Yankees Designate Chad Huffman For Assignment

The Yankees designated Chad Huffman for assignment to create roster space for Royce Ring, according to Chad Jennings of the Journal News (on Twitter). Huffman, 25, didn't do much in 21 big league plate appearances back in June and July, but he has a solid minor league resume. He hit .274/.353/.410 at Triple A this year, posting an OPS under .800 for the first time in his five-year minor league career. Huffman has mostly played in left, but he can play first base, too.

Ring, 29, last appeared in the majors in 2008. Like Huffman, he spent most of the season at Triple A. The lefty pitched well, posting a 1.93 ERA with 8.4 K/9 and 2.4 BB/9 out of the bullpen.

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  1. Tacho Bill 5 years ago

    Hello Pirates.

  2. GriffeyandSizemore 5 years ago

    Finally the Yankee’s call up Ring i’ve been waiting for him he has done great in AAA and deserves some big league time.

  3. Backup_Slider 5 years ago

    The Dolphins should sign Huffman to be their 3rd string quarterback.

  4. fisk72 5 years ago

    Former White Sox first round pick. Thought he’d be selling aluminum siding by now.

  5. Slopeboy 5 years ago

    Hopefully Ring has matured and can compete next year.

  6. LinusPauling 5 years ago

    Towers is all over this move again. The Yankees keep recycling Padres players. Huffman didn’t pan out, let’s try Ring.

  7. Montero1220 5 years ago

    Way to use Royce Ring in tonight’s game against Dan Johnson, Joe Girardi!

    I swear if Joe leaves the Yankees for another manager position, he won’t be missed. He has no strategy whatsoever in close games. Stupid moves like letting Hughsie pitch to DJ are the moves that have cost the Yanks at least a dozen victories. He’s just a terrible manager. Lost the all-star game with a really good AL team.


  8. Sleepykarl 5 years ago

    Hey Ring is apart of Team USA, he demands respect.

    • Lefties have a career .671 OPS against him, that demands respect. He gets destroyed by righties, but how he hasn’t become a big part of some team’s bullpen is beyond me.

  9. Slopeboy 5 years ago

    The signing of Ring is an example Yankee money at it’s best use. Everyone always think of NY and their huge payroll and how they buy big time FA’s and championships. What they don’t see is how the Yanks utilize their cash to get bargains that sometime help them win. They scout well and sometimes take chances that other teams cannot afford or are not willing to take on players with high potential, who have not yet panned out… Aaron Small, Brian Bruney, Micheal Golson, Dustin Mosely, Chad Huffman to site a few. These guys had big expectations when signed,and it did not work for their original teams and NY picked them up. They put them in their minor league system and are able reap the rewards when they put it altogether. Granted, there have been plenty of times when things have not worked out, but that’s the gamble you take. The Yanks are able to pay these guys and can afford to be wrong without having to worry about revenue. Oftentimes they’re not on the team for long, but if they contribute to winning, that’s all that matters to NY and adds to the Yankees mystique.

    • Most of these guys are making the league minimum, and every team can afford that. Its a simple matter of whether they’re willing to take a flier.

  10. Joe Girardi, just for you as a going away gift if you leave-we will send along with you Marte and Mitre.

    Sorry you had to go through that Hughesie. JG didn’t see how tired you wer and Dan J was sitting dead red. I hope we get a good bullpen+lineup manager not named Tony La Russa.

  11. Slopeboy 5 years ago

    You’re doing what I prefaced at the start of my post. Focusing on the big payroll and forgetting the rest.Yes NY has big money players, but take A-Rod, Jeter, Posada, Burnett ,Teixiera and Sabathia out and you have the Tigers payroll more or less. Detroit had the same opportunites as NY on these type of signings, but chose to go in another direction. I’ll remind you that the Tigers signed Damon, when the Yankees decided not to pay his price. I’m sure that they’ll pick up Miggy’s contract when its time. And I doubt they’re going to let Ordonez walk away.So spare me the’small market ‘ excuse. As I said, the Yankees have lots of money, no doubt , but it’s not always the big ticket item that contributes to their winning ways. Its winning that brings in the money more than anything else.

  12. Slopeboy 5 years ago

    The last post was to JacksTigers

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