Poll: Which Type B FAs Will Accept Arbitration?

A total of 21 Type B free agents received offers of arbitration earlier in the week. They now have a few days remaining to decide whether to accept. Javier Vazquez and Trevor Hoffman have reportedly agreed to reject their teams' offers and John Buck and Joaquin Benoit have already signed deals with new teams, but that still leaves 17 players.

When voting on today's poll, keep in mind that teams won't have to forfeit draft picks to sign these Type B free agents, even though they were offered arbitration.

Which Type B free agents will accept arbitration?

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  1. Survey is busted, can only pick one player.

  2. Calvnhobs 5 years ago

    Same here. Could only pick 1 player

  3. grant77 5 years ago

    Why the heck is Juan Uribe the highest? Should be Lopez or Correia I would think.

  4. Bye Bye Baby Bonanza 5 years ago

    No way Uribe accepts.

  5. Orlando Hudson shouldn’t even have a percent by his name. Both sides agreed that he would reject arbitration.

    • WrigleyTerror37 5 years ago

      He might tho. TYhink about it the last 2 years he has been signed in Feb-March if i rember right. Maybe he wants security so hes not worried about a job come spring training next year?

  6. @ WrigleyTerror37: Theres plenty of teams that I could see signing him and he knows that as well. Especially since he’s looking for a multi-year deal. I could see the Mets or Cards sign him.

  7. burritolikethesun 5 years ago

    Trevor Hoffman is such a gentleman.

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