Padres Still Eyeing Hart, May Need Arms Too

Much has been made of the surprising first-place Padres' needs as the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline approaches. It's a known fact that they've relied on tremendous pitching to win in spite of an offense that ranks 27th in the Majors with a .701 team OPS and 21st with 396 runs scored.

The San Diego Union Tribune's Tim Sullivan says that manager Bud Black made a subtle pitch to Corey Hart, a known Padres target, at the Home Run Derby, opining to the Milwaukee right fielder that a lot of his home runs would also have gone out in Petco Park to gauge a reaction. While Hart kept an even keel and simply replied, "Yeah, they would have," Black says he wanted Hart to know that the Padres were interested.

Padres closer Heath Bell also spoke with Hart, and relayed that Hart isn't happy to be on the trading block. If he does get moved, he would like to train in Arizona near his newly-purchased house.

While Hart's 22 home runs would look nice in the middle of the Padres lineup and add some much needed support for Adrian Gonzalez, it's worth noting that the offense may no longer be the club's main focus.

Both Mike Adams and Mat Latos have landed on the disabled list in the past week. While Latos is expected to recover quickly, the Padres will likely be limiting his second half innings.

Padres general manager Jed Hoyer did acknowledge that they have the resources to improve both the offense and the defense, but said that the odds of a significant improvement to both seemed "remote." Any trades that send away cost-controlled young players will require a return that's controlled beyond 2010 for the Padres as well, according to Hoyer, who stressed that financial limitations make cost-control important to San Diego.

Sullivan asked Bell about his personal wish list for acquisitions, and Bell named Hart, Cody Ross, Miguel Tejada, and Milton Bradley before floating a unique idea: acquire Lance Berkman and put him back in the outfield. It's unlikely that Berkman would play a respectable outfield at this point, but the scenario suggests that Bell clearly would like to see a proven, veteran bat added to the lineup.

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  1. In regards to Bell’s statements. He says a lot of things in jest to the media, simply to get a reaction. I would not put any stock into what he is saying. At the same time, those remarks, although funny would are not going to help his future as a front office guy. LOL

  2. Guest 5 years ago

    Nice piece, Mr. Steve Adams

  3. SixtoLezcano 5 years ago

    Brewers should package Hart with Dave Bush. I’m not sure what the Padres have to offer though.

    • Ageezy 5 years ago

      I think that would be a perfect fit Sixto. Any Padre fans who know the system want to chime in?

      • I’m sure the Padres would be keen on keeping their top talent like Donovan Tate and Simon Castro, but the farm does have a lot of depth at 3B with the likes of James Darnell, Logan Forsythe (who playing 2B this year in AA because of Darnell at 3B), and Edinson Rincon. I don’t know how well that matches up with Milwaukee’s needs.

  4. Redbirds16 5 years ago

    Bell really mentioned Bradley? Really? I mean Really?…

    For real.

  5. Guest 5 years ago

    I would like to add that (IMO) the Padres probably have the “resources” to acquire a bat like Hart and a pitcher like a Guthrie. While Hart’s stock is high and they (the Padres) would have to part with some good talent, Guthrie would probably not require much more than a 2nd tier prospect. I believe it is VERY possible to acquire both if there is mutual interest.

    I have been interested in the Padres acquiring Hart for a couple months and I think he would be a nice fit! Corey ♥ will be a Padre, book it! :)

  6. greengrove 5 years ago

    Corey Hart would definitely help to lengthen the lineup and possibly give Adrian a few more pitches to hit. But he would cost us Simon Castro almost undoubtably. IMO, not worth it. We need to stick to the idea of winning with pitching and defense. Simon Castro, Mat Latos, Clayton Richard, Wade LeBlanc, and another Garland/Correia/Young/Stauffer would represent a tough rotation for years to come.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      NO he wouldn’t! Corey Hart has VERY high value right now but not for a prospect that is in the TOP 20 in ALL OF BASEBALL!

      • greengrove 5 years ago

        The Brewers asked for Jonathan Sanchez or Madison Bumgarner from the Giants. Who else could we get away with giving them? Cory Luebke? Ernesto Frieri? Adys Portillo? Keyvius Sampson? Logan Forsythe? Cedric Hunter?

        Cory Hart is at his peak value right now, which means we would actually have to give them some promising pieces. I’m not sure they would go for a deal like that unless we included 3 or 4 of these players, gutting our system.

        • Guest 5 years ago

          Luebeke, Sampson, Frieri (MANY other POSSIBLES) would DEF be appealing. The Brewers apparently do want MLB talent or MLB ready prospects. Luebeke is not far off, The Padres also have a couple 1st base prospects that they COULD be interested in. Also, If my memory serves me correctly they (the Brewers) had scouted, or had “interest” in Luis Durango last year. I have NO idea who would be packaged but NO WAY Hart has the value to bring in a top 20 prospect in all of Baseball. The Brewers can ASK all they want for whomever, (Bumgarner or a Castro) but no way Castro goes unless its for a premium player, And.. I do not think Hart quite falls into that category, regardless of his (power surge) along with his VERY good all around year.There has been SOME concern that Hart playing in SUCH a hitters park would hinder his production SOME. I do not think it would be AS DRAMATIC as some but do think teams (GM’s) etc. take that into consideration.

          • SixtoLezcano 5 years ago

            Miller Park isn’t much of a hitter’s park, just for the record. People always think it is because the Brewers are usually an offense-dominated team, but it’s park rating is around average.

            I think Hart/Bush/Hoffman for Castro plus some throw-ins would be fair, though doubt the Padres would go for it.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            MLB Park Factors –

            2010 7th
            2009 10th
            2008 22
            2007 10th
            2006 14th
            2005 10th
            2004 18th
            2003 5th
            2002 21
            2001 8th

            Its a hitters park.

            As I have said before I believe that the Padres will ONLY deal Castro for a premium player, IF they decided to deal him (which I highly doubt) The Padres would be looking for quality in return not just a quantity of players.

          • Ageezy 5 years ago

            The brewers want MLB or MLB ready PITHCING. Not position players but pitching specifically. To get a players for a year and a half you are going to have to give up more. The Padres said they dont want a rental, so they have to know its going to be pricey. If Bush is included to help out your staff I think the Brewers would have to have Castro.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            Bush is not speculated by authoritative sources. Castro will only go for a premium player. They look at Castro as the future much like Latos this year. They (the Padres) rely on pitching and defense, I HIGHLY doubt they give up their best young pitching prospect for someone like Hart. NOT likely.

          • DTogo 5 years ago

            The Padres also have a couple 1st base prospects that they COULD be interested in?

            None of the Padres 1st prospects are not doing well at all, also they have no value. They can be a thrown in the trade and that is it.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            “None of the Padres 1st prospects are not doing well at all, also they have no value.”That is not true at all. Matt Clark has no value? Might want to go check that out. Clark does not have a stellar line by any means but he is still young player at San Antonio 18 HR with 58 RBI/ 14 doubles. Yes, his Avg. and K ratio is nothing to be excited about but he’s still young and is a PROMISING prospect. I also never said that one of the Padres 1st base prospects would bring in a haul, I said they COULD be interested in. I would say being in the top 30 in the Padres organization would merit him SOME value. With Prince being a possible trade candidate, I would imagine the Brewers should/could/will look at some first-base prospects.Again I am not saying he is a HIGH prospect by any means, but to say he has no value or none of their (the Padres) 1st base prospects are doing well at all is a bit of a reach.

          • Do you HAVE to CAPITALIZE every OTHER word to GET your POINT ACROSS.

          • marinest21 5 years ago

            Good points Mick. In addition, Cody Decker has also forced his name into the conversation for our 1B prospects by the season he is having at Lake Elsinore.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            Decker could very well become the better of the Decker boys. He is nails!

            Good add!

          • DTogo 5 years ago

            Cody Decker? Better than Jaff. This is a joke right. Cody Decker is PMac part 2.

            This tells me that none of you know anything about Padres minor league players.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            Cody Decker is having a tremendous year! His line, 23 DOUBLES, 2 triples 19HR’s! 65RBI, yeah I am sooooooooo uninformed. lol *FAIL*

            I also made a VERY general statement, if you read (pay attention) OR provide some substance to support your “argument” *LAUGHS*, which you very rarely do (NOT HARD) instead of your OBVIOUS, DESPERATE ATTEMPT to either discredit anything I have to say, seeking out my posts as usual to save face from past discussions, FAILING MISERABLY may I add! its honestly pathetic, and.. I feel ALMOST sorry for you. I NEVER said Cody was better than Jaff. What I merely said was, that Cody could very well BECOME the better player, ITS EARLY!!!!!!!

          • DTogo 5 years ago

            Paul McAnulty Cal stats 32 2b, 23HR, 85 RBI. PMac OBP is .404 and Decker is .339. PMac avg is 297 while Decker is .272. Decker is 5’11 220 pounds PMac 5’10 220 pounds. Both have a lack of speed and Decker cant even play in the OF. Both had tremendous years in a hitter league. It does not make him a good prospect. FAIL!!

            As far as Cody could be well become a better player than Jaff. I would love for you to ask that question to Baseball America, Madfriars and Baseball Prospectus because they will laugh in your face or not respond because it is such a dumb question.

          • DTogo 5 years ago

            Matt Clark are you serious? He has more strkeouts than hits two year in a row. He has a slow bat and is known for missing a ton of breaking balls. He glove has not improved at all. He is slow and his range is lacking. Like I said before he would only be a throw in a trade deal.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            “None of the Padres 1st prospects are not doing well at all, also they have no value. They can be a thrown in the trade and that is it.”I find this comment very amusing coming from the guy who said, “This tells me that none of you know anything about Padres minor league players.”I am pretty sure we all know who is OBVIOUSLY absolutely clueless! Key words like, NONE (of our 1st basemen) or have NO VALUE. LMAO what a JOKE! Nice spin. I NEVER SAID HE WAS GOING TO BE THE MAIN PROSPECT. I also AGAIN, never said that one of the Padres 1st base prospects would bring in a haul, I said they COULD be interested in (KEY WORDS, COULD). I would say being in the top 30 in the Padres organization would merit him SOME value. Its Obvious we (The Padres) have 1st base prospects (with SOME VALUE) that totally refutes your absolutely ignorant statements.

          • MoveInTheFences 5 years ago

            Adam Dunn, Mark Reynolds, Carlos Pena… What do all those players have in common? More K’s than hits. That’s one of the weakest arguments I’ve ever seen. Of course Clark isn’t worth a ton and he’s not a top prospect, but to say he has no value is a complete joke. If you think teams aren’t noticing a guy with 14 2b, 18 HR, and 59 RBI while playing in one of the hardest parks to hit in the entire minor leagues, you’re the one who has no idea what you’re talking about.

          • DTogo 5 years ago

            Adam Dunn, Mark Reynolds, Carlos Pena. Good list. Too bad their Career minor league numbers say they all have more hits that strikeouts. So next time do some research before you come with this weak crap!

          • MoveInTheFences 5 years ago

            Clark has never finished a year with more K’s than H’s. Yes, he has more K’s than H’s right now and so does Dunn, Pena, and Reynolds. Obviously that went over your head.

            He’s a career .279 .365 .491 hitter in the minor leagues
            Pena .283 .392 .508
            Reynolds .279 .360 .524

            See where I’m going with this? Probably not. You don’t seem too bright.

            Clark 1 K for every 1.04 hits
            Reynolds 1 K for every 1.05 hits
            Pena 1 K for every 1.13 hits
            Dunn 1 K for every 1.36 hits

            Get it? Yeah, I know, Probably not.

          • MoveInTheFences 5 years ago

            Fail. 134 K’s/140 H’s in 09. Maybe you should do some research before you come on here with that crap.

          • Guest 5 years ago

            LMAO you sure have a lot of screen names. Pathetic…

            5 “likes” on an article that has not been on the front page for over a day, those likes keep A coming LMAO do you need affirmation from yourself?! (classic) LMAO good luck with that!

            Yesterday I couldn’t even responded (being so laughable) seeing as it showed 1 min.. JUST 1 MIN. after your post 2 people “liked” your drivel of a comment, LMAO grow up man!

            Interesting how none of the people that click like on your comments do not have screen names.. I wonder why lol

            Hey.. at least you believe your BS.

      • jdamner 5 years ago

        Castro would need to be a part of any deal with Milwaukee. San Diego doesn’t have anything else Milwaukee wants.

        • Guest 5 years ago

          Glad you could elaborate on your Shakespearian like drop in, welcome to the discussion.

  7. jmag043 5 years ago

    I think a Hart/Bush to the padres package would be nice for both clubs. I’d probably give away Bush for a low level prospect or minor league filler if the padres would take hoffman back along with the rest of his salary plus buyout costs.

    EDIT: Hoffman is owed around 3.3MM more this year plus the buyout.

    • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

      So we pay high for a 2 month rental, a mediocre pitcher and someone who has given up his spot in our bp 2 years ago. I am sorry but that is not agood trade for either clubs, unless you want carillo, ramos, and mujica for that package.

      • Ageezy 5 years ago

        The Padres wouldnt want Hoffman if they had to pay him anything, but Hart has a year and a half on his contract so he is not a rental.

        • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

          so a career year for a player who is known to drop off second half, is worth a top 25 prospect? Padres dont want hoffman period. Yes lets bring back the icon of our team, for the last decade, back in a reduced role. Does that make sense?

          • Ageezy 5 years ago

            I dont think you guys should have Hoff at all, except if the FO wanted him as draw for the end of the year should you fall out of contetion. I would think that the Padres could sell some tickets while he is getting 600. Also, who is a top 25 prospect?

          • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

            so within the next 13 days it seems possible we will fall from 4 games up to more than enough out of contention that we need a draw like hoffman? I know you are trying to make it seem appealing to padres fans but thats just insulting to us. I have heard Castro is a top 25 prospect at the break.

            BTW i apologize , for some reason i thought Hart was A FA at the end of this year

          • Ageezy 5 years ago

            I am not trying to make him appealing to you at all. I know he is not worth much to anyone, but if he is a throw in at no cost who cares? I also dont think you will fall 4 games in the next 3 days, but anything is possible. My contention was that if he could be thrown in at no cost to you, he would be an ace in the hole if in Sept you were out of it. The trade pruposal was not mine to begin with, I would think that the trade would be just Hart, with maybe Bush to help you out short-term in the rotation.

            As for Castro, that is news to me. I saw he was mid 50s by BA at the start of the year.

          • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

            You see hoffman is a cost, whether it be salary, a roster spot or even a distraction ofr a team who even admits one of their strengths is their clubhouse atmosphere.

            Yeah i didnt expect Castro to jump that much but im looking at his stats and 2bb per9 is pretty solid for a flamethrower, i thought his issue would be wildness but i guess not.

          • Ageezy 5 years ago

            I guess, I just dont see him being a distraction, but I can see the roster spot issue though. I was just trying to throw out some positives as to why he could be usefull. I think that if the very best offer they got was Castro then I would do the deal, but from everything I have seen from the Brewers FO the wont. They are looking for pitching help for next year, and even with the big jump I dont see him helping untill June at the earliest.

          • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

            i agree with you, i dont think the brewers are desperate enough to make a trade for something lesser than Castro( based on their proposals with the giants) and the padres arent likely to give into what most believe to be too high of a price. You think the brewers are content with trying again next year without trading one of fielder or hart for much needed pitching?

          • Ageezy 5 years ago

            I think the FO is dumb enough… I do think that Fielder is as good as gone, even though the fans wont get what they want for him. He could bring back some nice chips, but for the high end guys we want, we will have to take prospects that are not MLB ready.

            Some people are falling back in love with Hart here in Wisco, but most think that he will either come back to his career numbers, or price himself out of our range. The Brewers have some guys who could take his place in the minors (because they cant play the infeild). IMO they need to move him for prospects.

            I just dont see any way they can compete next year, more likley they will look for 12-15 (Braun and Yo are signed through 15) to make a run.

          • Ageezy 5 years ago

            No worries, that was supposed to be 13 days too.

    • I just don’t think that the Padres can take Hoffman back in any potential deal. If we weren’t in contention, maybe as a farewell tour. But it would be odd to have him come back and not be the closer (or really, probably the 8th or 7th inning man either since Adams and Gregerson have done so well).

  8. Wow, while at first I’m surprised that Bell mentioned Milton Bradley the fact remains that for whatever reason the guy loved hitting in Petco and by all accounts he was not a problem in the locker room in San Diego (Bell’s wanting Bradley seems to validate those accounts).

    • and the Padres can have him at a cheap hill of eating the rest of his contract and give up nothing!

  9. Miguel Tejada? Where would he play? Move back to SS?

    • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

      He doesnt fit the MO, defense and cheap timely hitting.

  10. Bush/Hart for Sampson + Forsythe + Leubke would be a pretty decent deal IMO. Brewers get a high-ceiling arm in Sampson and 2 close to the majors pieces in Forsythe and LHSP Leubke. Maybe we add a relief arm like Scribner or Brach to the package as well.

    • I understand you feel Hart is a hot commodity. I will, and the Padres will 100% pass on that trade offer. There is no way the Padres give up 3 of their top 7 talents for Hart and a pretty horrible Dave Bush and his contract. I would much rather go after DeJesus from KC. Not as good as Hart, but much less expensive. I understand the bitterness Brewer fans have over the Linebrink trade, but NO WAY Does that happen. Plus, Sampson is not tradeable, he has not been in our system the required 1 year after signing his professional conract (thank goodness).

      • greengrove 5 years ago

        I am a Padres fan and I wouldn’t mind giving up a package similar to that for either Hart or DeJesus. And there’s a simple way to skate around the required one year stipulation… Sampson would simply have to be labeled as a “Player to be named later.”

  11. Padres are not going to get Corey Hart for nothing. He is definitly worth a pretty big return with the resume he has posted already this year including being a 2 time all star and he is a very versatile player.

    • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

      I am a little bit confused. you say his resume this year sets precedence. He has performed for 85 games at a higher than average pace. While his resume in general he seems slightly above average, never hit above at .300 or above, which he is at now but i would put 20 bucks on him not being above .300 for the season. Is he having a career year in HR and RBI? yes, is he also having it in K’s? yes. Hart is having a great first half of the season but I predict he will go back to his career norm.
      Evidence is his career OPS of right around 800, his OPS is full a 125 higher this year, seems more like a fluke rather than the norm.
      As for his versatility he is a corner outfielder nothing more, he has long since taken speed out of his game by posting 11 SB last year and a grand total of 4 this year.
      Also allstars mean nothing, he was a vote in for one and he is having a fluke year this year.

      I do think that Hart is worth something, but by no means is he worth anything you are suggesting.

      • It’s not a fluke year, it’s a good year. He is talented and before the start of the season he finally caved in and got contact lenses he really needed but didn’t believe they would help so much like they have. You have to see the ball to hit the ball. As far as stolen bases, the brewers so called manager Ken Yost or Ned Macha doesn’t like players to steal bases in front of the big bats. Corey bats 2 in the lineup, ahead of Braun and Fielder. So his sb total means nothing, put him on a club that wants him to run, he will steal 20 bases a year easily, guy can run.

        • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

          when you are outperforming your standard career numbers this far into your MLB career its considered a fluke year. If his contacts have helped so much then how come his K numbers are so high this year.
          BTW prolly a bad spot to be batting Hart in the 2 hole

          • It’s obviously a good spot to be batting because he is getting better pitches to hit. K’s will fluctuate from time to time, ask adrian gonzalez. Even with better eyesight, players are still gonna strike out, that’s the nature of a player who is trying to mash the ball every at bat trying to help his team overcome a million run deficit the starting pitching gives up. Hart’s OPS average since he has been a full time player is .835 so yeah he is higher than average there, but not a huge drastic difference. And is OBP is not over his head as he has done it before and not off the career average. All I’m trying to say is that Hart is having a great year, not super far off the norm to call it a total fluke of a season, rather a person playing to their abilities and coming into their own. He has only been a starter for 4 seasons now and has been an All-Star 2 of them.

          • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

            You just proved my point, If he is trying to mash the ball every at bat and striking out a ton he shouldn’t be in the 2 hole. A 2 hole hitter doesnt strike out that much he is on pace to crush his K high. That’s not simple “fluctuations”
            Harts a 816 OPS career not 835. A full 120+ above is a pretty drastic difference, not to consider it a fluke.
            Once again All star selections doesnt mean much, in 08 when he went to the All star game he had a 300 OBP for the year. Does that warrant an all star game?
            Im not discrediting Hart at all i just think the asking price some of you have for him is slightly delusional, its as if you are putting him on par with Braun, or other top OF. Is he good yes, is he worth what you are suggesting, not at all

          • Guest 5 years ago

            “Im not discrediting Hart at all i just think the asking price some of you have for him is slightly delusional, its as if you are putting him on par with Braun, or other top OF. Is he good yes, is he worth what you are suggesting, not at all”

            Exactly.. nailed it!

          • Ageezy 5 years ago

            @Tim Valencia,Have you seen what Doug Melvine wants for him? The Brewers will just hold onto the guy if they dont get what they want, and they should. IMO you guys are overvaluing your prospects, and maybe you should, but the fact remains that they are just prospects that could or couldnt pan out. The Brewers asking price might be crazy but they are in a good spot, if they dont like what they see they will wait till the offseason and see if they want to sign him or move him then.

          • NYMFAN29 5 years ago

            Yes your right they could wait till the off season and wait and see but i realy think this is a huge fluke year for Hart i love the guy but it’s just not normal to have a guy who has had an average of 20-25 homers a year to come out of no where and ding 22 in the first half. i rember before the start of the season there were talks between the mets and brewers for a possible Maine-Hart swap but nothing ever came of it. im just saying looking at his value from before this year and what his stock has risen to now i think it would be best of the Brewers FO shook there heads and asked themselfs “what if this is a fluke?” and get something for him insted of rolling the dice and seeing how the rest of the season plays out.

          • Ageezy 5 years ago

            I coulodnt agree more. I am just saying that from everything I have heard the FO dosnt want AA prospects. While the Padres ares set up to buil from within (I really love how you guys do it) if they want to make a run and pick up a guy in the top 5 of most offensive catigories, they are going to have to give something up.

            I think the way they are going about it is good, but if I were the Padres, I wouldnt make a move this year. More than likely they wont make the playoffs, so why give up the AA tallent the love so much. Harts price is what it is, but he will go for mlb ready pitching or a top 100 prospect(s)

          • NYMFAN29 5 years ago

            Yea i agree…do you see any team that would match the Brewers asking price? Or will they have to low ball him bit. Im a fan of the crew i just could not stand them holding on to hart and then watch him go back to his career average numbers and kicking themselfs saying “we shoulda delt him when his stock was high”. i’m just wondering do you see any fit for hart outside the Padres and Giants? and if so do you think that they could get full asking price for him.

          • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

            I don’t think anywhere i have said anything ridiculous about any of our prospects. While our prospects could or couldn’t pan out there is the same uncertainty with Hart not living up to the very high expectations he has set for this year. If the brewers are in such a good spot then why are they trying to move their strongest players for prospects. Hart’s value is at its highest right now, and they should capitalize, at the same time, they cant play the high ground and ask for the world. The brewers window for contention is closing somewhat fast, if they are comfortable standing pat, more power to them.

          • Ageezy 5 years ago

            Their window is closing fast? Their window closed the day CC left… Like I said before, they should look 12-15 as their window. Also, if you think Hart is their strongest player than I think you are mistaken he is about fifth or sixth. Having a nice year but still not one of their best.

          • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

            i was not only referring to hart but also fielder.

          • Ageezy 5 years ago

            What I ment, and maybe didnt say it clearly (?) is that the Brewers are in a good spot relative to the position they are in. They dont have to move these guys right now, they could hold onto them untill this off season. I think that the Brewers could still sign Hart to a deal, if he finishes strong this year. With Fielder, eveyone knows he is gone the only question is when. At some point the Brewers will have a couple teams intrested in him and get a decent haul for him.

          • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

            if you are already forfeiting resigning Fielder then why are you willing to trade Hart. Im confused, you seem to accept that this season is a wash and unless you pick up significant BP and starting rotation help next year will be similar. I think the price you have set for Fielder is ridiculous and wont get the “haul” you re looking for him.

          • Ageezy 5 years ago

            Notice I said decent haul, but way to mis quote me. Did I name any players I thought we could get for him? How could you possible know the price I have set for him is ridiculous? I dont think we need any BP help at all, in fact I have never mentioned it. Do think that the Brewers need rotation help for the future? Yes. I know that you think your pospects will all be future aces but they are not worth as much as you think they are, teams that want to win will pay for guys that produce. Hart and Fielder have produced this year, now wether they can do it for the next few years remains to be seen. Teams that want to make a run will pay, if you are content to sit back and see what the Padres will do with the team they have then more power to ya. If you would like to improve your team, then you are going to have to give up prospect. Teams are not just going to take your garbage for top producers, wether it be the Brewers or any other team.

          • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

            I have never said any of our prospects would be future aces. To quote a fellow padres poster, if we are going to get hart we wont be getting him for what he has done this year already but what his record says he will do for us after. Teams will pay but they wont pay a ridiculous price. The price i was referring to wasn’t yours but the rumored price of Sanchez + prospect or Bumgardner. No where have I tried to push our garbage on the brewers in any post. You have stated what the Brewers want MLB ready pitching, you seem to think that immediately means potential, Top of the rotation starters, I’m sorry but that happen at least from us. If Hart is moved it will be for a 3-5 rotation starter plus prospect(s).

      • Yeah he can play centerfield as well and just because he only stole 11 bases last year and only has 4 this year doesnt mean his speed is gone. Macha never steals with anyone and batting before Braun and Fielder it makes almost no sense to steal anyways. If you are corey hart and you make an out on the basepaths with prince or braun at bat that is bad news. You are exactly right that he will post pedestrian numbers the second half of the season which is exactly ehy he needs to be traded right now. He is at his peak value and that doesnt happen often for the brewers. He was ranked number 4 among available trade options today in SI and he is the streakiest player alive so I am all for trading him now and getting max value. If its not the padres then someone else will pay. Yeah allstars mean nothing except for when you start an all star game which granted he was an injury replacement but if thats who manuel thought was next best that must mean something.

        • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

          we have the best defensive CF playing right now. I don’t think we need him. His defense in CF doesn’t warrant his offense. As for All star manuel thought Howard was better than votto and kuo was better than latos or gregorson. At least you can admit that Hart’s regression is extremely likely, thank you.

  12. Padres_Fan_2010 5 years ago

    Padres need to make some type of deal with the Brewers and u should do this without giving up simon castro….

    Padres get:
    Corey Hart and David Bush

    Brewers get:
    Cory Luebke, Ernesto Frieri/Keyvius Sampson (either one), Matt Clark, and Luis Durango (Brewers need a Center Fielder of the future unless Gomez is)

    • Ageezy 5 years ago

      Cain is our CF of the future, he came up Friday and was 2 for 2 today. I think you are right about the Padres not wanting to give up Castro, but from the sounds of it Castro isnt what the Brewers want, and he is your best piece. Melvin wants guys that will be ready to go next year, and Castro isnt that guy. I really dont see these teams matching up, but if the Padres really want him from what Doug Melvin has said, Castro would be a start. I know it is pretty crazy, but thats what he is going to want. People say the Brewers wanted JS our Bom from SF but what they dont throw in there is they want JS and a top position prospect. Dougs asking price is too high and unless teams get into a bidding war he will hold onto him.

      • AirmanSD 5 years ago

        Its not just the Padres don’t want to give up Castro, its basically what we have heard from the GM. The Padres need controllable talent for the farm system to be successful, and they are being constructed to win in PETCO. That means good pitching and defense, you can not be trading high end pitching prospect with that formula and expect to be successful at it. Castro and Sampson are more then likely untouchable unless the Padres make a play for a young cost controlled (read pre-arb) player. Its just the reality of the situation here in SD for the foreseeable future anyways (at least until a new tv deal can be negotiated after the 2011 season). If they can’t get Hart without Castro, then Hart will not be in SD. Simple as that. I know that the Brewers believe he is worth what they are asking for, but its not happening with SD.

        • Ageezy 5 years ago

          I think you are right on. I think it is good for you guys to see what a trade this time of year is going to cost though. I dont think what the Brewers are asking for hart is crazy, but I understand wanting to keep young pitching

          • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

            I think hart for bumgardner is crazy, hart for Sasnchez not so much.

          • Ageezy 5 years ago

            Maybe on MB but you have to remember its Hart for JS+ their top position prospect.

    • Average at best prospects plus they brewers already have their cf of the future in Lorenzo Cain.

      • Ageezy 5 years ago

        We took care of Cain ten hous ago buddy, keep up.

  13. AirmanSD 5 years ago

    I think this discussion should come down to two points. What the Brewers want/will ask for, and what the Padres would determine would be a reasonable price to pay for Hart.

    For the Brewers part we know they want pitching, and as close to the show as possible. Hart is no doubt have a great season, its yet to be determined if its simply him maturing or a fluke, but the Padres are not paying for what he has done thus far this year, instead they are paying for what he will do in the future. Overall his numbers over the last three years (2007-2009) suggest that he plays the same in the 2nd half as the 1st, with a slight decrease in his numbers across the board. He has seen a massive improvement in his number from the prior two years (08-09), but his numbers are nearly the same as his 2007 numbers. The problem for the Padres is his splits are the same then as well, Hart crushed the ball at home(.415 wOBA 2007: .413 wOBA 2010), and was above average (07) to borderline star(10) on the road (.348 wOBA 2007: .381 wOBA 2010), he has improved on the road which a good sign. But its hard to say if it would translate to SD, and there simply too small of a sample to determine (10 games career in PETCO with a .206/.270/.294 with 0 HR’s in 37 PA’s). The Brewers are well within reason to ask for a blue chip prospect for Hart.

    The question becomes are they going to get it. Not from the Padres. Simply put in his numbers in pitcher’s ball parks (PETCO/ATT/Dodger/Dolphin/RFK (nationals park) were used for this, all being well known pitchers parks like Petco) over his career does not bode well for him to hit in PETCO for the Padres to pay a blue chip prospect for him. That doesn’t take anything away from Hart has a player or his value to the Brewers on the market to other teams. But for the Padres it makes little sense to give up a top prospect for someone having a great season but unsure if it will translate.

    The Padres would be improved with Hart without a doubt, and he would provide protection for Adrian, but I don’t see the Padres making the move to give up Castro or Sampson in this deal. If the Brewers can find a team to do it then good for them, but I dont see it happening with the Padres.

  14. NYMFAN29 5 years ago

    No one in the right mind wants Milton Bradley hes a complete nut job him and dukes should not have a spot on any MLB team untill it is proven they can get there acts together on and off the feild.

  15. padre44 5 years ago

    I just can’t see the Padres buying “high” on a player. Not the style of a low payroll team.

    If somehow it happens, I’d be more than happy to watch Hart play for the Friars.

    Go Padres!

  16. $3081341 5 years ago

    Get 2 bats while your at it. 1 for the OF, 1 for the inf. Guys like DeJesus, Hart, Bautista, & Willingham make a TON of sense. Wigginton, Uggla, Kelly Johnson at 2nd or maybe Drew, Guzman, Wiggy, or Alex Gonzalez at SS.

    • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

      trying to gut the farm system? I know Hoyer is going to set precedent for what he does at the trade deadline from now on but i highly doubt anything near that occurs

  17. bobskube 5 years ago

    ummm………..bitter over what? We gave up nothing in the Linebrink trade. I’ll take the comp pick, and the 2nd rounder over the stiffs you got.

    As far as the potential hart deal, I would take Sampson and another decent prospect. The Brewers liked Sampson before last year’s draft, so I think something could be built around him.

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