Poll: Which Team Will Become A Surprise Buyer

Some clubs, like the Yankees, Rangers and Phillies, have positioned themselves as buyers for the trade deadline. They may not add stars, but they can consider big moves since they're going for it in 2010. Some other clubs could conceivably become buyers if things go well between now and the end of July. Will it be the Nationals? the Cubs? the Blue Jays? It's time for your predictions.

Which team will become a surprise buyer at the trade deadline?

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  1. gamaize 5 years ago


  2. I could see the Tigers.

  3. Honestly you should put the Astros on a list like this every year. Unless you think the ‘Stros making a silly “all in” move at the deadline is to be expected…

    I picked the A’s, that would surprise me.

  4. scottandwtb 5 years ago

    It’ll be the ‘Stros. They love making deals no matter how far out they are.

  5. TahoePadreFan 5 years ago

    The Padres, Almost everyone had them finishing dead last in the division if not last in the NL. They need a bat and have lots of pitching depth.

  6. Guest 5 years ago

    I’m a Yank fan and I am rooting for the Nat’s. Not sure why, but who doesn’t love the Cinderella story. It’s a good team with good management and I can appreciate that. Truth is, not this year. They needed a better start. With the Braves, Mets, Phils positioning for the division and the west being very strong, there is probably a 2% chance the Nats can make a run. Next year however, is a much different thing and if the gang can make things happen in the offseason, then yes, they are a real team to watch soon.

    I don’t think the Pads. They’re in this weird transition stage. Maybe, but I don’t see any big additions.

    Curious about the Angels. Do they just take what they’ve got and go for it or do we see the white flag come out soon.

    I have to agree with the others. The Tigers seem like the best bet to add players. But who and where?

    I wouldn’t be too surprised to even see the Rays or Braves make a move or two. The Rays, but they really don’t need anyone. Every single person is an athlete in that organization.

    I’m curious to see what the Braves do. They’ve got a great draft thing going. Huge prospects. Wren just doesn’t seem like he has his trade game together and they could probably still use another bat or two. They can claim that division in my opinion, but do they have another bone headed trade in store before that can happen?

  7. Moe_Berg 5 years ago

    Unfortunately, Uncle Drayton is crazy as a s**t-house rat. My money is on the Astros signing John Kruk and Mark Lemongello. YEE-HAW (pistols firing in the air).

  8. I’d say the Tigers go looking for a Shortstop for sure, and perhaps a Starter if Porcello/Scherzer/Galarraga/Bonderman go in the tank.

  9. jwsox 5 years ago

    why are the whitesox considered a surprise in terms of buyers? when has kenny williams ever not been a buyer? he either buys or stands pat….

  10. Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

    Blue Jays are sellers. Look for Scott Downs, Jason Frasor, Shawn Camp and possibly Jose Bautista to get shipped out.

    • Actually I’d look for them to buy more players than sell. I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved a pitcher for a RF or 1B. Spotty bullpen, undetermined rotation, predicted to be worse than the Orioles after trading Halladay, yet they’re 5.5 GB of 1st place in the hardest division in baseball. They could easily move Marcum, Bautista, any of their RP or Gonzalez to get a player like Ty Wigginton or Gaby Sanchez. Sean Henn could become a decent bullpen option and even Jeremy Accardo.

      • Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

        Agreed that the Jays may trade Marcum, but I doubt it will be at this deadline. My guess is once Drabek is ready, Marcum will be the trade candidate. I don’t see why they can’t get a decent return for him, returning nicely from TJ surgery and showing no ill effects. A 3.31ERA and 1.05WHIP are above average and his K/BB of 3.72 is well above his career average.

        The Jays may be 5.5GB going into tonight, but they’ve stopped scoring runs, the pitching looks wobbly and coupled with the Yanks and Red Socks heating up and the Rays not slowing down, the gap will probably widen in a hurry. As a Jays fan, I’d like that not to be the case though!

  11. jeffmaz 5 years ago

    Padres need an outfielder, starting pitcher and maybe a shortstop

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