Mets Notes: Santana, Millwood, Westbrook, Beltran

While we ponder if the Jerry Seinfeld/Lady Gaga feud will reach the heights of Seinfeld's rivalry with Newman, here are a few news items concerning the Big Apple's NL side…

  • Bob Klapisch of wonders if the Mets should be worried about Johan Santana given a few shaky starts and some declining peripheral numbers.  Klapisch notes that the Mets might look at Cliff Lee if they're worried about not having a top-tier ace to match against other clubs' best arms.  It's way too soon to panic about Santana given his still-solid 3.31 ERA and 2.00 K-BB ratio, though when a team has at least $88MM invested in a pitcher through 2013, it's probably not wrong to be concerned about any dip in form.
  • Klapisch also quotes senior team officials who say that Jon Niese wouldn't be moved in a hypothetical Lee deal, and an unnamed Mets player who doesn't think adding Kevin Millwood or Jake Westbrook would help the team.
  •'s Andrew Marchand writes that with Angel Pagan playing so well in place of the injured Carlos Beltran, the dispute between the Mets and Beltran's agent Scott Boras over "the timing and authorization of Beltran's offseason knee surgery" could be "a converging storm."  Beltran is owed approximately $28MM over the rest of this season and 2011, and it was announced today that he is expected back playing by July 15.
  • Jenrry Mejia's demotion to Double-A and conversion back into starting pitching means the Mets will probably get an extra year of control over his rights, says Adam Rubin of

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  1. Part of me feels like Takahashi is due for some regression. Dickey throws a knuckleball, so you know it’s a crap-shoot with him. They would probably be much better off fielding Millwood in one of those spots as long as it doesn’t cost much.

    • VoteForPrado 5 years ago

      They’ll both degress, it’s just a matter of how much. Millwood is more of a sure thing, and, IMO, would be a great addition to their staff. But I think they have to get somebody that would bring more stability.

    • aap212 5 years ago

      I agree. What they’ve done is great, but Omar should walk away from the table with his winnings while he’s ahead. That’s not exactly his forte, however.

  2. fernando martinez, josh thole, dillon gee, and brad holt for lee
    Fernando Martinez, dillon Gee, and nick evans for Oswalt

    • vtadave 5 years ago

      Yay, another Mets fan who thinks Fernando Martinez is an elite prospect instead of another overhyped international signing who’s either hurt or hitting .230.

    • aap212 5 years ago

      Martinez has barely played this year, Thole has struggled, and Holt has a double digit ERA. I don’t want to give up a ton for a rental or a huge salary, but at least up the ante a little. Nieuwenhuis, Tejada, and Havens have more value than anyone you mentioned except for possibly Martinez.

  3. bigpelflikesike123 5 years ago

    alright because u think he is overhyped does not mean that scouts (who believe he has great tools) think he is overhyped… the astros would be lucky to get a prospect of that caliber for the expensive oswalt.

    • aap212 5 years ago

      He’s only played in 35 games this year because of injuries, and he hasn’t been good. I’m still a believer, but teams are allowed to demand prospects that stay on the field and hit. And I say that as a Mets fan.

    • I think the only scouts who like Martinez are Mets scouts.

  4. when has he hit .230 for a full season, and remember that hes 20 and was doing very well last year at AAA and is heating up now

  5. bigpelflikesike123 5 years ago

    Oswalt will not cost top prospects… Zack D’s trade for oswalt would work out nicely

  6. frank_costanza 5 years ago

    if this team really wants to get to the playoffs and go deep in them, then they need a legitimate stud at the top of their rotation (lee or oswalt). from what I have watched of santana this year, he is on the decline, granted he is still very good, hes not what they need him to be.

  7. aap212 5 years ago

    The Mets should go for Lee or Oswalt. No more stockpiling guys who are mid-rotation starters if they’re healthy and firing on all cylinders. Either bring in the cavalry or don’t.

  8. icedrake523 5 years ago

    I’m reserving judgment on Santana until after the season. He’s always better in the 2nd half. So if he doesn’t pitch better during it, then you really have something to worry about.

  9. NattyBohGuy 5 years ago

    Can anyone provide some insight into why Santana’s not as effective as he was last year or the year before? Is it because he’s a two-pitch guy? Is it that his fast ball is getting too slow? Is his location not as tight? Is his change-up delivery not as deceptively close to his fastball delivery anymore? Or are players finally picking up on the differences? I have been wondering this for this first half of the season and was hoping someone with access to scouting information or further knowledge on pitching could provide some insight.

    • frank_costanza 5 years ago

      i remember watching the sunday night game against the phillies and looking at how off his delivery was. it was almost obvious when he was throwing a change up. it seemed like he would fly open and shot put the ball. also there hasnt been much of a mph differential between his fastball and change up which is a really bad thing

  10. Spirit of '69 5 years ago

    Lee is the deal I would love the Mets to do, because he’s the best (of an admittedly good bunch) and getting him really sticks it to the Phils. If Klapisch is right (difficult to say because he is completely clueless) and the Mets won’t overpay for renting Lee, the best deal out there may be one for Dan Haren. Lee, Oswalt or Haren would all be a substantial upgrade to the rotation and put them in position to be special this year.

    Having said that, Lee is pitching so well that it is tempting to go the extra mile for him. I know I’ll get hammered for that but man, he would look great in that rotation with Santana and Pelfrey. The Mets have to anticipate the Phillies and Braves won’t sit still, I think they have to get one of these three guys to be serious. Anything else is wishful thinking.

  11. Just_MLB 5 years ago

    honestly…u can get Oswalt or Haren for the same or less than lee…then u can sign Lee in the off-season and have both…the market is not going to be as big for him as everyone thinks…
    he is going to be 32 next month…
    no team is going to commit 20 mil for more than 4 years for him…
    so the cap he has…is 80 mil for 4 years…
    maybe u can push it to a 5th year option and 10 mil buyout

    how many teams are willing to commit that ?

    sox ? they just signed becket…and lackey…to big money contracts..
    yanks? they just commited long term cash to cc/aj…not a given they go 4 years for Lee
    dodgers? they’re financial issues ( aka divorce ) may limit them

    the mets are going to have around 40 mil come off their books in 2011 ( beltran/castillo/perez )

    they can afford to absorb oswalt next year at 16 mil, sign lee and backload his contract as it coincides with oswalt’s expiring and the other 40 mil coming off the books…

    I believe k-rod’s 15 mil can come off the books in 2012 …

    they totally can have a rotation of santana/oswalt/lee/pelfrey/niese with mejia closing

    as santana and oswalt age and leave….they can also resign Pelfrey…

  12. Spirit of '69 5 years ago

    Well said, this makes an enormous amount of sense which is why it probably won’t happen. Can easily see the Mets trading for Oswalt or Haren and then saying they’re “in the mix” for Lee but never really being serious, figuring they have their big three.

    It’s a little too early to gauge what the Yankees will do on Lee. Burnett and Vazquez have been inconsistent and how much longer can Petitte go? If Lee is sitting there and no one is blowing everyone else away, they’ll make a strong play for him with the intent of outbidding everyone else.

    What you say, though, makes complete sense and a less delusional front office would pursue it.

  13. sportsnut969 5 years ago

    IMO The Mets are in need of 2 starters A Front Rotation guy and a 4 or 5 starter.

    So Pick up Lee then use a couple of scraps to pick up a Millwood or Westbrook to fill out the Rotation.

    This will go a long way to taking the Mets deep into the playoff.

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