Rosenthal On Dunn, Carmona, White Sox

Tweets from Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, with the latest up top…

  • The Yankees are out on Adam Dunn for now.  Joel Sherman of the New York Post cites several reasons the Yanks cooled on him. 
  • Rosenthal's source puts the Indians' chances of trading Fausto Carmona at one in a million.  Though the Indians are listening, they don't expect to receive a suitable offer.  Carmona, whose ERA jumped from 3.51 to 3.92 after yesterday's disaster, can be controlled through 2014 given his rare three-option contract.
  • Despite Jorge Posada's sore knee, the Yankees are unlikely to pursue a catcher. 
  • The White Sox are exploring hitters other than Dunn, and not all left-handed bats.  With an open DH spot, the Sox have flexibility to take almost any bat.  Rosenthal says they also seek a mid-rotation starter.

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  1. greggpf 5 years ago

    If Posada is hurting why not call up “super prospect”, Jesus Montero? I guess it starts the clock from an option perspective but if they are looking at the possibility of trading for a catcher it seems like a decent gamble.

    • aap212 5 years ago

      He just started raking in Triple-A a few weeks ago. I would leave him be for a little while, even aside from his deficiencies as a catcher.

    • Mike Dale 5 years ago

      Either though he’s raking right now, you’d have to think at the MLB level he’d be low man on the totem pole. Cervelli would catch most days.
      The Yankees need/want Montero to be behind the dish everyday right now to help him grow as a catcher and he can’t do that at the MLB level this season.

    • drew6 5 years ago

      Better dont rush Montero

  2. Abraham Zapruder 5 years ago

    The W. Sox have a weak Farm System. It’s going to be very difficult to get anyone unless the the other team is just dumping $.

  3. kldhca 5 years ago

    I think it is less about the clock and more about exposing him as a defensive liability, they would have everything to lose especially if he is overpowered at the plate

  4. jlk9697 5 years ago

    Two thoughts as a Pirate fan:

    Ryan Doumit to the Yankees – I think we’d take a very marginal return on Doumit right now, and he offers a bit of upside for the Yankees at catcher and a placeholder until Montero is ready.

    Paul Maholm and Garrett Jones to the White Sox – This would require alot for the Pirates to part with. Maholm’s a solid mid-rotation starter that’ll get you innings and keep you in the game. He’s on a pretty team-friendly contract for the next two season. Jones is a decent LH bat (786 OPS this season) that can play 1st or RF, costs virtually nothing, and is controlled for another 4 years.

    Thoughts Yanks, ChiSox fans?

    • Jonathan Gallo 5 years ago

      I like Doumit. Right now Cervelli is playing over his head. He has no power, and he to me is no more than a .250 hitter.
      I’d trade for Doumit, but what would the Pirates ask for?

    • foxtown 5 years ago

      As a Sox fan, I’m not sure a 786 OPS at 1B or RF will do us any good.

      • evenyoudorn 5 years ago

        Well, compared to .710 or whatever we can reasonably expect from Kotsay or Jones the rest of the year… Plus it’s another possible PK replacement/leverage chip.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      As a whitesox fan I would do that deal in a heart beat. Well, actually I would work a deal for paul malhom and then maybe try to get jones. Malholm is a good middle rotation innings eater which is exactly what the whitesox need right now. If you give up hudson its fine because Paul is pretty young and under contract. So its almost a win win for each team. Hudson is young cheap and good, and probably would do better in the NL, he isa good pitching piece to build around. As for Jones, I would only go after him as a whitesox fan if we could not get jose bautista first. Either way its good if we get jose bats, he plays 3rd, and send mark teahan to the promise land and then we dont have to worry about 3rd for a few years. Plus he would destory in the cell, considering what he is done in Canada, the cell is a smaller more hitter friendly park than he normally plays in. I could easily see him as a consistant 30-40 home run threat and he is not fat or slow like most 30-40Hr guys are. ALso he could play Right and let carlos be the full time DH…..Jones would be nice though as a PK replacement(possibly resign him to DH here next season and continue to let vicedio get more time at 3rd)…plus he is a young left handed power bat the sox could build with…Paul for sure and jones only if we cant get bautista

      Plus you could have to figure that the buckos would be getting Hudson, flowers, and probably jordan danks or another minor leaguer…If Vicedio can prove he can play even mediocre defense at 3rd, brent morell has no place on this roster so he could even be moved…but i would rather see..

      Hudson and flowers+one more mid level pitcher for paul malholm

      and Brent Morell and some pitching and/or out field prospects(danks) for jose bats..

  5. aap212 5 years ago

    If Rosenthal’s source wants to give me those odds on Carmona, I’ll happily bet a dollar he gets traded.

    • sportsnut969 5 years ago

      I totally agree I would bet if they were to get the right pieces back they would even trade him within the division if the Tigers , White Sox or Twins were interested.

      I would bet that as srapped for cash as the Dolans are right now you could get Carmona for near nothing if you agreed to take Hafner and his contract also a couple of low ar Hi A position player would most likely get that deal done. One could hope :)

  6. SaveMeJebus 5 years ago

    I’m glad to hear Kenny Williams is looking under every stone for a DH. The asking price of Hudon plus Viciedo is too much to sacrifice for two months of Adam Dunn. Realistically, how many games out of the next 60 would Dunn win for the Sox? Not enough to give up years of future performance with these young guys.

    • evenyoudorn 5 years ago

      Those two comp picks would really help out our crappy farm system, though. Problem is, Kenny never lets anyone go until they’re Type J…Two months of Dunn, plus possible playoffs, plus either a) extension or b) two compensatory picks for Hudson (ouch) and Viciedo (mainly projection). I’m down.

      • SaveMeJebus 5 years ago

        If the ChiSox could extend Dunn, it would make the deal more palatable for me. I would still hate to give up Viciedo, though. Although he makes Teahan look good in the field, he really hits the ball hard. I think he is going to be a dangerous hitter in the next couple of years.

  7. Jonathan Gallo 5 years ago

    I would consider trading Montero for Adam Dunn.
    At the end of the season you can offer Dunn arbitration and get him to either sign or get a 1st rounder…it’s a win-win.

  8. ctownboy 5 years ago

    Could someone tell me WHY the Yankees are interested in Adam “one tool” Dunn?

    Buster Olney says they are looking for a Right Handed batter and a guy who can play Third Base. Dunn is a Left Handed batter and has NEVER palyed Third Base. So there are two reasons Dunn doesn’t fit with the Yankees.

    Dunn doesn’t play Center Field, so that is out.

    As a Left Fielder, Dunn was HORRIBLE on Defense so whatever upgrade offensively he might be there it is reduced by the bad D.

    As a Right Fielder his D makes even less sense and that is because of his weak and innacurate throwing arm.

    First Base? Why? Teixeira is already there and he is a Gold Glove winner. Putting Dunn at First and moving Tex to DH makes NO sense.

    DH. Dunn has already said he does NOT want to be a DH. That is a very LARGE reason why NO AL team went after Dunn when he was a Free Agent after the 2008 season. Plus, with A Rod, Jeter and Posada, the Yankees already have three older players who can DH at least four times a week. So what good would it be for Dunn to DH two or three times a week and sit the bench the other games?

    Oh yeah, then there is the pressure of playing in New York. Look at his history and you will find Dunn folds under pressure. Reggie Jackson LOVED the pressure and thrived on it. Dunn, he folds like a cheap tent.

    The Nationals are supposedly looking for a huge haul for Dunn (who is a rental player) and with the Yankees already in First Place, why would they give up a lot for an incremental (at best) improvement in the team?

    No, I think the Yankees are “showing” interest in hopes the Red Sox will trade for him.

    The Red Sox need an Outfielder and need some offense. Dunn loosely fits those terms. So, if the Yankees can bait the Red SOx into getting Dunn and paying a lot to get him, they are better off for it.

    Dunn doesn’t hit Left Handed pitching very well and geuss what? The Yankees have Sabathia and Pettite in their starting rotation.

    Dunn doesn’t swing at outside pitches and doesn’t hit the ball to the opposite field, so putting him in Fenway with the Green Monster would not help the Red Sox like some other Left Handed hitters would. Also, since Dunn has basically been a pull hitter since 2003, if he were with the Red Sox and tried to change his approach at the plate NOW, it would REALLY screw his swing up.

    So, if the Yankees want an ex-Reds player who hits Right Handed and can play Third Base (and DH a few Games), they should go after Edwin Encarnacion. Yea, he isn’t much but then again, he would fill a few holes while not costing much to get, unlike Dunn.

    • Jonathan Gallo 5 years ago

      DH him, not a huge fan of having a rotating DH. Thames and Cervelli are not starters.
      I don’t care what he said in the past he is one of the worst fielders in baseball and you you complain if you were added to the Yankee lineup?

      • ctownboy 5 years ago

        Whether you like a rotating DH or not THAT is the corner the Yankees have painted themselves into.

        A Rod is 35, is tainted with the steroid scandal, has a HUGE contract (that no other team would want to take on) and has a hip problem.

        Jeter is 36, plays Short Stop and needs more rest than he used to. Oh yeah, I REALLY doubt the Yankees are going to dump him soon.

        Posada is 37, a starting Catcher, has injury problems and, like Jeter and Rivera, is unlikely to be dumped by the Yankees anytime soon.

        So no, the Yankees do not NEED another guy who is a DH and who they would have to give up young players to acquire.

        • Jonathan Gallo 5 years ago

          Dunn would only be a rental. Jeter and A-Rod can pretty much play everyday. The first priority is really to upgrade the Yankees back up infielder (I hate Ramiro Pena) Posada is more of a problem, but Adam Dunn is Adam freaking Dunn.

          • ctownboy 5 years ago

            Yes, Adam Dunn IS Adam freaking Dunn; a HORRIBLE defensive Outfielder who doesn’t play Third Base, Short Stop or Catcher, who isn’t going to knock Teixeira off of First Base and who isn’t worth giving up Joba Chamberlain and a couple of Minor League players to be a DH for two or three Games a week for the next two months.

            You don’t think the Nationals wouldn’t ask for somebody like Joba for Dunn, think again. They asked the White Sox for Gordon Beckham straight up for Dunn. When told no, they then asked for two of the White Sox top prospects and another player.

            As far as the Yankees go, Adam Dunn answers a question that isn’t even being asked. In short, he is a player that doesn’t fit in the Outfield, at Third, Short, First or Catcher, who doesn’t want to be a DH and who with A Rod, Jeter and Posada wouldn’t get enough time at DH and who would cost a bundle to acquire for only two months time.

          • Jonathan Gallo 5 years ago

            I’d consider trading Montero.
            He’d be the full time DH.

          • jwsox 5 years ago

            Dunn would destory at yankee stadium though, and adding him to that line up would almost for sure hand them the world series….think about it….tex-arod-dunn-cano-swisher-granderson(against rightys) SCARY

          • Why wouldn’t Dunn DH every day? again he has indicated he doesn’t want to DH, but that is in terms of the future, he has never said he won’t do it for the rest of this season. He might not resign with a team that want sign with a team that wants him to DH but he has never said he won’t do it. He might be a horrible defender but he also is one of the best hitters…not really sure how you are getting around that detail.

            Dunn is absolutely worth a top prospect, and there is no way around that.

          • Why wouldn’t Dunn DH every day? again he has indicated he doesn’t want to DH, but that is in terms of the future, he has never said he won’t do it for the rest of this season. He might not resign with a team that want sign with a team that wants him to DH but he has never said he won’t do it. He might be a horrible defender but he also is one of the best hitters…not really sure how you are getting around that detail.

            Dunn is absolutely worth a top prospect, and there is no way around that.

    • Wow I don’t understand this other than the fact you are upset the Reds got nothing in return for Dunn, b/c i don’t see much here that is correct:

      Dunn has said that he prefers to stay in the field and that is the reason why he rededicated himself to learning 1B this season and become a solid defender (seems like it worked). He might be unwilling to sign long term with a team that wants to DH all the time, but he has never said he won’t play for a team.

      Dunn doesn’t thrive against LHP but a career OPS of .826 OPS is hardly horrible (down a bit this year but still above .800).

      As for Dunn swinging out outside pitches you are partially correct ESPN Hitting zones, says he doesn’t chase outside pitches, but in terms of hitting on the outer half of the plate he has a .352 and .302 average in the top two zones.

      As for being a strictly pull hitter 46% of his ball put in play go to left or center, while that might be slightly higher than most power hitters, i wouldn’t say he is ‘basically a pull hitter’. Not to mention 6 of his 23 homeruns are in the left half of the diamond, and all of his homeruns are 350 feet or longer so we aren’t talking a bunch of cheap ones. That power plays in ever park, and Dunn would be knocking plenty of balls off the monster if the Red Sox did go for him (don’t think they will).

      The Yankees want to add a big bat and Dunn is the best one available not named Fielder.

      • ctownboy 5 years ago

        Dunn “rededicated” himself to playing First Base because it is a contract year. If you don’t think that is true, go back and look at what happened with the Reds in Spring Training of 2006. Dunn COULD have been a First Baseman since then but he CHOSE not to be. NOW he is doing it because he knows teams DO NOT WANT HIM as an Outfielder and if he can be seen as a First Baseman then it increases the number of teams who would be possibly interested in him as a Free Agent.

        As far as his swinging at pitches over the outer third of the plate and hitting the ball to the opposite field, go back to 2001 and 2002 and then compare what he did those two years to what he has done since then. Since 2003, Dunn has been a PULL HITTER. Over 90% of his Home Runs have been hit to the right of dead Center Field. Also, just watch how teams play him and you will see they put the infield shift on when he is At Bat. Teams are GIVING him Hits (if he wants them) but he refuses to take what they are offering.

        Ryan Howard hits a similiar number of Home Runs as Dunn, Strikes Out as much or more than Dunn and Walks fewer timss than Dunn yet yearly drives in 30 or more RBI’s. Why? Because he has figured out that with men on base opposing pitchers are going to throw him pitches over the outer third of the plate and take their chances. That is why when you look at his Home Run chart, about 60% of them go to the opposite field.

        Howard changes his approach at the plate and takes what opposing pitchers give him while Dunn never changes his approach. With Dunn it is ALWAYS “look for a Fast Ball between the upper thigh and the belt on the inner part of the plate to try and pull”. No matter whether at home or away, against a Right Handed or Left Handed pitcher, early or late in the game, with men on or not.

        As far as not getting enough for Dunn in trade that is ALL on Bob Ca$htellini’s head. The Reds could have gotten more for Dunn in 2006 or 2007 than they did in 2008 and I am SURE Wayne Krivsky, who came from the Minnesota Twins organization, tried to but banana Bob kept Dunn because of the HYPE he could generate with him.

        • Maybe if you tried using Prince Fielder but I hate to break it to you but Howard put just as many balls in play to the left side or up the middle as Dunn does. As for the RBI’s I think a lot of that has to do with the quality of hitters ahead of him, Howard has far more RBI opportunities than Dunn. You are right that a few more HR’s go to the left of center, but they have the exact same number of HR’s so it isn’t as though Howard’s numbers are better b/c he uses ‘more of the field’. Also Howard chases more pitches away than Dunn, which would further indicate that he doesn’t do well on the outside of the plate. Teams use the shift on Howard just as much as they do on Dunn, Ortiz ect. The shift has been around for left handed hitters since Ted Williams, are we going to start knocking him as well?

          So you are criticizing him for wanting to be a better first baseman to get a job? Compare that to the NUMEROUS players who never work on their deficiencies ? and I’ll take Dunn every time.

          The Nationals should ask a lot for Dunn, power numbers are down across the league, he is the best power hitter available and he won’t come at a prohibitive price (a la Fielder). Other top rental players Lee, Holliday, Sabathia ect. garnered a top 10-15 prospect and one other quality guy, plus some additional pieces. Now exactly how good the filler was, or the additional quality player changed in ever circumstance (based on money, just how good the player was, need ect.) but it shows the Nats have a right to ask for a quality prospect.

          Dunn might not be on that level, but he isn’t too far off (if you evaluate his bat as a DH you are talking a 4.0+ WAR player) so I don’t think it is crazy for them to look for a top 25-50 talent or multiple lower guys (like Hudson-Flowers). The problem with the Yankees is outside of Montero they don’t have guys who fit that bill (especially guys who are near M.L. ready, i.e. what the Nats are looking for). So I’m not sure if they can get a deal done, since the Nats would need to accept lower guys.

  9. ctownboy 5 years ago

    If the Yankees want a veteran Left Handed hitter who can DH, why don’t they just go out and get Bobby Abreu or Hideki Matsui? Both of those guys are ex-Yankees so they KNOW what it is like to play for the team, play in New York and I am sure the Angels would be happy to dump some salary.

    • Jonathan Gallo 5 years ago

      I don’t think the Yankees are actively searching for a DH, but I think Dunn is an exception to the rule. Dunn can hit 40 HRs, Abreu and Matsui can’t.

  10. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 5 years ago

    I had a dream the Padres traded for Dunn and he played a decent left field …. Then I woke up – Adrain an Dunn back to back would be sick but would never happen =(

  11. gigantes2425 5 years ago

    i would like the giants to aggressively pursue dunn. i think he’d be better if you had huff or posey behind him.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      your acting like dunn has never had good if not great hitters around him…the reds he had ken griffey jr around him when ken would still scare teams, now he has josh willingham(under rated if you ask me) and ryan freaking zimmerman…he has hitters around him, its just the fact that he does not play defense at all. He has raised his game from the single worst 1st basemen to one of the worst first basemen, and all he does is walk and hit for home runs THATS IT, some teams look at that and say “well we do have other good all round hitters on our team that can run and get on base so why not add a deep ball threat”

      • gigantes2425 5 years ago

        yeah. but if you look at the way huff and posey have been playing. not only will they get better pitches to hit, but so will dunn. this is why people say a batter like dunn makes a lineup better. do you get it?

  12. Yankeeboy11 5 years ago


  13. ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

    cmon dodgers, kick the tires for carmona or even myers. we gotta do something.

    • sportsnut969 5 years ago

      For Carmona under team control at a very reasonable amount through 2014 + cash to cover the rest of this seasons pay about 2.5 mil the Dodgers would need to make a offer of at least.

      Ethan Martin or Chris Withrow + Jerry Sands & Trayvon Robinson


  14. Yankeeboy11 5 years ago

    I wouldn’t mind getting Abreu or Matsui back. I think they’d help more out then being on the Angels.

  15. Paradise17 5 years ago

    hey Kenny Williams….if you dont get Dunn how about LaRoche/Kelly Johnson and Edwin jackson. Fills both needs.

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