Free Agent Stock Watch: Pedro Feliciano

Quality left-handed relievers are always a hot commodity (perhaps even over-valued) on the free agent market, and one of the best available this winter is former Fukuoka SoftBank Hawk Pedro Feliciano. Let's review his stock…

The Good

  • Feliciano's an absolute workhorse, leading the league in appearances in each of the last three seasons. He's also appeared in more games each successive year, topping out at 92 this year.
  • As you'd expect, he's been excellent against left-handed batters, holding them to a .212/.271/.310 batting line with 9.6 K/9 and 2.1 BB/9 over the last three years.
  • Although he was offered arbitration, Feliciano is just a Type-B free agent, so it will not cost a draft pick to sign him. 

The Bad

  • Feliciano will turn 35 next summer, so all of those appearances could catch up to him in the not-too-distant future.
  • He's strictly a lefty specialist; right-handers have tagged him for a .325/.420/.474 batting line over the last three seasons with nearly as many walks (50) as strikeouts (55).
  • Feliciano has historically been homer prone. He allowed seven long balls in both 2008 and 2009 (1.1 HR/9) before surrendering just one in 2010 (0.1 HR/9).
  • Feliciano wanted a multiyear contract extension from the Mets in 2009, so chances are he's still seeking a deal that will guarantee him more than one year.

The Verdict

Feliciano is one of those free agents that you could see fitting with all 30 teams. He's been one of the best lefty relievers in baseball over the last few years, but he doesn't offer much flexibility and is no spring chicken. Feliciano represents a nice alternative to teams scared by the asking price of Scott Downs or Brian Fuentes, so he should have his pick from several offers.

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12 Comments on "Free Agent Stock Watch: Pedro Feliciano"

4 years 9 months ago

I think he’d do great for the Yankees. Especially with the short porch in right. If/When the Yankees sign Cliff Lee, it wouldn’t matter if they gave up a pick to sign Pedro.

4 years 9 months ago

He doesn’t cost a pick, hes a Type-B.

4 years 9 months ago

What part of “Feliciano is one of those free agents that you could see fitting with all 30 teams” don’t you understand?

4 years 9 months ago

I certainly do understand it dude. I just think he fits better with some teams than others.

4 years 9 months ago

As a Mets fan, I’ve always had a soft spot for Pedro. Hes been incredibly durable and absolutely dominant vs opposing lefties. Teams just have to be wary of forcing him into a crossover reliever role; hes developed a change-up recently, but hes still not good enough to face righties on a consistent basis, and never will be. But any team with a halfway competent manager shouldn’t have an issue with that. Being a Type-B is a huge plus too, as a team would be crazy to yield an early round pick for a LOOGY, if he were a Type-A.

4 years 9 months ago

Would be a great pick up for any contending team. NY, Boston, Philadelphia and Detroit would all be good landing spots for him.

Pretty deep relief market this year as a whole. Being a type B might allow him to sign before a team signs someone like Downs. Downs will end up going to a team that signs a bigger FA cause i just dont see a team giving up a high draft pick to bring him in.

Guys like Feliciano and JC Romero are nice options for teams looking for value

4 years 9 months ago

Whereever he goes I’m gonna miss’em. He owes nothing to the Mets and while I hate to see them lose him to a very tight payroll there are more pressing needs even if the ’11 team is as dismal as ’10.

4 years 9 months ago

his arm is about to fall off. he needs to cash in now. yanks is a nice option

4 years 9 months ago

I agree, Pedro would be a good fit for the Yanks. 2/6 or 2/7 .

4 years 9 months ago

Please don’t go the the Phillies or Yankees, we love you too much.

4 years 9 months ago

Pedro is great. but we need the sandwhich pick. let him leave Queens. thanks for dominiating Utley and Howard in big spots

4 years 9 months ago

while Feliciano has been great, the need for that sandwich pick is greater. Given how little money the Mets have to spend, spending 4 mil on a loogy, even if he’s the best loogy in the game, is not very smart.