better player than him now

            Rollins?? Have you seen that clown play? he will go through streaks where he cant get a hit. He was awful in the playoffs…automatic out. Pass

            Jeter is remarkable consistent. Besides Hanley, Jeter is #2

          • kigs 5 years ago

            Right the same Tulo who hit .263 8-46 2 years ago. The same guy who plays in Coors field. Pass. He is not better than Jeter. Jeter is a better player than him now

            Rollins?? Have you seen that clown play? he will go through streaks where he cant get a hit. He was awful in the playoffs…automatic out. Pass

            Jeter is remarkable consistent. Besides Hanley, Jeter is #2

  11. Jeter is a Yankee for life. If he goes somewhere else it could possibly doom baseball, because it would pretty much say that baseball is only about money to the general public.

    I see Jeter taking a 4 YR/96 M deal or something like that with option years keeping him around until he wants to retire.

  12. nepp 5 years ago

    Giving a 37 year old SS $20+ million would be one of the dumber things they could do. He’s not worth half of that if his name isn’t Derek Jeter. Also, no other team would give him half of that in this economic climate.

    • vtadave 5 years ago

      Guessing the Red Sox would give Jeter more than $10 million a year. Same with the Mets and even the Dodgers given Furcal’s expiring contract.

    • R_y_a_n 5 years ago

      Plenty of teams would give Jeter $10 mil.

    • BentoBox 5 years ago

      Well, he IS Derek Jeter. The Yankees aren`t just paying him for his skills, he attracts a lot of fans too.

  13. levendis 5 years ago

    I hope he has an off year nest year so the Yankees wont have to pay so much. Extending him doesnt make sense now since he just came off a career year, and would cost them alot of $. I would give him 3/45 (i live him but hes gonna be 37 lets be real) but I guess 3/60 is reasonable.

  14. dancinbubs 5 years ago

    how about something creative. Yankees give Derek a 3 year/ 54 mil deal, 20, 18, 16 mil per season. They then leave a perpetual option on the contract depreciating 2 mil per season. That way, when he’s ready to retire at age 45, they’ll only have been paying him 4 mil.

  15. R_y_a_n 5 years ago

    Thanks for completely screwing up the comment section with that post.

  16. BravesRed 5 years ago

    Let’s go along the lines of 3-4/$52.5-$70 million. Averages about $17.5 million per year. That would put him around $250 million over his whole career.

  17. BentoBox 5 years ago

    The idea of Jeter wearing a uniform other than Yankees` is just weird. Yankees should and will pay him;though 25 per year seems a bit too much.
    (Although, Jeter in a Red Sox uniform would be really amusing)

  18. CrustyJuggler 5 years ago

    I sure hope the Yankees commit a ton of money to a 36 year old SS! Sign him up, Cashman! 6… no.. 8 years!!

    Better for the rest of baseball if the Yankees pay through the nose for players that aren’t worth it.

    • Tom_Zig 5 years ago

      Oh I’m sorry that your favorite team’s shortstop isn’t a guaranteed hall of famer. Look we all know the Yankees will be paying more than what Jeter is actually worth. But you know what? That’s fine.

      Does your team’s shortstop have 5 rings? No, well that’s too bad

      Is your team’s shortstop the face of the franchise? No again.

      Is your team the most accomplished team in all of American sports? Nope.

      I’m willing to accept the fact that Jeter’s prime years are behind him. The Yankees will take care of their own.

      • Jeffrey 5 years ago

        I’d prefer my team focus on winning new rings rather than worrying about players that were around for their last 5.

        The truth is, he’s only worth what numbers he’s going to produce over the next X years. That’ll probably be somewhere in the $7-12M range. Plus he’s worth a bit more due to his marketability and franchise factor which gets people to come to the ballpark. Anyone who is estimating this to be more significant than his on field production has not been paying attention to the economics of winning and losing. I would recommend “the Baseball Economics” or link to sabernomics.com to those people.

      • CrustyJuggler 5 years ago

        Do you get butt-hurt easily? Seems so.

        Dial it back a notch there, Captain Juvenile. This isn’t a “My dad can beat up your dad” discussion. All I’m saying is I think its potentially hilarious if the Yankees even consider paying Jeter $20+ million per over the long term going forward. 36 year old SS’s are like 36 year old catchers..

        They age like milk.

        • Tom_Zig 5 years ago

          I was responding to your snarky comment. I’m sorry that you carry such allusions that Jeter should be offered market-rate for a 36 year old short stop. The Yankees aren’t paying for future performance with Jeter, they are paying for his past accomplishments. That being said, 20 million a year for 4 years is a good deal. If the Yankees were doing this for every single player, then I’d have a problem. But they are not. Laugh all you want, it’s the cost of doing business.

          • Tom_Zig 5 years ago

            illusions* not allusions

          • Why should he be paid for past accomplishments? He got paid those years too. It’s this kind of thinking that Front Offices should avoid like the plague.

          • Tom_Zig 5 years ago

            Way to not read. I said it isn’t a smart business decision. BUT since it is Derek Jeter, the Yankees need to make an exception. Jeter will not accept a deal at market rate.

      • “most accomplished team in all of American sports…” Give me a break. What is the point of comparing teams across sports? It’s no wonder so many people hate yankee fans. Here is the most accomplished team:
        link to deadspin.com

        Anyway, I say Jeter without the name is worth 13-15 per over two years. I don’t have a clue as to what he’ll really get, but going over three years for a 37 year old seems pretty ridiculous to me.

      • jhd5787 5 years ago

        Any time you can sign a 36 year old SS to a long term deal worth more than 20 mil/per you gotta do it.

  19. kwhitey 5 years ago

    4 years 100 million. Nice simple round numbers

    • Dexter_Morgan 5 years ago

      4 years/100million.. that would be the dumbest contract ever. jeter should not make more than he made during his prime years. jeters days of making 20 million a year are over.

      • R_y_a_n 5 years ago

        Carlos Silva, Barry Zito, Vernon Wells, Alfonso Soriano, Darren Driefort, Jason Schmidt and many others disagree with you.

      • Tom_Zig 5 years ago

        You’re missing the point, Dexter. The Yankees will not be paying for what Jeter will accomplish, the Yankees will be paying for what Jeter has accomplished. Yes this is a poor business strategy if implemented across the board. However, Jeter is an exception, a first ballot hall of famer in his twilight years on the cusp of some major accomplishments.

        • jhd5787 5 years ago

          You keep saying that they are paying for his past accomplishments. A few comments back someone bad a great point….”he got paid for those years too.”

  20. Dexter_Morgan 5 years ago

    Derek Jeter will be turning 37 years old the year he signs his new contract. He is not getting $20 million per year for more than 4 years. I would give him 3 years/$45 million

    • Tom_Zig 5 years ago

      If his name were not Derek Jeter and he didn’t play for the Yankees, you would be correct.

  21. caofa118 5 years ago

    There isn’t a team in baseball that wouldn’t want Jeter on their team IMO. I’d take him and he’d be worth every penny for as long as he wants to play. There are obvious exceptions, but the guy has gotten better defensively and offensively in the past few years. I agree it’s a waste to pay for nostalgia, but 36 or not, he is still one of the games best.

    • Dexter_Morgan 5 years ago

      2008 he had one of his worst offensive seasons. 2009 he had one of his best offensive seasons. if 2010 is closer to 2008 than 2009 he’ll be looked at as a player in decline and will hurt whatever market he will have.

      • caofa118 5 years ago

        I totally agree Dexter. But for the life of his career, 2008 looked more of an aberration than 2009. Will he decline? Sure, everyone does…But I don’t think personally, he is as close to the end of his rope that most people think he is.

  22. kwhitey 5 years ago

    Derek Jeter is worth every penny of a 4 yr 100 mil deal to the Yankees! Do you just look at stats or do you watch him play?

    • Dexter_Morgan 5 years ago

      I’m one of Jeter’s biggest fans. But he shouldn’t be getting A-Rod money, and he won’t……

  23. Dexter_Morgan 5 years ago

    If you think a player turning 37 years old will be getting a multi-year deal worth $25 million per year… than a I have bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

  24. Bravoboy10 5 years ago

    Let’s be honest, if his name wasn’t Derek Jeter the Yankee icon he wouldn’t get in the stratosphere of what he does get paid. If he had the same statistical career, but bounced around with a couple teams, next year he would be extremelt lucky to get the 2/12 Marco Scutaro received this off-season. However he is indeed the Yankee Icon Derek Jeter and will get 6/127 in all likely hood.

    • caofa118 5 years ago

      I hate, hate, hate the Yankees… And whole heartedly disagree with this statement. No matter what team he played for, he’d make well above league average. That’s a fact.

    • yanksrdashit 5 years ago

      You didn’t actually compare Scutaro and Jeter right? I think red sox fans would even disagree with you there. And lucky to get 2/12? What drugs are you on buddy? He wouldn’t get that 10 year deal, but he would get probably 15 a year from any team in his prime.

      “If he had the same statistical career, but bounced around with a couple teams, next year he would be extremelt lucky to get the 2/12 Marco Scutaro received this off-season.”

      I’m just going to prove wrong the first part. The difference is, he didn’t switch teams. He stayed loyal. HE IS DEREK FREAKING JETER!!!


      Scutaro: .265/.377/.384

      Jeter: .317/.388/.459

      I kind of would also like to add he is one of the clutchest players of all time. And one of the best post season baseball players of all time.

      • Bravoboy10 5 years ago

        Look I’m not saying Jeter and Scutaro are Anything alike, I was not comparing them as players, but just using his contract as an example. Jeter is a great player, top 5 all time for his position. But in 2011, when he is 37 what team other than New York will pay him big money? He will be paid as the Yankee icon and I know that. In his prime he was worth the money he made when you consider the money he made the Yankees. But he won’t be in his prime after next year.

        • R_y_a_n 5 years ago

          I think though, the idea that if Marco Scutaro at age 34 can get 2 yrs/12 mil gotta figure Jeter can still get 3 yrs/10 mil per, especially coming off a better year than Scutaro and one of the better years all around of his career. He isn’t in his prime, but he’s still one of the best shortstops in the majors (one of – definitely not the best). Even at 37, some team would give him the money.

    • R_y_a_n 5 years ago

      That Marco Scutaro comparison is a freakin’ joke.

      • Bravoboy10 5 years ago

        I wasn’t comparing them as players, just using Scutaro’s contract as an example.

  25. theyankeefanatic 5 years ago

    as a Yankee fan i love Derek Jeter and Mo Rivera…but i don’t think giving them contracts over 2 years with a club options for a 3rd is a much more wise move…if the Yankees are serious about winning Championships and they are serious about their business in a down economy…then why would they give two players who are sure to decline raises and why would they risk having them for soooooo long…i would like for the Yankees to go one year with a club option…and keep bringing them back for as long as they are good and no one hits the free agent market who can do their jobs better…but i know thats too much like a wise Boston RedSox move…thats how the RedSox deal with Wakefield…why not with D.J. and Mo…usually a franchise only has to pay a little more than the next highest bid to retain or obtain a player…so i ask who would pay D.J. 18.9 mill (the avg. for his contract) much less 22mill at his age…not the prudent RedSox…not the L.A.Angels…certainly not the Dodgers after getting burned by Scott Boras and Manny Ramirez…not the WhiteSox…not the Cubs with Alfanso Soriano…who would do it…just about every team is looking to get younger and keep contracts short and low…i think the Yankees could work out better by even letting both players hit the free agent market and see what their true vaule is…it couldn’t hurt if the Yankees are willing to pay Jeter 22 million for 6 years…which i am certain no team is willing to match and definately not surpass…so it would be interesting to see just how close other teams would get to the insane deal the Yankee are probably going to give…they grossly over paid Arod and gave him at least 2 years more than they needed to retain him…and the dollar amount was just stupid…especially with the Homerun bonuses…i believe they gave Giambi more money and years than they needed to acquire him…i believe they gave Jorge Posada a year and a million dollars more per year than they needed to retain him…C.C. got a year more and 61 mill more than the next highest bid from the Brewers…why not 21 mill a year for 6 years for 126 instead of 7 years for 161…it’s very risky to give long term deals to pitchers…so why give more years than needed to obtain his services…commentators were shocked at how much money Mo recieved in his contract…even though he earned it…no other team was willing to approach that dollar amount…and was risky to gamble on a pitcher his age on a 3 year deal…and the biggest reason it concerns me is because it seems to keep them from going after the logical player who serves a glaring need sometimes…ie. Matt Holliday…he would be better than anyone the Yankees have for the 5 hole in the line up…even though he makes more sense than Damon Winn or Gardner…and i believe he is better than Carl Crawford who they might get next year…so why didn’t they get him…because of budget restraints…maybe they wouldn’t have those restraints if they only paid a little more than the next highest bidder…for all their free agents like they did with Teixeira…like they should do for now on….and it would seem to decrease the odds of the Yankees winning a championship if they Jeter Arod and Mo 5 4 or even 3 years from now…

    • Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

      Congradulations! You win the award for the longest.. comment.. ever. It’s longer than the column :/

      • Holy_Roman_Emperor 5 years ago

        I have a couple longer comments, lol, although he does definitely win the award for the longest, most incoherent run-on sentence.

        Periods please…………..

    • Tom_Zig 5 years ago


    • prophetjohn 5 years ago

      what’s a paragraph?

  26. kwhitey 5 years ago

    Here’s a question D.M. What would you give Mo?

  27. kwhitey 5 years ago

    Did someone just compare Jeter to Tim Wakefield?

    • Not a bad comparison. They’re both ancient players kept around for sentimental reasons.

    • jhd5787 5 years ago

      They are comparable in terms of what they mean as the faces of their franchise, the only difference is one is a fringe starter and the other is a good shortstop. Relax buddy you are really coming off as a moron

  28. Dexter_Morgan 5 years ago

    See what the Yankees do to people? kwhitey and Bravoboy10 are two perfect examples how crazy people get. On one had you have someone who thinks Jeter should get anything he wants because hes Derek Jeter. Sorry but he’s going to get what his on field performance warrants. On the other hand you have someone comparing Jeter is Marco f*cking Scutaro? Are you kidding me? Derek Jeter is a first ballot Hall of Famer one any team, not just the Yankees.

    • Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

      I didn’t think it was that easy to summarize the hypnosis Yankees management casts on their fans, but, well, there you go.

  29. BoSoxSam 5 years ago

    As a Red Sox fan, I would love to see Jeter locked up LONG TERM with the Yankees, at at least 22m a year. That sounds great to me. 😀 Whatever you want to say about an iconic player, I love the idea of watching the Yankees struggle to work around an aging core (Rivera and Jeter are the two must-signs, they may also overpay Posada, Pettitte, etc.) while trying to keep the team competitive. I can’t imagine Jeter playing a backup position, so as long as he’s on the team he’s starting. Same with Rivera, as long as he’s there he’s the closer. So that’s already two slots they are stuck with for a while now…say what you will about the Red Sox’s cut and run strategy, it helps avoid this. Now, Jeter and Rivera could very well play great all the way to the end. If so, good for the Yankees. But I have a feeling it’ll only take another year or two before Jeter hits a steep decline, and then…I will laugh.

    • caofa118 5 years ago

      Mariano Rivera @ 40 >>>>> Johnathan Papelbon ever.
      Derek Jeter 37 >>>>> Marco Scutaro ever.

    • R_y_a_n 5 years ago

      I get what your saying, but can we wait until we see some signs of decline? They both had fantastic years, and up there with the best in their career – even if they sign Rivera for 3 years, how can you fault them? He’s still utter dominance.

      Same with Jeter. Give him a 4 year deal, it won’t cripple the team. Their the Yankees, having Jeter at a slight overpayment simply won’t hurt them.

    • Tom_Zig 5 years ago

      Pettitte and Posada will not be around much longer, I can tell you that. Yes the Yankees will overpay what the market warrants for a 40+ year old closer and a 36+ year old shortstop, but the two are still producing at high levels. Seriously stop with the jealousy. It’s not our fault that the Sox can’t figure out who to put at shortstop.

  30. kwhitey 5 years ago

    I’m just a guy who watches Jeter play every day and who knows that in a world where players are considered to coin a cashman term “assets” that Jeter, to the Yankees, is worth every penny of 25 mil especially if Arod gets 27.5+ mil. If you look at it that way he might be worth 30 mil.

    • Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

      A-Rod is overpaid, and most people know this. But because one player on the Yankees is overpaid, doesn’t make everyone else underpaid.

      Kepner thinks the 10-year, $275MM contract that Alex Rodriguez signed with New York after the 2007 season may serve as a benchmark for Jeter’s next deal.

      This is why Tyler Kepner is an idiot, and needs to get back on his medication.

    • Dexter_Morgan 5 years ago

      I watch Jeter everyday. I know what he brings to the table, but A-Rod is clean up hitter. He’s a bigger commodity. Like it or not but guys who hit 40 home runs 120 RBI’s are worth more than lead off hitters, even one’s as good as Jeter. Jeter should not be getting A-Rod money, or the type of money Pujols will get.

    • jhd5787 5 years ago

      lets get one thing perfectly clear…..there is a HUGE difference between what a player is worth and what the yankees are going to pay them. If we are using your theory mauer/pujols should made 50 million next year?

      • I’m still entertained that we are conditioned to think baseball players should actually be paid in millions of dollars. In sports, everyone is overpaid.

  31. Dexter_Morgan 5 years ago

    2010 off-season will be a lot like 2007 off-season for the Yankees. 2007 they had to re-sign Posada and Rivera, and they brought back Pettitte. 2010 Jeter will be a free agent, and Rivera and Pettitte will be free agents again.

    • Tom_Zig 5 years ago

      Pettitte may well retire for all we know. If he is still healthy and willing to accept the same kind of deal, then why not bring him back?

      Rivera is an ageless wonder. Enough said

      As for Jeter, I think enough has been said.

  32. any deal guaranteeing DJ more than 3 yrs is a mistake or any player his age for that matter.

  33. slogar1 5 years ago

    Whenever I read ARod compared to Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth, etc. I want to puke.

  34. caofa118 5 years ago

    Based on WAR.. Derek Jeter was worth 33 million last year as well as a positional .7 WAR lower than Hanely. Just throwing that out there. I’m sure that doesn’t matter though.

    • R_y_a_n 5 years ago

      It’s just that, 2009 will likely stand out as one of Jeter’s best seasons, and probably won’t remain the norm for the next 3-4 years.

    • jhd5787 5 years ago

      it doesnt matter. how much will he be worth when he is 40 years old with two arthritic knees?

  35. pksox12 5 years ago

    He’s gonna be 37.. kinda funny most 35+ year olds cant find a job right now or dont make anything. (Thome, Damon, Thomas, Giambi, Smoltz, Pedro, and many bad contracts paying the older players way too much $$$) I say 4 years 60 million tops.

  36. as a cardinal fan coming into this forum and trying to dodge yankee-red sox bullets i think a fair deal for jeter would be a 4 year deal paying 15 mil per year but honestly with the state of baseball economy i wouldnt be shocked if the yankees offered 12 million, in st. louis we had this same thing come up with ozzie smith and pretty nch we gave him a blank check, im sure the yankees will do the same as jeter is as loved by yankee fans as much as cardinal fans love ozzie…its really apples and oranges, as far as you red sox fans go you hafta ask what if it was Yaz at 36? you would assume he gets whatever he wants just outta respect, same goes for jeter, get off the yank fans back for quoting what they feel

  37. Let him walk. People forget very quickly. Here is the thing….when Yankee fans get to see a slick fielding SS they will be AMAZED! Shoot, they have a better shortstop ten feet away. Jeter is good but not five years good. 3? Ok. 5? Come on.

    • i think 4 years and options to follow that should do the trick, i dont think jeter would handcuff the yankees anyways

  38. drumzalicious 5 years ago

    Well. The good thing is Jeter essentially only has to do good at SS for about 2 more seasons because then he can full time DH when Posada leaves. Now whether he is a good defender there will remain to be seen but after the 2011 season his numbers should stay with their norm

  39. on what planet are you all from that jeter deserves a long contract for 20million a year for that many years? his numbers are dropping and he’s getting old. he doesnt deserve that anymore and if he cared for his team he wouldnt ask for that much money so they can put the money elsewhere. of course he should remain a yankee for the rest of his life, but 22million a year for an aging shortstop is ridiculous no matter how good he was in the past. he made his big bucks. you cant justify him being paid that much when hes getting so old. if he wrecks up the AL next year then fine, but how can you justify paying these old guys so much?

  40. Joe Dimaggio was once asked how much money he think he would make in today’s market. He said he would walk into George’s office and extend his hand and say “Hello, partner” This is the deal they should give Derek Jeter. He should get 20% share of George Steinbrenner’s the ownership of the team to share with Hank, Hal, Jessica & Jennifer upon George’s passing.

    They can sign him to a “luxury tax friendly” deal of a contract at the league minimum with lifetime player options so he can play as long as he wants to and the Yankees can continue to surround him with the best. Maybe they can give him an Arod like incentive to catch and pass Pete Rose in hits (say a $22,222,222.22 bonus) and another bonus for catching and passing Yogi Berra in World Series rings!

    • I am sure that would be circumventing the Luxury Tax and a violation of the CBA. I’d imagine incentives count against the teams payroll and LT.

    • prophetjohn 5 years ago

      including ownership stakes as part of a contract violate the CBA. have this conversation all the time about pujols

  41. optionn 5 years ago

    3 years and 15 million is about what he is worth. So that means the Yankees will offer 5 years and 125 million.

  42. Why wouldn’t the Yanks just offer him 12-15 mill/year? What other team is going to come close to matching that anyway! I mean yeah the guy is real good and all, but he isn’t worth close to 20 mill/year! If no other team would pay close to 20 mill/year for Jeter, why would the Yanks? Now if they do, that’s fine with me, but I just don’t see why they would.

  43. NYMICK 5 years ago

    Lets stop beating around the bush. With the quality of the person we are dealing with, both as a ballplayer and especially as a person, just give him a blank check and let him fill in the amount. He is worth it. Anything short of that, you’re using Red Sox mentality. ‘Nuff said.

  44. alphabet_soup5 5 years ago

    A-Rod only cares about $, he doesn’t give a **** about being a Yankee like Jeter (supposedly) does. He went to the Rangers, within his own old division, for a $252 mil 10 year deal. And then he was going to opt out of the Yankees until they gave him a $275 mil 10 year deal. I’m not an A-rod hater, but I guarantee he will earn more money then Derek Jeter the rest of his career.

    I believe Jeter will be overpaid by the Yankees, but if they offer around market value or want him to take a hometown discount, do we really think he wouldn’t even consider other teams offers?

    And there aren’t any big names hitting the shortstop market after this season, but would this be a completely different situation if a player like Hanley Ramirez was a free agent next season and expressed he wanted to go to a winning team with money? (I know Hanley’s under contract, and the Marlins are a decent team, just using him as an example)

  45. in addition to my earlier post i will add that think the yanks will make a serious push at jose reyes when he becomes a free agent and move jeter to DH, given that reyes can prove himself healthy again, wait and see…i know some yankee fans say they should make a run at pujols but as a cardinal fan i really dont see him leaving st. louis, to me st. louis and new york and maybe a couple others are the only teams that show true loyalty to there icons

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      where would pujols belong on the yankees? on top of teixeria’s head? or are they going to have the most expensive bench in player in baseball?

  46. and if anyone questions the loyalty to our icons look no further than our hitting coach, ppl can say whatever but i and most others cards fans still love mcgwire even now, like yankee fans are to a-rod, for cardinal and yankee fans its true passion, a family, you never turn on your own ever, and how are the yankees and cardinals been rewarded by the baseball gods you ask? how does 37 world championship between the two teams speak….

  47. mlbfan92 5 years ago

    You guys are all crazy! At the MOST he deserves maybe 4yr contract 15-18 mil per year. GET REAL PEOPLE, not that the yankees wouldnt be stupid enough to sign the contract you guys proposed.

  48. i know how annoying as a cardinal fan it gets hearing the cubs fans bitch about us when there really just jealous, similiar to what yankee fans go thru with the red sox, why pay jeter? simple…leadership, keeping a winning culture in the clubhouse with the right leader is a stat that doesnt pop up on stat sheets, ive lost respect for the sox because tossing varitek away like trash isnt cool or other leader types like him, talent wins games but chemistry wins divisions, pennants and world series

  49. i know how annoying as a cardinal fan it gets hearing the cubs fans bitch about us when there really just jealous, similiar to what yankee fans go thru with the red sox, why pay jeter? simple…leadership, keeping a winning culture in the clubhouse with the right leader is a stat that doesnt pop up on stat sheets, ive lost respect for the sox because tossing varitek away like trash isnt cool or other leader types like him, talent wins games but chemistry wins divisions, pennants and world series

  50. ZeroZeroZero 5 years ago

    Jeter brings so much to the franchise on and off the field and generates so much revenue in merchandising that the Yankees can definitely overpay his on-field value. I would guess they will give him something like 4 years $100m.
    I also think Jeter has his ego in check enough that when hes done he will pack it in. I dont seem him being a lingering joke like Jason Varitek.

  51. ridigaho 5 years ago

    they should give him a blank check..Mr. Derek Jeter should be 100% in the drivers seat and get however many years he wants for however much money he wants

  52. gregorypeckrb12 5 years ago

    As an admitted Red Sox fan I would like to say that you are spot on with your comments. Jeter is a class act and a shortstop and captain that we would have loved to have in our clubhouse. Those who think he will take a contract of that size even with yankee money that could possibly hold the yankees hostage is rediculous. He should and will retire a yankee and be a first ballot HOF but not at that contract.

  53. R_y_a_n 5 years ago

    Look at his UZR/150 this past two years. He may not have deserved the gold glove, but he is far from being awful right now. And moving him would not be a good idea, considering the Yankees really don’t have a suitable replacement, Jeter learning a new position at age 36 isn’t easy and he’s coming off his better defensive seasons.

  54. BentoBox 5 years ago

    Like R_y_a_n said, Jeter wasn`t that bad for the past 2 years. His UZR per 150 are -0.7 then 8.4.

  55. Jeffrey 5 years ago

    Let’s just make sure we’re all playing with facts here.

    2009 Payrolls from Cot’s Contracts
    1. Yankees ($206M)
    2. Mets ($139M)
    3. Cubs ($137M)
    4. Tigers ($129M)
    5. Phillies ($127M)
    6. Red Sox ($122M)

  56. sploorp 5 years ago

    How frugal. The team’s payroll is still well over 200 million and twice as much as most of the other teams in the majors. If the Red Sox have the 2nd highest payroll, it’s only because somebody has to be second. Comparatively, no other team’s payroll should be in the top ten with the Yankees. Spots 2-10 should be blank with the Red Sox sittling at number 11.

    Yes, the Yankee budget is lower this year than last year, but that has more to do with 2010’s free agent class and how much better the 2011 class will be. The team isn’t trimming the budget this year, they’re banking for the huge feeding frenzy they’re going on next year.

  57. boy9988 5 years ago

    Alright Tom, you have now brought the wrath of the rest of baseball. The Yankees payroll was $206.8M in 2009. The Red Sox, the sixth highest payroll was $122.6M. Lets see, some simple math and…a whole $84.2M. That means the Red Sox could add the Cleveland Indians entire payroll and still not reach that amount. Oh yeah and there are 15 teams in addition to Cleveland that don’t even equal the difference. In fact, Cleveland, San Diego and Florida together couldn’t come up with that. And we are only talking about the difference. The difference between NYY($206.8M) and the second highest payroll, the NYM($139.1M) is $67.7M. Still more that TB, OAK, WSH, PIT, SD, and FLA.

    Oh and lets look at last off-season and who spent the most money. Hmmmm lets think…. CC ($161M) and Teixeira ($180M) and AJ ($82.5M). That’s…$423.5M. Wow. We are looking at almost a half BILLION dollars! Someone is calling the kettle black.

    The fact that you are attempting to belittle the fact that the Yankee’s payroll is a horrific monstrosity and the single shinning beacon of why salary caps are necessary is beyond appalling. I hate the idea of a salary cap personally, but i cant stand to see the Yankee’s on top every single year, not cause they are a great ball club and develop great stars and make good baseball decisions, cause they are and they do. But they supplement that by buying the best players there are to fill in the gaps. And the rest of baseball, especially the Orioles, Blue Jays and Rays, are left to hope and pray that in this one breakout year, they can hope to break though the Yankees gold adorned, diamond studded fists. This is not the way baseball should be played. There is no such thing as an even playing field, and some teams like being on the bottom. But its one thing to not spend any money, every team can do that, but to spend such exorbitant amounts of money so far beyond any other team and beyond the ability of almost every other team; its just disgusting.

  58. R_y_a_n 5 years ago

    Tim hires these guys. If you don’t like the post DON’T READ IT and if Tim didn’t approve of the post he would take it down. It’s such simple logic.

  59. It’s a baseball story about a hall of fame baseball player on a baseball website. What am I missing here exactly?

  60. prophetjohn 5 years ago

    how would you know if you like the post without reading it?

  61. Tom_Zig 5 years ago

    Wow way to miss the point. Good job.

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