Elias Rankings Update

After the season the Elias Sports Bureau will take all players over the 2009-10 period, divide them into five groups for each league, and rank them based on various statistics.  Then each player will be labeled a Type A, B, or none.  Those designations and the possible accompanying arbitration offers determine draft pick compensation (click here for a refresher).

Eddie Bajek has reverse-engineered the Elias rankings, and he's providing that information exclusively at MLB Trade Rumors.  Here's a look at how the players rank for the period beginning with the 2009 season running through August 31st, 2010.  The Google spreadsheet below has separate tabs for each position group.  You can also go directly to the Google spreadsheet here and download it in Excel here.  Our last set of Elias projections is here, in case you want to see what changed.

A few special notes from Eddie this week.  He had to enter rosters by hand, so please leave a comment if you find an error.  Anyone not on an active roster or the disabled list by August 31st is ineligible – Brad Hawpe is one such example.  Also, Eddie included extra tabs for NL 1B and NL OF this week showing how the calculations are done for those groups.

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  1. comegys 5 years ago

    Thanks as always for the update. Please bold Hiroki Kuroda who will be a free agent as well. Thanks.

  2. Piccamo 5 years ago

    Koji Uehara is listed with italics, which indicates he’s a free agent with an option, but his contract has no such option.

  3. Phil Hughes is listed as a RP despite being a starter all year. Chances are his score would be significantly better as a starter than the 70.1 it is as a reliever.

  4. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    I hope John Buck gets to Type A by the end of the season.

    • Piccamo 5 years ago

      Why? There’s less chance of him declining arbitration or of another club signing him if he gets Type A. I think it’s best for the Blue Jays and for Buck if he only sits at Type B.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        Fair point. I guess if they can get another Aaron Sanchez they will be quite happy.

  5. Twinseatingtigers 5 years ago

    I notice Joe Nathan on there. And he hasn’t played all year. But I guess I only sort of understand this thing.

    • All players on an active roster or disabled list on 8/31 are eligible.

      • Magglio doesn’t drop from Type A status while he spends another half season on the DL, but Damon’s toiling away and dropping down on the B list. I can’t see the Tigers offering arby to either one, but Ordonez may be back at about half price for a year.

  6. thebigZ 5 years ago

    Brad Hawpe was added to their active roster before midnight on 8/31 so he would be post-season eligible so shouldn’t he be included in these rankings?

    Also, none of the Japanese free agents should be in bold unless they have 6 years of service time because they are not the type of ML free agents that can get you compensation.

    • Nope… he was called up 9/1… If you don’t believe me, who did they send down to make room and keep the roster under 25? There’s your easy check.

      That said, he’s still eligible for the postseason so long as there is a DL’ed position player when the playoffs come around, but that’s a discussion for another day.

    • Also, some of the Japanese players have clauses that allow them to be regular free agents. It’s tricky.

      • thebigZ 5 years ago

        Immediately after the Rays game on 8/31 and before midnight, they selected Hawpe to their roster and optioned Sonnanstine down.

        Regarding the Japanese players, it has nothing to do with their contracts. It’s in the CBA that they must have 6 years of ML service to have comp. It’s clearly written in Article XX(B)(4) of the Basic Agreement.

      • Kuroda has a clause that makes him a free agent when this contract is done.

        • thebigZ 5 years ago

          That’s correct but he won’t be a XXB free agent because he doesn’t have 6 years of ML service time. No XXB free agent, no compensation.

          • Uehara has a clause that states he is XX(B) free agent at the conclusion of the contract. Kuroda does not.

  7. coolstorybro222 5 years ago

    Heyward’s a type b and yet he isn’t a super 2 yet?

  8. Cristian Guzman was on the DL for the Rangers on 8/31 but no longer appears in the rankings. He couldn’t have been so bad he fell completely off the rankings….could he?

    • Error in the output… Blame BBR and Cbssportsline for not naming Steve Tollison the same (or me for poor programming).

      Either way, Guzman is No Type, 46.753

  9. Ummm.. why is Francisco Rodriguez (LAA) listed as a type A? I could see Francisco Rodriguez (Mets) being a type A, but not the other Francisco Rodriguez (Angels).

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