Giants Focused On Finding A Shortstop

Now that the Giants have re-signed Aubrey Huff, they are focusing on finding a shortstop, according to Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle. They have serious interest in re-signing Juan Uribe, but GM Brian Sabean will also consider trades.

The Giants really wants Diamondbacks shortstop Stephen Drew, according to Schulman, who reports that Arizona GM Kevin Towers will not deal him. Alternatively, Jose Reyes, Jason Bartlett and Marco Scutaro could become trade targets or the Giants could ask Emmanuel Burriss to take on a bigger role. 

Yankees GM Brian Cashman guaranteed to Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record that Derek Jeter’s representatives have called “every club out there.” Negotiations between Jeter and the Yankees appear to be souring, but it still seems unlikely that the shortstop would leave the Bronx or that a team like the Giants would match the Yankees $45MM offer.

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  1. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    I seriously think San Fran could be a landing spot for Jeter. Might happen.

    • moonraker45 5 years ago

      well….they did give renteria 10 mil last year…

    • The_Silver_Stacker 5 years ago

      Zero chance

    • Slopeboy 5 years ago

      All this hoopla with Jeter’s contract is just fodder for the press and us Blog Geeks.
      Jeter is not going anywhere other than the Bronx. Especailly to SF for less of an offer than the Yankees’. First of all Jeter is not going to sign anywhere else for less than what he’s already stipulated.He’s turned down 3yrs @$45MM and has countered with 4 yrs @ $18MM. He has made it plain to everyone that he will not move to another position either. SF is not going to lay out that type of money for an aging SS. They won the WS on pitching, not because of their SS. That position can be easily filled for less money.

      • friscofan101 5 years ago

        their short stop played a pretty big role in winning the world series.

        • Slopeboy 5 years ago

          True, he was the MVP in fact. But,the Giants didn’t get to the WS because of the SS. The pitching is what got them there and ulimately won it. The fact that he’s not assured of coming back tells you he’s not a very important piece as far as the Giants are concerned.

    • gmenfan 5 years ago

      Zero chance. No team, besides the Yankees, is going to pony up $15M a year for Jeter. At age 37 and coming off a ridiculously unproductive season, his value to the league has diminished in comparison to his value to the Yankees as a team leader. He’s staying put – the Yankees have him over a barrel and he’ll end up signing the 3yr./$45M deal when he sobers up and realizes that no other clubs are going to offer anything close to that.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        Pretty Horrible how Jeter is leveraging the Yankees. Really showing his true colors.

  2. ddonahue5280 5 years ago

    What’s up with they typos lately?

  3. ddonahue5280 5 years ago

    “The Giants really wants Diamondbacks shortstop Stephen Drew”. And I’s really wants somebody that knows how to write with proper grammar and punctuation.

    • bbxxj 5 years ago

      You seem very worked up over a minor typo. It’s not like you pay a fee for these posts. You know most of the work here is excellent and produced very quickly (as it needs to be on a rumor mill) so just calm down.

      • triple like.

      • Piccamo 5 years ago

        The argument that because you don’t pay for something, its quality doesn’t matter is absurd. These authors are paid professionals and there should be an expectation for the caliber of writing. At the same time, I do agree with you that this sort of error is so minor and infrequent that it really doesn’t matter. Ben is a good writer who typically puts forth an excellent effort, but he is still human and so errors can be forgiven.I agree with your stance, just not your justification.

        • moonraker45 5 years ago

          I think the argument is, if you don’t like it, go to another website and stop whining over minor errors.

        • Right I have to agree here that the typo doesn’t effect the way the story leads and doesn’t mislead so its not a “big deal.”

          In other words, people need to chill out. I bet they’d hate it if instead of pointing out their mistakes at work, someone jumped at them and harped them over it.

          • deere5800 5 years ago

            It’s affect not effect…sorry, had to do it

    • MB923 5 years ago

      Ever see some of the articles on, the site where these writers actually get paid? While nothing was misspelled, this is even a dumber mistake- “Hamilton didn’t make an impact in the majors until 2008, when he won the All-Star Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium and led the AL with 130 RBIs.”

    • MB923 5 years ago

      Don’t know if my last comment got posted because I can’t find it, but have you ever seen the big mistakes that ESPN writers make? The ones that get paid the big bucks and make some of the dumbest mistakes ever?

      This was shown in an article of Hamilton winning the MVP

      “Selected by Tampa Bay with the top pick in the 1999 amateur draft, Hamilton didn’t make an impact in the majors until 2008, when he won the All-Star Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium and led the AL with 130 RBIs.”

      • MB923 5 years ago

        Ahh now it got posted, probably because I had the link posted in the original.

  4. Loody 5 years ago

    As a Mets fan this is a very, very intriguing trade match. Reyes for one of the Giants pitching prospects aka Madison Bumgarner? Obviously if the Giants were to make that trade they would have to be able to negotiate a long term contract with Reyes. But if I were the Mets I would definitely have to think about it.

    • bbxxj 5 years ago

      I think Bumgarner is too much to give up for Reyes right now. After his WS performance and considering his talent and years of control I just can’t see him being moved for a shortstop with health questions who you will have to pay full price to keep around.

      • nvsfg 5 years ago

        Agree, MadBum is much more valuable than Reyes. The injury history of Reyes alone would make this a terrible trade for the Giants.

        • can we just put to rest right now that madbum IS NOT going anywhere. the giants championship core of freak, cain, madbum, and to a lesser extent sanchy, is the stuff dynasties are made of. the mets would be lucky to get a runzler/romo package for reyes. hummmmmm baby!

          • His_Thrillness 5 years ago

            His name is not “sanchy”, it’s “Dirty” (because his stuff is filthy). That being said if someone gets dealt it will be Dirty.

          • thanks for explaining what “dirty” means. i figured you were just a bigot. but thanks for agreeing with me, neuschler.

    • The_Silver_Stacker 5 years ago

      They gotta do it, they need quality starting pitching

      • Loody 5 years ago

        bbxxj, Bumgarner is a lot to give up – and as a die hard Mets fan even I admit that. From a fan aspect it would be upsetting to see a World Series hero go. But just guessing this Met brass mindset (which nobody knows yet), Bumgarner would have to be the piece to get moved. IF the Giants could negotiate a long term contract with Reyes before the trade goes through, then it could actually be a possibility. This is the type of trade that could benefit both teams (Mets get a young ace, Giants get a potential offensive force) and in many ways both players have shown flashes of brilliance (obviously Reyes is older and has done it over the course of a full season as oppose to Bumgarner). It’s a very interesting trade idea.

        • bbxxj 5 years ago

          I agree the pitcher for shortstop match is a good one for both teams. But I’m my opinion over the past year Bumgarner has gone from top prospect to young frontline starter and Reyes has not answered all of the questions with his health and is on a one year deal opposed to the six more from Bumgarner.

          • Loody 5 years ago

            I ultimately don’t think it will happen because I do think the Mets would like to sign Reyes long term if he proves to be healthy this year and perform up to his standards. As someone who has watched Reyes perform on a daily basis we quickly forget how spectacular he can be when he is healthy. Without question he gets a bad rep.

            Your point about the money is legit and if that is the case and the Giants decide they want to build their rotation around Lincecum and Bumgarner then you could see the Mets ask for the older Matt Cain instead. The money actually might match up as well. I am not familiar with the Giants pitching prospects, do they have more on the way in Double A?

          • bustersposey 5 years ago

            the giants arent trading any of there sp, unless someone wants zito. no sp prospects are close to making an impact, so they’d create a hole to plug another hole. wheeler is their best sp prospect and he pitched at low A. he’s probably at least 2 1/2 yrs away. most of their other prospects ready to contribute are bullpen guys.. that’s a position where i’d expect they’d trade from…

          • Actually, Dan Runzler is the Giants top SP prospect. There is a chance he takes a spot in the rotation next year.

          • Uhhhhhhhhhhh Zack Wheeler???

          • bustersposey 5 years ago

            actually, runzler pitched in 118 games in the minors, and made 2 starts. and 52 games in the majors, with no starts. i wouldn’t consider him a sp prospect.

          • The Giants have begun converting Runzler to a starting role for next season.

          • GiantsWSchamps2010 5 years ago

            Even if they convert him to a starter he won’t be in the starting rotation next year or likely anytime soon. And he isn’t there top SP prospect because he never even started in the minor leagues.

          • gmenfan 5 years ago

            AB is actually correct. There has been talk within the organization that Runzler is a viable option for the starting rotation next season, should they be so fortunate to unload Zito or wind up trading an arm for a power bat. But, as has been mentioned, a project starter making next to nothing wouldn’t be enough to bring Reyes.

          • Yeah, there has been lots of talk that Runzler has a chance to be the 5th starter next season.

            Zack Wheeler had an ERA of 4 in A ball. He’s not going to be in the show anytime soon.

          • Kyle 5 years ago

            No way bums is going to be traded. Giants will resign uriba to play ss and pick up a 3rd baseman or sign a guy like Bartlett to play ss and move uriba to 3rd. They will trade panda or have him come off the bench.

          • 55saveslives 5 years ago

            No way the Giants give up a young and “contract controlled” player for one year and 11 mill of a player that hasn’t been healthy.

            Bumgarner showed in the World Series that he has the head and the arm for the bigs!

          • gigantes2425 5 years ago

            Not only that. But the guy just turned 21 at the end of august.

          • “Your point about the money is legit and if that is the case and the Giants decide they want to build their rotation around Lincecum and Bumgarner then you could see the Mets ask for the older Matt Cain instead.”

            Much older Matt Cain????? Check your facts. Cain is younger than Lincecum. He was drafted out of HS so he has more time in the Majors.

            Sabean does not trade Starting pitching. If he was to trade one of the starters it would be Sanchez. Cain ain’t going nowhere. Lincecum, Cain, and MadBum are going to be the SF Big 3 for a long, long time.

          • sabean traded away liriano, meat.

          • Liriano was in the minors. Sabean isnt moving any of this rotation.

          • Liriano was stil MiLB, right?

          • 3ball 5 years ago

            Yes, he traded away a converted catcher, who had never made it above A ball and had just blown out his arm the previous year. The Giants staff thought they were trading damaged goods (i’ll include Nathan too, since he lost Alou’s faith in that Marlins series, and was throwing ~85mph and getting shelled in Fresno before finally regaining velocity and making it back to MLB). Credit to the Twins for rehabilitating them, and dumping AJ on us.Aside from those two guys, Sabean has made out pretty well on dealing “acclaimed” arms (Grilli, Ainsworth, Williams, etc).

          • BLB25 5 years ago

            This is ridiculous. Matt Cain is way, way, way too much to give up for Reyes. If Reyes were 100% healthy coming off a very productive season that might be close to fair, but he’s not. Giving up all of Bumgarner’s cheap years for 1 year or Reyes at 10 mil and maybe signing him to an extension at market value might be an even worse deal for the Giants. If there were to be a pitching for Reyes match with the Giants it would have to be Jonathan Sanchez, and given that Sanchez is younger and still controllable for more years than Reyes even that deal might require the Mets to kick in a prospect.

          • sojuboi 5 years ago

            Get your facts straight buddy. Matt Cain is younger than Lincecum and why would the Giants trade him for Reyes if they won’t even trade Cain for Fielder? Cain isn’t going anywhere.

        • Slopeboy 5 years ago

          Giants won the WS on their pitching strength, not because of their SS. They are not going to trade away an asset like Bumgarner for Reyes straight up. This looks like wishful thinking from a Mets fan and not reality.

          • that’s funny, because their SS was the WS MV and their offense scored 27 runs in their 4 wins.

          • Slopeboy 5 years ago

            It is ironic and true, but the SS was not who got them to the WS.The offense got hot in a short series, but the pitching is what sealed it. Last I checked, the SS is not assured of coming back to the team. We all know Bumgarner is.

          • The_Silver_Stacker 5 years ago

            IF they were to dangle a pitcher, it would probablly be Jonathan Sanchez as he would certainly draw alot interest. If they were to be overwhelmed by another team than do it, but watching him this year and the previous year just reminds me of A.J. Burnett with his stuff and to an extent with his control

          • Slopeboy 5 years ago

            That seems more realistic than Bumgarner, but I can’t see the Giants trading away any of their front line pitchers for Reyes. Jose will be a FA at this season’s end and if he has even the same type of year he had this past season, he’ll command more than the $11MM he gets in 2011. Are the Giants prepared to give him a raise in order to keep him? And what assurances do the Giants have that he would like to stay on the west coast?

        • If Sabean refused to give up Sanchez for Uggla or Prince Fielder, you must be delusional to think he’d give up Bumgarner for Reyes…Matt Cain would get traded before Bumgarner.

          Come on people.. to speculate is one thing, but to say that this is a real possibility is absurd.

          • That was during the middle of the season, when you had no one to replace a starter. But now in the off-season, after coming off a world championship, I’m willing to bet Sabean would be more likely to deal Sanchez. Also Tim,Matt, and Madison aren’t going anywhere.

          • sojuboi 5 years ago

            … Cain marked his spot in SF. Madbum barely made his. Cain is less likely to move than Madbum, not that they both are going anywhere.

          • I just assumed the 21 year old lefty would be less tradeable than the 26 yo righty. I agree Cain did make himself ace #1A behind Lincecum being #1

        • alright, you didnt seem to get what some of the people were saying before, so im going to break it down for you. Madison Bumgarner will not be traded. Period. Sabean was offered Adam Dunn for him in July, he said no. He has said over and over again, the pitching is NOT being traded. When Milwaukee offered Prince Fielder for Matt Cain, they were shot down. When Alex Rios was offered for Lincecum before the 2008 season, they were shot down. Dan Uggla for Jonathan Sanchez? Shot down. The Giants are not trading their pitching. Period.

          • Loody 5 years ago

            Wow, my goodness the responses to this idea have been fascinating. And while I personally believe that Sabean will not trade his pitching – because that is indeed what anchored them to the World Series championship – I do want to say that I do believe you Giants fans are making Jose Reyes sound like the 25th man on the roster. My goodness how we forget so quickly. For his position is Reyes better then Hanley Ramirez or Troy Tulowitzki? No. When he is healthy is Reyes a helluva player? No question. Would he help the Giants? Absolutely and you guys are nuts not to think so. As a matter of fact he would be a perfect addition for them. If healthy would I take Reyes over Adam Dunn (who is one of my favorite players mind you), Dan Uggla, or Prince Fielder? Yes I would. And while I think that those three players offer more power then Reyes ever will, I will take the speed, arm, position he plays, contact ability of Reyes over them.

          • Slopeboy 5 years ago

            I agree with this posting. Everything you state here is pretty much correct. My disagreement is with your first post of Bumgarner for Reyes. Reyes is a FA after this coming season, and if he has a typical Reyes season will command more than the $11MM he’ll make this year. Are the Giants ready to cough up that kind of money?
            Sabean doesn’t have a history of renting players and Reyes’ contract demands would really crimp Sabean’s budget.

          • Loody 5 years ago

            My original statement was that in order for the Giants to even consider dealing Bumgarner for Reyes they would need a 24 hour negotiating window to sign Reyes to a long term contract a la what happened when the Mets and Phillies traded for Johan Santana and Roy Halladay. If that isn’t a possibility then there is no way the Giants consider the trade. I am going to guess that next year, coming off the World Series win, the Giants will have money to spend if they don’t already.

          • Loody 5 years ago

            And I personally don’t believe the Mets should deal Reyes OR Wright. Should they listen to offers? No question, you always listen to offers. But if I am Sandy Alderson and Company and I look at the team I am inheriting, plus the $50 million coming off the books next year, and I see that I have three guys in Reyes, Wright, and Davis – two of whom are about to enter their prime – that I can build a legitimate core around. And personally, I think Alderson knows this and is not showing his hand. 2011 for the Mets is a win-win in my opinion. If they surprise and players like Carlos Beltran, Jason Bay, Francisco Rodriguez, Johan Santana when he comes back, resemble a semblance of the players they are and actually help the team, then it creates trade value for them. Even if the team is playing over .500 baseball because those guys are playing well I STILL think you look to deal them. And if they all stink, then let me say again, you still have $50 million coming off the book as well as gaining draft picks for players like Reyes that are free agents next year. The Mets are in a very interesting position. Yes, it is perfectly fine to mock them and insult them – as a Mets fan I am completely use to that and hey, they deserve it for their epic failure in ’06, ’07 and to a lesser degree ’08. But when you actually look at the position they are in from a financial and organizational standpoint it is very intriguing. I actually do not think they are anywhere near as bad as people do. Oh and let me just say one more point about their 2011 Starting Rotation WITHOUT Santana. Yes, they only have 3 starting pitchers (Dickey, Pelfrey, and Niese) penciled in the rotation. But because they play in such a pitchers ballpark I could easily see them signing someone cheap like a Kevin Millwood or some other mediocre pitcher and that pitcher taking advantage of pitching half their games in Citi Field. I look at Mike Pelfrey this year and Jon Garland, Clayton Richard in San Diego as perfect examples of pitchers who did that.

          • sojuboi 5 years ago

            Big words, even for a Mets fan. If you are such a Mets fan, you would know that the Mets have been projected greatness a long time ago. And they failed miserably. They have Ike Davis now yes. But he’s no team carrier. What I’m basically saying is: the Mets team looks the same as the failed one. They need to make some moves.

          • sojuboi 5 years ago

            Winning one WS doesn’t make the money to sign a Carl Crawford or an All-Star Jose Reyes to be exact. Reyes will make more than 11 million after next year. The Giants just signed Huff to a big extension. And with Cain and Lincecum’s salary likely to rise, I doubt the WS victory will have anything to do with signing a big FA. If they do put out more money, then it’s going to be the front office that gives them the go.

          • Kyle 5 years ago

            Key word healthy. I would love to have him but at what price? I rather get Bartlett and go after worth.

          • My only problem with Reyes is that he is a speed guy with leg/foot injuries.

    • Reyes for one pitching prospect? You call yourself a Mets fan?

      • Loody 5 years ago

        You aren’t just getting a pitching prospect you are getting a STUD prospect that has shown he can contribute significantly on the Major League Level. As a matter of fact of all the top prospects the Mets could possibly get for Reyes I think Bumgarner would be the best.

        • Except that Bumgarner isnt “one of all the top prospects the Mets could possibly get” I doubt the Mets could even get Jon Sanchez.

        • sojuboi 5 years ago

          Madbum is no prospect. He’s a stud MLB starter.

        • sojuboi 5 years ago

          Why am I only posting responses to you. I guess I just totally disagree with you. Oh well.

      • moonraker45 5 years ago

        Considering the Giants would hang up the phone before Alderson could even finish the word ‘madison’ … I think you have it backwards.

    • I think Bumgartner has a ton of trade value right now. Chances are he never has the kind of success again that he had this year…

      • moonraker45 5 years ago

        What? Why at 21 would he have reached his pinnacle of success.. that makes zero sense.

        • link to

          just one of many examples of guys who have incredible rookie years and never repeat their magic.

          the giants got an incredible playoff performance for no money…they could technically move on and feel like they got wht they needed.

          • moonraker45 5 years ago

            LOL.. so what you’re telling me.. is that because 1 pitcher in the 1980’s had an incredible rookie year, and never repeated the same success.. The Giants should shop a 21 year old pitcher, with filthy stuff, a top 10 pick, top 10 rated by baseball america, who has succeeded at every level he’s pitched at..

            sound reasoning. you win.

          • what part of “just one of many examples” was that hard to understand?

            Bumgardner & Posey will be worthless in two years. Guarantee it. The Giants could trade them now and get the world for them…they won’t be winning another WS anytime soon, anyways.

          • haha, good one, vince. your baseball IQ is without parallel. id be shocked if you aren’t a real major league gm masquerading as a chat room buffoon to stir-up chatter.

          • friscofan101 5 years ago

            this comment is to stupid to argue with. i cant tell if your serious or not.

          • Jason_F 5 years ago

            I just realized that the one example you did give (I’d love to hear the others) is Fernando Valenzuela. You do realize that in his first 10 seasons he produced a 3.19 ERA, right? He also had arguably a better season in 1985 than his rookie campaign, which would, I believe, constitute “repeat[ing] their magic.”

            Are your next examples Don Drysdale, Christy Mathewson and Bob Feller?

            Regarding Bumgarner and Posey, you really are showing how little you know about baseball with that statement.

          • Because they’ve been dominant at every level of baseball they’ve ever played in their lives? Makes sense i like your theories, now i understand why you’re hired to evaluate prospects… oh wait

          • Have you even watched them play? These two will be good for a long time, I watched, listened to every Giants game and when Posey came up to play, you knew this kid would be special for a long time.

          • sojuboi 5 years ago

            Okay, I understand you’re a Dodgers fan and you are bitter towards your rivals winning the WS. But don’t talk BS. Yea you and your “examples” and go to the corner of your imagination and jack off. But this is the MLB. Stars don’t just fall.

          • sojuboi 5 years ago

            Plus, Jose Reyes isn’t the world.

          • DODGERS4LYFE 5 years ago

            Wow I can’t believe people with this low of an IQ is a Dodgers fan.

          • moonraker45 5 years ago

            ps. I gave your post a ‘like’ just because it actually made me laugh out loud.

          • Jason_F 5 years ago

            “they could technically move on and feel like they got wht they needed”

            I’m curious as to what part of that statement is “technical”?

            Bumgarner is a high first round draft pick, pitched this past season mostly at 20 years old and has had success at every level. Chances are he’s only going to get better. He has a great frame and throws very hard from the left side with a deceptive motion to go with good pure stuff. These guys don’t grow on trees. They certainly don’t get traded for injured shortstops going into the last year of their contract that haven’t had a productive season since 2008.

            You really have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • gigantes2425 5 years ago

            God. I wish I could “like” this a million times. But I’m on my phone.

          • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

            that is all

          • friscofan101 5 years ago

            one more thing. you linked to a guy who was 173-153 with a 3.54 era. how is that not a good carrier. also, he had 21 wins like 8 years after his rookie season. unbelievable.

      • timlinCYecum55 5 years ago

        I suggest doing a little research before you make asinine, outlandish statements like this. This is truly laughable.

      • sojuboi 5 years ago

        Disagree. He’s 21. He’s only going to get better. I can say the same about Kershaw and Billingsley for your team, because Madbum has achieved more than both of them combined.

    • BLB25 5 years ago

      Bumgarner is still at least a couple years away from even reaching arbitration. All of Bumgarner’s cheap years for Reyes at or above market price? Yea, thats not even close to fair.

    • hahaha Bumgarner for Jose Reyes? Are you serious? Dream on

    • gigantes2425 5 years ago

      No way they trade Madbum for Reyes. Burris would be our SS.

    • timlinCYecum55 5 years ago

      Of course that trade would be intriguing to a Mets fan, Bumgarner for Reyes would be an absolute fleecing as far as I’m concerned. A 21 year old with ace potential, under team control for several years, for one guaranteed year of an injury-prone volatile position player who’s best years are most likely behind him? No thanks.

    • jkutless 5 years ago

      that would never happen Madison Bumgarner for someone who is injury prone, no way!

    • gmenfan 5 years ago

      In the ridiculously absurd occurrence that the Giants part with a piece of their core starting staff such as Bumgarner, they better get a hell of a lot more in return than Jose Reyes.

    • Uhhh a bit of wishful thinking considering jose reyes will cost 11 mil next year then be a free agent and is damaged goods, and bumgarner is a stud pitcher with 5 more years under team control. Bumgarner for david wright is more reasonable and as a giants fan i probably wouldnt do that

      • sojuboi 5 years ago

        As a Giants fan, I’d actually consider that. David Wright is a beast…

  5. RepOak 5 years ago

    Jeter isn’t going anywhere. We all know he will stay a Yankee at the end of day, and I highly doubt he would even consider going to the giants! Besides the giants have no money to spare.

  6. Eric 5 years ago

    Like I said yesterday..

    The Giants should talk to the Mariners about the availability of SS Jack Wilson to reunite the former Pirates double-play combo.

    Wilson is owed just 5M in 2011.

    • bustersposey 5 years ago

      i agree that is the type of player they should be focused on. great defensive ss, won’t cost a lot in terms of prospects or money. they don’t need a superstar ss.

    • BLB25 5 years ago

      Only if they didn’t have to give up much AND the Mariners ate almost all of that money, and that doesn’t seem likely. Wilson was AWFUL with the bat last year. His glove is fantastic, but given the Giants’ pitching staffs flyball/strikeout tendencies his glove is less valuable to them than it would be to some other teams. His .262 wOBA last season is awful. If the Giants really want an all glove, no hit shortstop they already have two of them in the minors (Adrianza and Crawford) and they could probably sign a guy like Adam Everett for a lot less than 5 mil.

      • Eric 5 years ago

        Jack Wilson had an injury plagued season in 2010. He is a good candidate to bounce back in 2011 as a great defending league average bat. Bringing in Wilson to complement Sanchez could work out well for the Giants. Both wanted to continue to play together in Pittsburgh.

        link to

        • no! jack wilson is old, if they wanted an old ss they would re sign their WORLD SERIES MVP

  7. Bumgarner is way too valuable for a SS that has been too injured as of late. Sabean is not moving Any starting pitcher unless it’s Jonathan Sanchez or Zito (nobody wants his contract obviously). So that leaves Sanchez. He is only 27, and has some nasty stuff when he is on. No way is a 21 yr old stud pitcher being traded for Reyes. Sorry Mets fans.

  8. HHHDMS 5 years ago

    Bumgarner isnt going anywhere get that crazy thought our of your heads…He will be a Giant until they cant afford him..hes the latest dominant lefty
    Jeter also isnt going anywhere…he is an aging SS who is past his prime, but he is Derek Jeter & name value goes a lot as does his past…which is a rare thing in the *what have you done for me lately* era of MLB
    The Giants arent going to trade any pitcher not named Zito – they didnt trade when the pressure was on to get a hitter and it paid off dividends :)
    Zito would be hard to deal too due to his overpriced contract…

  9. bharsh 5 years ago

    You guys keep talking MadBum, but Giants WONT part with pitching, and I assure you if they even entertained the idea it would be Jonathan Sanchez long before they would even think about giving up MadBum. Sabean only goes after guys he can get on the cheap. Thats how he rolls. The bidding would start at Pablo Sandoval and a Can of Grape Jelly to be named later.

    • BLB25 5 years ago

      trading Sandoval well before he reaches his arbitration years would be silly. We’ve seen his upside and even after a very down year his career numbers are very good. People are way too down on Sandoval, he’s still young, extremely cheap and has more upside than any hitter in their minor league system not named Belt.

  10. bharsh 5 years ago

    ….and from the immortal words of one Mike Krukow. The Giants have NONE chance at getting Jeter.

  11. The entire post is blah blah blah. Yes the Giants want Drew but the D-backs would ask for cain and it stops there. No way Jeter will go anywhere other than NY. A 3/45 is more than he is worth and nobody will come close to matching that. Reyes will not come to the Gianst because Sabean will not trade any of his pitchers and there is no reason to trade Reyes unless you get a good player for him. Zito being trading is a pipe dream by Sabean because unless he pays the other team 15 million a year zito is not tradeable.

  12. Austin 5 years ago

    Jeter to giants except I like uribe for the clutch power!!!!

  13. Can we all agree that Madison Bumgarner has officially lost his “Prospect” Status????

    The kid is the goods. He ain’t going anywhere. Sabean doesn’t trade starters.

    • Yes he does (Francisco Liriano, Russ Ortiz, Livan Hernandez, Shawn Estes, Matt Morris, Boof Bonser, Allen Watson, Ryan Vogelsong, Kurt Ainsworth, Jerome Williams, Damian Moss–just off the top of my head), he’s just not planning on it right now.

      • None of those players is a match for Bumgarner, at all really. It’s not just that Sabes isn’t planning it “right now”. It’s that he’s got a really unique situation- a homegrown young rotation that is good enough to bring his team to the WS and win. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

      • Liriano and Bonser were in the minors, Ortiz and Livan, Shawn Estes and Matt Morris were washed up,

        Vogelsong, Ainsworth, Williams, Moss… wow, those guys sure lit the world on fire here in SF before they got traded.

        The point is, he isnt trading any of the good SP they have now. The only mistake in that entire list was the Liriano/Bonser/Nathan deal.

        • I’m only gonna reply to one, but I’ll address all three:

          The comment wasn’t how good, what level the starting pitchers were at the time of the trade, whether or not it was a good trade for Sabean, or if any of the names I listed were a good comp for Bumgarner. The person said that Sabean doesn’t trade starting pitching. He has, and he will again. He is just not currently inclined. I was making no other point than this.


          – Ortiz was hardly washed up at the time. They just felt they couldn’t afford to keep him any longer.

          – Vogelsong was a hot-shot prospect that hurt himself in his first start after being traded, and Ainsworth had a never-before-seen injury (in baseball).

          – Livan just wore out his welcome. He was what he was, and that was still useful. Estes, Williams, and Moss wore out their welcomes, as well. Liriano is in this camp, to an extent. I read years ago (don’t remember where, so I cannot cite it, sorry) that he had a really bad attitude while he was in their minor league system. Bonser was fungible.

          – Matt Morris was a blessed salary dump for which there is no other explanation than Littlefield being blackmailed, owned, or incompetent.

          • Ortiz produced one season with an ERA under 4 after he left SF. He had 2 injury free years in ATL where his ERA and BB/9 both rose considerably. Yes they would’ve probaly liked to keep him, but its not like he was in his prime.
            Ainsworth was never rated higher than the #30 overall prospect, and he was usually rated 58-64.
            Vogelsong was not they type of prospect that Bumgarner was.. he might not have been the prospect Alderson was. His MiLB stats are quite underwhelming.

          • 3ball 5 years ago

            Bumgarner is a lot closer to Lincecum than anyone you mentioned. The kid led AA in ERA at age 19, and his career record across MILB is 34-6 with a 2.00 ERA, 1.05 WHIP and 4:1 SO/BB ratio, over 350 innings. The guy is a stud and it would take a kings ransom for Sabean to risk his job by trading him now.

            Having said all that, I agree with you that Sabean is not affraid of trading pitching (you left out Jason Grilli (4th overall pick in 1997 1st rd) and Nate Bump (25th overall pick in 1998 1st rd, who were sent for Livan in 1999). The guy most likely to get dealt is Sanchez (ala Ortiz), though probably around the deadline next year, unless an insane offer comes in over the next three months (Adrian Gonzales or Drew + Upton, type wild).

        • Also, Watson had a pretty damn good ROI.

      • friscofan101 5 years ago

        you have to take into acount the way that teh owner wanted the team run at that time. they were trying to build around barry bonds and were willing to part with starters in an effort to get veterans. the giants work under a different philosophy now preaching pitching. while yes he has traded pitchers away in the past, the rotation is too much fun to watch and the sf fans want to see it held together, even at teh cost of getting a power hitter.

  14. Sam_Lee 5 years ago

    I predict Orlando Cabrera.

  15. reyes for johnny sanchez = s.f. dynasty.

  16. Madbum won’t be moved for any SS any time soon. I could see Sanchez being moved though. I like Reyes out of all of the trade options because his speed is much needed,just his health is in question. Remember we already did Franchez & DeRosa. I’d rather see Uribe out of all options. Jeter i just don’t see it, Bartlett only had 1 good offensive season, as did Marco, so I’d rather have Manny Buriss than those 2

  17. Bumgarner + Burriss > [INSERT TODD WELLEMEYER TYPE PLAYER HERE] + Reyes.

    • moonraker45 5 years ago

      that trade would probably get you drew, too much for reyes

      • Reaper87 5 years ago

        I don’t think he’s saying it should be a trade, more that bumgarner plus whoever we get to play short is more valuable than having reyes and a scrub 5th starter

        • moonraker45 5 years ago

          On second that you are right… and he is right as well.

  18. mgsports 5 years ago

    Jeter I would say to the Tigers or even maybe Cardinals. Giants can try and get Beckham.

    • friscofan101 5 years ago

      if that could be done with minor league players not named belt i would be all for it. but i dont think that could happen.

  19. As a Giants fan, I’d love to see Burriss go out there. Why the hell not? We just won the WS. He’ll suck, but he’s a fun kid.

    That said, there’s no way that he’s their starting shortstop for the bulk of 2011.

  20. Dwan 5 years ago

    Just trade for scutaro. Nice one year stopgap and the Sox only want a bullpen arm.

  21. AGREED, how about Scutaro for Sergio Romo and Dan Runzler

    • itlynstalyn 5 years ago

      Way too much.

    • Bye Bye Baby Bonanza 5 years ago

      Isn’t Scutaro’s shoulder injured? Didn’t Boston move him to 2B at the end of last season.

  22. stocktopus 5 years ago

    If we could get Reyes at short, I’ll guarantee you another playoff run.

    Lineup (rough guess):

    That, plus the pitching, is not gonna be beaten by any NL West team.

    • I’m not so sure Burrell wil return, and isn’t Reyes quite an unknown at this point? The Giants do need speed, and I too would love this lineup. Just not so sure about your “guarantee”.

      • stocktopus 5 years ago

        Well, as an “unknown,” i’m not sure if you mean it’s unknown whether we’d be able to get Reyes… or if he’s an unknown in terms of production. He hit .282, 11 HR, 30 SB last year, despite starting off slow and coming off of an injury year. So I think he’s in a good position to have a great 2011. However, I agree he’s an unknown in terms of acquiring him, if that’s what you meant… not to mention that we’d have to give up something substantial. So that may offset the guarantee.

        But the gist of what i was trying to say is that Reyes would be a great addition. We’d have two good leadoff guys at the top, w/ torres right behind him. And, although I love freddy, he’s not suited for the top of the lineup. Great batting average, but not enough walks and not enough speed (even though he looks like he should be speedy). He’d be better as a 6th place or something, to knock in some runs.

        P.S. I hope burriss gets it together, because he seems like he’s got good potential. And not having to trade would be nice. There’s no way he gets the starting job, though.

  23. carlos 5 years ago

    no way in hell the mets trade reyes. unless bumgarner is coming back in that trade

  24. Bye Bye Baby Bonanza 5 years ago

    Bring Back OOOO-REEBAY!

  25. Bye Bye Baby Bonanza 5 years ago

    Jose Reyes? NO
    Derek Jeter? NO
    Marco Scutaro? NO

  26. Its about 4,000 to 1 that Jeter signs somewhere else. Just like the chances of getting struck by lighting.

  27. they should really try and acquire reyes to play ss. think about his speed at att. triples alley would be his best friend. re sign uribe to play 3rd. send sandoval to aaa to start the season. use burriss and eventually sandoval as backups. i wouldnt even be opposed to sending sandoval to ny for reyes

  28. GiantsWSchamps2010 5 years ago

    I would like the Giants to go after someone like Scutaro or Bartlett but it depends on what they would have to give up. My prediction is that they will just over pay for Jaun Uribe to be there starting SS…

  29. northsfbay 5 years ago

    The Giants are NOT trading starting pitching. We have been through this for the last few years. Runzler could be the setup man next year. Since Bochy brought Wilson in the 8th inning shows that he has no confidence in his setup man. They still have a chance at signing Uribe or a free agent ss. Sabean said that if Brandon Crawford has a good 1st half in the minors, he will bring up Crawford at mid season.

  30. lets break this down, NOBODY is leaving.. and if we dont get Uribe back, we gonna get those low key SS, like Bartlett or Cabrera. Simple as that. The Jeter idea is intriguing but in reality everyone knows NY is gonna fall under pressure and sign him. Reyes too many injuries, I would get reyes if they wanted like a reliever or something lol

  31. After all, what kind of whiny twink would permit himself even to notice an arbitrary little detail like being able to communicate? Especially when the person doing the communicating is getting paid to do so? I mean, can you believe the *nerve* of these whiny twinks, complaining about an inability to communicate on the part of people who are being paid to communicate? What’s next, someone dares to notice that Dick Cheney himself leaked the aluminum-tube story he then said he was “very concerned” about having read in the New York Times? Will some whiny twink think it might not be a good idea for a woman to be short-listed for President after referring to a “White House Department of Law”? My God, man, where will it *end* with these whiny twinks?

  32. moonraker45 5 years ago

    Mr. dave, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  33. Doc 5 years ago

    Billy Madison FTW!

  34. moonraker45 5 years ago

    I choose… Business Ethics.

  35. moonraker45 5 years ago

    I don’t foresee a way it could!

  36. Bye Bye Baby Bonanza 5 years ago

    Beckham projected as a second baseman, that was the report leading up to the draft.

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