2011 Contract Issues: Los Angeles Angels

The Angels face only one option situation for 2011.  Closer Brian Fuentes' $9MM option will vest if he finishes 55 games in 2010.  The 34-year-old lefty has one of nine vesting options to watch this season.  A game finished is given to the last non-starting pitcher of record for each team; Fuentes finished 57 last year despite a mediocre season.  The Angels can turn to Fernando Rodney in the ninth inning if Fuentes falters, and Fuentes' agent won't have a case for a grievance.

After the season the Angels will have Hideki Matsui and Scot Shields eligible for free agency.  Kendry Morales will enter his first arbitration year.  Jered Weaver, Joe Saunders, Erick Aybar, Howie Kendrick, and Jeff Mathis will enter their second; Mike Napoli his third.  It should also be noted that Scott Kazmir's salary will increase by $4MM in 2011 and Ervin Santana gets a $2MM bump.  Fortunately, the Angels will no longer be paying Justin Speier in 2011.

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  1. bjsguess 5 years ago

    I’m assuming that Fuentes’ option will not vest UNLESS he has an outstanding year. They have plenty of legitimate options between Shields, Jepsen, and Rodney. If they can pry away just 5-10 finishes then Fuentes’ option won’t vest.

    I’m assuming that Shields won’t be back unless he has a return to form, pre-injury. Their arb guys will get expensive. However, the team’s opening day payroll is only $104m. That’s down from $113m last year and $119m in 2008. The Angels should have room to adjust their team budget.

    Also, Speier is getting paid $5m this year for being released. That essentially covers the cost increases to Santana and Kazmir. The big bucks come off in 2011 (Matthews – who is still being paid $22m between this year and next) and then in 2012 (Hunter and his $18m/year contract). They don’t have anyone under contract for beyond 2012.

    By way of comparison the Yankees have almost $100m already committed in 2013. The Red Sox are closing in on $60m.

    I bet the Angels suck it up next year and probably increase their team budget. Then they lost Matthews the following year and they can start to splurge. After that hopefully a guy like Trout is ready to come in and take over for Hunter.

    • That is a good point about Speier, I am going to add that to the post. Thanks.

    • ryankrol 5 years ago

      After the the 2012 season, there will be 9 free agents on top of the arb eligible players. This roster is pretty much what the Angels will have through that season, minus Godzilla, GMJ, and a few others. Great point about Speier and GMJ. I bet they were a little conservative in part because of those contracts. Who knows? But that’s a little over $15 million in one season. The payroll would be below $100 million right now. Or would it?

  2. Thurman8er 5 years ago

    BJ, do you think it will be Trout? Or is he trade fodder between now and then? I could see the Angels going after a high-end outfielder or starter by trade. Maybe package Rivera and some prospects for an elite LF. They will expand the budget a bit if necessary, but it will be easier when GMJ officially comes off the books.

  3. I was surprised that the Angels didn’t sign any of their arbitration players to multi-year deals.

    • EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

      I think they’re just playing it safe and waiting to see if Morales can put up another season like 09, and to see how Jered Weaver handles his new role as the No. 1 starter. I expect the Angels to start locking up their younger players this offseason.

      • cookmeister 5 years ago

        i suspect if morales has a good first few months the angels will look to resign him long term… i wish they would have done it before he switched agents though

        • EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

          Yeah, nobody wants to tangle with Boras, but if you want to keep Morales which they certainly do they’re just going to have to bite the bullet. Hopefully they get a deal done. I hope they can get something sorted out with a few of their young players so they can start rebuilding a new core team. Just like the one they had throughout the last decade. That would be great for baseball.

      • WasianCU 5 years ago

        It doesn’t help that both Weaver and Morales are represented for Boras. Boras like to take his clients to free agency so I wouldn’t hold my breathe for them locking up a deal before that.

        • EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

          Wow Weaver is represented by Boras too? I didn’t know about that, and I guess you are right about the whole free agent thing. Well I guess we’ll just see what happens.

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