Brewers Notes: Edmonds, Fielder, Schoeneweis

Let's check out some Brewers tidbits courtesy of's Adam McCalvy..

  • An article from Anthony Witrado of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel seemed to indicate that Jim Edmonds might not want to play in 2010.  However, McCalvy writes that Edmonds reiterated his desire to make the squad in Milwaukee.  He adds that it would be something of a surprise if Milwaukee didn't offer the 39-year-old their final roster spot.
  • In McCalvy's view, it is unlikely that Milwaukee will deal Prince Fielder mid-season.  As he points out, contract negotiations would first have to fall apart before the club would even consider such a move.  If they do look to move him, expect them to do so next offseason.
  • McCalvy also writes that three players in camp with the Brewers can elect for free agency if they are not added to the 40-man roster: the aforementioned Edmonds, catcher Matt Treanor, and lefty Scott Schoeneweis.  Treanor is battling with George Kottaras for the backup catcher position and the club may not have room for Treanor in the minor leagues.  Meanwhile, in the event that Schoeneweis doesn't make the cut, he has said that he is unwilling to accept a minor league assignment.

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  1. Guest 5 years ago

    I think Scott Schoenweiss deserves to at least break camp with the Brewers.

  2. I could be just reading this wrong but shouldnt it say that he might not want to play in 2010 instead of 2009?

  3. diehardmets 5 years ago

    The writer changed it when they read ‘Why?!?”s comment (@LarryDelucaNY). You’re right I hate people who trash the writers, but usually there are some gramatical or other errors. It happens. We just point it out to them and they change. It improves the quality of the site. No need to snap at someone.

    • I agree i hate just as much as the next poster trashing the writers but if what i am saying is going to help the site they i dont have a problem with saying it.

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  5. Guest 5 years ago

    He asked a simple question…

  6. Lol comprehension and re-reading and not being an a**hole go a long way because the article was changed so before you make yourself look like an *** try to re-read things because as good of a website this may be and as hard as the people may be working behind this website people make mistakes and all i was doing was just correcting him so he knew he made a mistake so no one misunderstands what he wrote.

  7. cubsfanraysaddict 5 years ago

    Agreed, and this writer is not the one who usually has mistakes in his articles.

  8. thanks atleast someone understands all i was doing was just saying so no one misunderstands what he typed in the article.

  9. Guest 5 years ago

    You bet.

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