Free Agent Stock Watch: Kerry Wood

Kerry Wood signed a $20.5MM deal the last time he hit free agency, and though he isn't likely to sign for nearly as much this offseason, his stint in the Bronx has strengthened his free agent case. Wood arrived in New York after an injury-filled first half that saw him post a 6.30 ERA in 20 innings, but he has pitched better since joining the Yankees. It probably won't be enough for GM Brian Cashman to pick up the $11MM option the Yankees have for Wood in 2011, so the right-hander will likely be a free agent.

In 23 innings with his new team, Wood has allowed 13 walks and 13 hits with 26 strikeouts for a sparkling 0.39 ERA. His control is still suspect, but the strikeouts are there and Wood has been hard to hit. It was more than 12 years ago that Wood pitched his one-hit, 20 strikeout shutout, but the former first rounder is still just 33. 

Wood projects to be a Type B free agent, which means he won't cost teams a draft pick, even if the Yankees offer arbitration. The Red Sox were interested in Wood at the trade deadline and though they may prioritize left-handed relievers this winter, they could have interest once again. The D'Backs, Angels and Blue Jays are among the many teams that could be looking for veteran right-handed relievers this offseason.

Wood's strong second half and history of dominant performances should interest multiple teams, but his history of elbow, shoulder and triceps injuries will likely make those clubs reluctant to commit for more than a season. A one-year deal worth $5-6MM seems like a reasonable target for Wood this winter.

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  1. Yankees will bring him back. They need the bullpen help, and he’s been the only solid outside of Rivera this year.

  2. The Chicago press and fans sure were hard on Jim Hendry for letting Wood walk and trading DeRosa away after 2008, but after they put up a combined 2.0 WAR for $32 million in the intervening years, I’m thinking even the radio call-in jerks are happier with Chris Archer, a couple of other arms for the bullpen, and a boatload of savings. (Pity they didn’t spend that $30-ish mil better, but that’s another conversation.)

  3. Fangaffes 5 years ago

    The Red Sox could certainly use Wood next year to pad out their DL.

  4. Wouldnt mind seeing Kid-K back in Chicago blue. Would really help management patch things up with the fanbase.

    • i just don’t ever see that happening. especially since the ricketts wont spend that kind of money on a pitcher who is prone to being on the DL way to much. how would they get their money back from this investment if they brought him back for say 15mil for 2years and he spends 1.5 yrs on the DL. yhea sure i’d like to see them bring him back to as i’m a die-hard cubs fan myself and i’ve liked kerry ever since he broke into the majors with the cubs but i just don’t think they will take a cchance on him if he is available.

  5. Wood for the Angels next season.

  6. moonraker45 5 years ago

    Its hilarious how being a type A could actually cost you a lot of money and interest from teams.

  7. dawgpaddlez 5 years ago

    mets..closer if k-rod isnt there..dominant set-up man they need if not..too cheap though will never happen

  8. The_Porcupine 5 years ago

    Wood should go somewhere where he can be part of a closer by committe or to a team where he can compete with someone else for the role. You can’t expect him to be the main guy though. He could consider signing as a set up man, but few teams will be willing to give big money to a set up man. I would like to see him go to the Astros and compete with Lindstrom and Lyons, but they realistically have other needs to put money towards. Otherwise, I expect him to resign with the Yanks and ultimately disappoint them (which bullpen arm have they spent money on has worked out in the last 6 years?).

  9. $5 or $6 million? Wow, considering that Wood isn’t even closing, and frankly doesn’t have much of a resume even when he was, I think $2.5 – $3 million would be more realistic. Wood at 33 is on the back end of his career now, he can be a good 7th – 8th inning guy for someone, but that’s about it to me.

  10. wood and his wife has been looking at seveRal pRivate schools in chicago foR thEiR daughteR foR 2011

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