Minor League Transactions: Clark, Hammock, Loux

Baseball America's Matt Eddy has the minor league transactions for the period of January 19-24.  A few notables from him, after the Knoedler and Giese bullets:

  • The Dodgers signed catcher Justin Knoedler, reports MLB.com's Ken Gurnick.
  • According to MiLB.com, the A's re-signed pitcher Dan Giese on January 27th.  Giese, 33 in May, tossed 22 innings for the big league club last year but learned in June he'd need Tommy John surgery.
  • The Braves signed reliever Chris Resop, who spent '09 with the Hanshin Tigers.
  • The White Sox added Brady Clark, who once scored 94 runs as a member of the '05 Brewers.  It was the Brewers' December '04 Scott PodsednikCarlos Lee trade with the Sox that gave Clark a starting opportunity in '05.
  • The Rockies signed catcher Robby Hammock, who spent last season with Baltimore's Triple A club.
  • Pitcher Shane Loux signed with the Astros.  The 30-year-old posted a 5.86 ERA, 19 walks, and 19 strikeouts in 58.3 innings for the Angels last year.

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  1. jcrabtree7 5 years ago

    Resop was no good when he played for the Braves in 2008, not sure why you bring him back other then minor league bullpen depth

    • You got it right when you said depth. Our bullpen should be a lot better top-to-bottom this year than it has been in the past, and we’ve finally got a little bit of insurance in the minors too. Resop just adds to that.

  2. Giese is coming back from TJ, no?

  3. patburn 5 years ago

    waste of money by the Braves resigning that bum.

  4. S8P7W 5 years ago

    Robby “Banana” Hammock? 😛

  5. whitesoxfan424 5 years ago

    I always liked Brady Clark, but just another minor league depth signing. The Sox keep on signing the type of guys that if they show up on the majors league roster means the sox are doing reeeeaaaal bad.

  6. scottbravesfan19 5 years ago

    haha I remember the game where Resop played one play in LF. It was extra innings where Resop was pitching and ROyce Ring was brought in to face a lefty so they took Diaz out and put Resop in left. THen they pulled Ring and put Blanco in Left and Resop at pitcher again haha

  7. smhuff 5 years ago

    Well played, scottbravesfan19. I believe the batter faced by Ring was none other than Adam LaRoche, whom Ring K’d.

    This is a nice Braves trivia question and answers, who was the last Brave pitcher to play in the field and when–vs Pittsburgh in April 2008, Chris Resop.

    The guy can bring it, but cannot seem to get it together.

  8. rockiesfan_303 5 years ago

    The Rockies have enough catchers now, they need to pursue either Beimel or Schoenweis and shore up that lefty side of the pen behind Morales. NOT FLORES

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