Bryce Harper Links

Assorted links about baseball's most popular 17-year-old, Bryce Harper

  • Harper tops Keith Law's updated list of the top 100 prospects in this year's draft (ESPN insider link). Manny Machado, Jameson Taillon and Drew Pomeranz aren't far behind.
  •'s Jonathan Mayo explains that few hitters after Harper are considered safe bets this year.
  • Harper's advisor Scott Boras told SI's Tom Verducci, "No baseball person in his right mind will have the guy catch."  Baseball America's Jim Callis sees the Nationals moving Harper to a corner outfield position, allowing him to reach the Majors in September of 2012 at the earliest.  Also in that piece, Callis compares Pomeranz to other recent college lefties.
  • Yahoo's Tim Brown wonders what it's like to be Harper.
  • Joe Posnanski cautions that unlike Stephen Strasburg, Harper is a long way from being big-league ready.  A lot can go wrong in that time.

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