Delgado Eyeing July, Open To Minors

Carlos Delgado was in Manhattan yesterday, but don't read too much into it. So said the recuperating slugger to Puerto Rican reporter Jose L. Delgado from El Nuevo Dia (link in Spanish), who caught up with Delgado at a downtown restaurant and managed to squeeze in a few pointed questions.

Among the lunchtime topics were rumors of the Yankees and Angels having interest in Delgado, of which the 38-year-old said, "They were basically just rumors," spurred by injuries to Nick Johnson and Kendry Morales. While admitting that the connections made sense, as both injured players are DH/first baseman who hit from the left side (Morales is a switch hitter), Delgado says he and his agent have focused on "planting the seed" with a couple of other teams that he wouldn't name. Neither is he committed solely to DH work for AL teams, acknowledging that while the extra rest has appeal, he doesn't want to take that too much into consideration "as an athlete who wants to give 100 percent."

Delgado says he has been hitting for the last six weeks and could be ready to return to the majors within the month. Delgado wants to return in good enough condition to play all of next season, because "I still have things I want to do," including reaching 500 home runs (he's 27 away). To that end, he says he has "no problem" starting off in the minors this season.

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