Possible Areas Of Concern: Nationals, Cubs, D’Backs

It's still early – probably too early to draw definite conclusions about teams' strengths and weaknesses – but let's take a look at some clubs that could look to improve in certain areas. This is purely speculative, and remember – these weaknesses could become strengths in a matter of weeks.

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  1. gwells 5 years ago

    i would be shocked to see jose guillen back in washington.

    and sheff and dye are such horrible defensive liabilities, i don’t see them going to washington, either. i suspect the nats will either make a trade for someone a little younger than any of those guys or suffer with what they’ve got. they’ll add mike morse to the mix soon. he’s a liability defensively, too, but not as much as dye/sheff. but with willingham on the other corner, it’s tough to stomach two terrible defenders in the OF unelss they really are great hitters. neither dye nor sheff is any more.

  2. Triteon 5 years ago

    No lefties on the D’backs…wow. Someone needs to slap Josh Byrnes in the back of the head.

  3. crunchy1 5 years ago

    I’d like to see Jackson stay in AAA but Coleman is a nice alternative to Berg. His stuff may not be much better but at least he throws strikes and has an idea about what he wants to do up there. In Jackson and Coleman, I think it’s interesting that they’re targeting guys who throw strikes rather than guys like Parker, Gaub and Stevens, who have good stuff and relief experience, but put too many people on base. On a related note, I still believe Esmalin Caridad will fill one of the holes in the bullpen. His control last night looked much more like the pitcher we’re used to seeing.

  4. swick 5 years ago

    Zambrano’s ERA may be above 6.00, but his ERA in relief is below 4.00. He hasn’t been dominant out of the bullpen, but he hasn’t been nearly as bad as Gray, Berg, and Samardzija.

    • crunchy1 5 years ago

      Good point. Z’s really only had one bad outing out of the pen so far. I think it’s funny how everyone said it was such as mistake to take him out of the rotation, but yet conveniently use an ERA compiled primarily as a starter to attempt to highlight his ineffectiveness in the pen. It’s definitely misleading to say the Cubs have only one reliever under a 6.00 ERA. I would have expected better.

  5. toddboss 5 years ago

    Yeah, Guillen was not loved while in DC. Dye turned down $3.5-$4M deal from washington to play here already so that’s not an option. Its not like the Nats didn’t try to sign Dye (despite his obvious defensive concerns). Had Mike Morse not gotten hurt he might be out there, and had Chris Duncan remembered how to hit like he did 4 years ago we wouldn’t be having this conversation either. But it is a problem.

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