Nationals Interested In Bloomquist, Miles, Cairo

The Nationals are interested in Willie Bloomquist, Aaron Miles and Miguel Cairo, according to's Bill Ladson (on Twitter). GM Mike Rizzo is apparently looking to add versatility to his bench.

Bloomquist, 33 this month, said at the end of the season that he wanted to play every day in 2011. He batted .267/.299/.380, so it seems doubtful that teams would see him as a regular. Instead, clubs will presumably ask Bloomquist to move all around the diamond as he did last year, when he played all four infield positions and all three outfield positions.

Miles, 33, batted .281/.311/.317 for the Cardinals last year. He played short, second and third and even pitched two scoreless innings (lowering his career ERA to 3.60).

The Reds have had preliminary talks about re-signing Cairo, who batted .290/.353/.410 in 226 plate appearances last year. The 15-year veteran played five positions for Cincinnati.

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  1. JaySchu 5 years ago

    Isn’t there a rookie somewhere that offers more promise than that trio? Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    • AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs 5 years ago

      Seriously, that is having to flip the barrel over to get under the barrel, not just the bottom. These are guys who should be signed last.

  2. foxtown 5 years ago

    lol, does anyone remember the “Wins Above Bloomquist” article?

  3. YES! Please Nats, take Aaron Miles. I will bake you some delicious Snickerdoodles. They are soooo delicious.

  4. It’s moves like this that make me envious of the Nationals… They are always in the running for all the big name free agents!

  5. Montero1220 5 years ago

    The Nationals are “interested” in almost every free agent. A fancy free agent won’t fix your team Mr. Rizzo. The Nationals are many pieces and many years away from even being slightly competitive with the Phillies, Mets and Marlins. Spend more on scouting, developing and drafting like the Royals. That team will be SCARY in a couple of years.

    I mean Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, and Wil Myers. And I’m just naming a few but they have a buttload of great prospects on the way. They’re going to be the new Rays except they’ll be able to score runs.


    • squadwagon6 5 years ago

      Well with the the royals not competing since forever it should be about time but they probably wont compete till the year 3000

  6. Ethanator99 5 years ago

    Even after Bowden is gone the Nats still love their former Reds. Must be some sort of natural instinct

  7. comebackkid814 5 years ago

    Does everyone forget that the Nationals were winning for the first two months of a season (and all without Strasburg, Marquis or J.Zimmermann)?
    The players mentioned in this article are part of the Nats rebuilding their bench. It is not as if they are grabbing at bottom feeders to start. The Nats second biggest problem this year was their pinch hitting off the bench. Willie Harris got the bulk of the PH AB’s and he hit under .200 for the year. The Nats may not have the prospects the Royals have, but they are getting there. They have only been truly rebuilding for 2-3 years. The bullpen is rock solid, and they have a very solid young core in Zimmerman, Willingham, Ramos, J. Zimmermann, Desmond, Espinosa, etc. If they add a Pena or LaRoche type 1st baseman, plus add a ace starter, then it would hardly be far fetched to see them finishing with 75-85 wins.

  8. They have zero chance at Cairo. Cairo will be a Red again next year. He is too valuable to cincinnati

  9. Yeah i mean i presume this isn’t there biggest move, but this site isn’t dedicated to just Lee, Dunn, Crawford and Werth news, so I fail to see what is the big deal. Everyone trashes the Nats, yet they fail to remember the yankees went into 2009 with Arod injured and Cody Ransom as his replacement. I’m not particularly fond of this group besides Cairo, but there is nothing wrong with kicking the tires.

  10. timmytwoshoezzz 5 years ago

    Aaron Miles: Proof that zero tool players can make considerable sums of money in the Major Leagues

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