Yankees To Continue Pushing For Lilly?

The Yankees "will continue to push to make a deal" for Dodgers lefty Ted Lilly, according to Mark Feinsand, Bill Madden, Anthony McCarron, and Roger Rubin of the New York Daily News.  Furthermore, the writers say the Yankees "believe there is a loophole that because they were awarded the claim before the first of the month, they could use Lilly on their postseason roster."

Joe Pawlikowski of River Ave. Blues can't find evidence of this loophole, nor could ESPN's Keith Law or a big league executive with which Law spoke.  Aside from postseason eligibility, is it plausible for the Yankees to acquire Lilly for the rest of the regular season?  Can the Dodgers place Lilly on waivers again, even after pulling him back the first time the Yankees won the claim?

According to The Biz of Baseball, "Once a player on major league waivers has been claimed and the waiver request revoked, any subsequent request for major league waivers during the same waiver period is irrevocable."  In other words, if the Dodgers put Lilly on waivers again they cannot pull him back if he's claimed.  If the Dodgers had purely financial motives, they could hope the Yankees or another team claims Lilly, allowing the Dodgers to save over $2MM and also keep the $2.5MM sent by the Cubs.  Such a transfer would be one of the bigger September transactions in recent memory.  Still, it's possible the Dodgers simply have no intention of moving Lilly, as ESPN's Wallace Matthews suggests.  ESPN's Buster Olney tweets that the Yankees' original claim of Lilly "never had any traction."

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