Red Sox Rumors: Beckett, Beltre

John Lackey's five-year $82.5MM deal could set the market for Josh Beckett as he discusses an extension with the Red Sox, but Jon Heyman of hears that Beckett is looking for a "slightly longer term" deal. Even though Beckett would like six years, there's optimism that the two sides will reach a deal.

Adrian Beltre turned down a longer-term deal from the A's to sign in Boston, but it wasn't because of Fenway Park, as some have speculated. Beltre, who turned down an offer from the Phillies, told Rob Bradford of that he believed the Red Sox could win it all.

“I thought the team had a real good opportunity to win the World Series," Beltre said. "I focus on the team, not the place I’m playing."

Beltre signed a deal that pays him $9MM this season and includes a player option for 2011.

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