Indians Designate Grudzielanek For Assignment

The Indians designated second baseman Mark Grudzielanek for assignment, reports's Anthony Castrovince.  Grudzielanek, 40 in a few weeks, hit .273/.328/.273 in 119 plate appearances for the Tribe before suffering a hamstring injury Sunday.  The Indians called up Anderson Hernandez to take his place.  Hernandez was claimed off waivers from the Mets in March.

The Indians signed Grudzielanek to a minor league deal in mid-January; he'd struggled to find work in '09.  He joins players such as Adam Everett and Mike Lamb in DFA limbo.

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  1. 04Forever 5 years ago

    one of the sadder parts of the game. “oh you got hurt? Goodbye, enjoy retirement and dont forget to close the door on your way out”

    • Ian_Smell 5 years ago

      At least he was able to come back after missing all of last year.

  2. Don’t they risk a grievance by doing it when he’s hurt?

    • D_Clayts 5 years ago

      That’s what I was thinking! Regardless, it’s a very unclassy move by Cleveland..

      • Patattack 5 years ago

        They had to do it. With Cabrera on the DL, and Donald being so young, they have to bring up a middle infielder to the roster. They even gave Grud the option of either going on the 60 day DL or being DFA’d. Understandably, he chose the second option. The Tribe didn’t necessarily want to do it, but they really had no choice. He’ll find work somewhere else down the line; he has played well enough this year to at least be given a shot and hopefully be an asset to a contending team.

        • D_Clayts 5 years ago

          Yeah, reading that it makes more sense now that Grudz would rather be cut, because then he can sign on with someone if and when he’s ready to rather than just sitting out 2 months.. You’re right he has proven he can still play, so he should be signed in a couple of weeks if he still believes he can.

  3. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

    Honestly, I never understood that signing in the first place. Good for him for being able to make it back after sitting out all of 2009 with an injury. Maybe the Twins will take a look at him with Hudson out.

  4. 600 OPS with 0 EBH means its time to say goodbye.

  5. Mick_Stepp 5 years ago

    I don’t see the controversy. He’s hurt and wasn’t that effective when he was healthy. He gets paid one way or another. What should the Tribe do?

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