Potential Suitors For Gordon Beckham

Rival teams believe the White Sox will listen to offers for Gordon Beckham, according to Yahoo's Tim Brown. Let's take a look around the league to determine which teams could become suitors for the infielder. The 24-year-old has a career .260/.331/.416 line and extensive big league experience at second and third. It seems likely that more than half the teams in baseball would have some interest in the former first rounder, despite the extended slow start he had in 2010. Here's a list of teams with potential interest:

  • Orioles – Josh Bell didn't do much in his 2010 debut, so Beckham could play third and Bell could become trade bait.
  • Blue Jays – The Blue Jays could non-tender Edwin Encarnacion and play Beckham at third. He strikes me as the sort of player the Blue Jays would have serious interest in.
  • Red Sox – The Red Sox could play Beckham at third and let Adrian Beltre walk as a free agent.
  • Indians – The Indians are considering options for third base, but would GM Kenny Williams deal Beckham to a division rival?
  • Tigers – It seems unlikely that the Tigers could pry Beckham from the White Sox, but it's fun to imagine him at second base.
  • Twins – Orlando Hudson will probably sign elsewhere, but the Twins face the same problem the Tigers and Indians do.
  • Royals – The Royals aren't an immediate threat to the White Sox and I bet they'd love to add Beckham to their organization. 
  • A's – The A's could non-tender or trade Kevin Kouzmanoff and play Beckham at third.
  • Angels – The Angels could insert Beckham at third if they don't land Beltre.
  • Marlins – Chris Coghlan will likely play third for Florida next year and Dan Uggla is under team control, but Coghlan could also play in the outfield and Uggla may become a trade candidate.
  • Mets – The Mets would have to create space by trading Luis Castillo.
  • Cardinals – Beckham would be a nice fit at second base.
  • Cubs – The Cubs could have interest in working out a deal with their cross-town rivals and handing Beckham the second base job.
  • Astros – It wouldn't be shocking if the Astros had some interest in Beckham.
  • Dodgers – GM Ned Colletti might like the idea of making Beckham his second baseman.
  • Padres – Beckham would be a great fit for the Padres, since he's cheap and David Eckstein is a free agent.
  • Giants – Pablo Sandoval is falling out of favor in San Francisco.
  • D'Backs – Beckham does strike out a fair amount, but he could be a consideration if the D'Backs move Mark Reynolds.
  • Rockies – If the Rockies non-tender Clint Barmes, they could have interest in Beckham.

The Yankees (Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano), Rays (Evan Longoria, Sean Rodriguez, Ben Zobrist), Mariners (Chone Figgins, Dustin Ackley), Rangers (Michael Young, Ian Kinsler), Braves (Chipper Jones, Martin Prado, Omar Infante), Phillies (Placido Polanco, Chase Utley), Nationals (Ryan Zimmerman, Danny Espinosa), Reds (Scott Rolen, Brandon Phillips), Brewers (Casey McGehee, Rickie Weeks) and Pirates (Pedro Alvarez, Neil Walker) have long-term options at third and second. Beckham's promise, affordability and versatility would likely make him one of the most highly coveted players on the trade market if the White Sox do make him available.

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  1. What kind of return would a Gordon Beckham result in? I’d think his stock is pretty low right now.

    • Dwan 5 years ago

      Pablo and a prospect for Beckham.

      • Ferrariman 5 years ago

        the prospect probably has to be one thats worth while like Wheeler

        • 55saveslives 5 years ago

          You are saying Beckham is worth more than Pablo? Pablo has a .330 avg 25 HR season under his belt…What’s Beckham done??

          • Dwan 5 years ago

            Pablo’s 330. avg 25 homers was a huge fluke. He’s also too out of shape to play any defense. Beckham> Pablo

          • 55saveslives 5 years ago

            So if Pablo’s season was a fluke, what has Beckhams career been? No WAY Beckham is worth Pablo AND our last years first round pick.

          • BLB25 5 years ago

            Pablo’s good 2009 season was A LOT better than Beckham’s good 2009 season. Pablo’s bad 2010 season was still better than Beckham’s bad 2010 season. Pablo isn’t even that far behind Beckham defensively according to most metrics. If anything it should be Beckham+a really good prospect for Sandoval.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      It’s probably one pretty good prospect and one or two secondary ones. His value is low but he’s young and has only played 1 1/2 seasons. He has tremendous potential and upside he just had a down year.

    • Marcum, JP Arencibia for Beckham.

      • Expensive, but interesting. I guess some of it would have to do with how far the Jays think Adeiny is from the Show, and whether Aaron Hill is still part of the long-term future. Interesting though.

        • deere5800 5 years ago

          I sort of get the feeling that they’re taking it slow with Hech…make sure he develops into an all around player before bringing him up.

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        the only problem with that deal is the fact that it would give the whitesox now 7 potential starter maybe 8 if garcia comes back….now if they were to do this deal and flip one of the starters for a second basemen or a DH it could work, teahan could probably play second, or omar, or the white sox could go after hudson for real this time

      • moonraker45 5 years ago

        So i guess we’re pretty much trading JP for sure eh?

  2. rbeezy 5 years ago

    Who would play 3rd? Vizquel? This makes no sense. Sox have enough holes as it is, why would they trade one of thier only good young players?

    • AceGunderson 5 years ago

      Not to be a jerk, but there’s this whole thing called the offseason coming up where teams fill holes via free agency, trades, etc.

      • rbeezy 5 years ago

        You did a good job fooling me smart guy. What did your comment do to improve the board? If I were you I would stick to the conversation instead of trying to call people out. I visit this site to talk about baseball, not to deal with bonehead comments.

        • Ohhhplease 5 years ago

          Relax….you can talk all the sports you want here, and you can point out when people make silly comments.

        • AceGunderson 5 years ago

          You asked a question. I answered it. If I was curt, then I apologize. I think the bluntness of an answer is usually correlative to the obviousness of the question asked.

          I too prefer to talk sports over “bonehead comments” any day of the week, but they’re apparently not mutually exclusive.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      Mark Teahen.

    • Viciedo

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        vicedio was not that bad of an option at third last season in limited play but morell probably has that locked down, look for viciedo to be the back up plan for 1st and the back up plan for DH and if both of those holes are filled via FA or trade…ie signing konerko, pena, and or dunn…trading for agon or fielder…look for viciedo to be traded

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      what are you talking about gordon is the starting second basemen for the whitesox…brent morell is more than likely going to get the nod at 3rd after showing off his glove this past year

    • You are right, it makes no sense at all. Then again, neither does Kenny Williams.

  3. I want the world, literally, in return for Gordon. Why the hell would the White Sox even trade him? Theres no way they could get anything close to his potential in return for him right now.

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      people keep proposing hairbrain proposals for Rasmus and he didn’t have a sophomore slump so i’m gonna do the same for Beckham =]Beckham for Shelby Miller and Jason Motte. Top pitching prospect and a legit BP arm that can close games next season. Add Descalso or Ryan to get a deal done if the Sox need MI fillers.
      -hey it could be worse, you don’t have to deal with BS like Quentin for Rasmus-

      • knoxfire30 5 years ago

        i think people forget that cq was basically the 2008 mvp

        • Ferrariman 5 years ago

          huh? he hasn’t played a full season yet in his entire career. never heard an award for best player through 80% of a season. Till he proves he isn’t a defensive liability(which isn’t gonna happen) or an injury risk( which also seems like it isnt’ gonna happen) he will still be just a slightly above average player.

          • knoxfire30 5 years ago

            noone said striaght up it would be a good deal, but having a young guy who produced an mvp season as a starting point is more realistic then your giving it credit for

          • Again, he didn’t produce an mvp season, stop saying that…mvp like maybe, but he didn’t actually win the award. Since when is 28 young? It isn’t old, but when you are 28 and have been in the MLB for 5 years you aren’t likely to get better.

        • PookieGonzales 5 years ago

          Except Dustin Pedroia was. Not Quentin

          • shysox 5 years ago

            Thanks for stating the obvious. If he had played 1 more month, he would’ve likely been the MVP because he was on fire when he broke his wrist.

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        dont need a BP closer when the whitesox have right now thornton and santos in place…they might resign putz and are going after soriano

        • Ferrariman 5 years ago

          thornton is a free agent after next season and Santos was pretty lucky last season(very high WHIP, high Walk rate). i can’t think of a single team that wouldn’t want to add player with closer upside at league minimum to their arsenal.

          • jwsox 5 years ago

            yeah i know thonrton is a FA but your assuming kenny does not extend him(probably will) and last season was santos’ first season pitching you have to assume that those numbers would go down..i mean come on his fastball is nuts, his slider is fast and tight and his change is a master piece

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        gordon+quentin for rasmus and an infield prospect, hopefully a top level prospect

        • Ferrariman 5 years ago

          haha what? if the cardinals had top infield prospects, why would they be trying to get gordon? think sir. Gordon and Quentin for Rasmus seems pretty good by itself but it doesn’t matter because Beckham isn’t getting traded and neither is Rasmus.

          • jwsox 5 years ago

            because top prospects might not ever work,or carlos+gordon for colby and a pitching prospect..heck the sox could throw in jordan danks

          • Ferrariman 5 years ago

            no thanks. I’d rather keep rasmus and his above average defense out of a prime position along with his .275/.375/.525 30HR/20sb sort of production/ceiling and a pitching prospect. Isn’t worth it.

          • baseball52 5 years ago

            Tony LaRussa would rather trade Rasmus. The Cards have to set a deadline for when they will move on a Rasmus deal. If they go past the deadline then they either keep him and move him later or move on the best deal at that time.

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        why trade beckham (5 years of team control) for prospects?

        • Ferrariman 5 years ago

          why trade Rasmus(4 years of team control) for prospects when the cardinals are in a win-now mode? People will continue to make stupid proposals that really only help one side and make little to no sense. I’m learning to accept it and deal with it.

          • guest_54 5 years ago

            I totally agree with your statement about stupid proposals. It seems that fans believe their team should never make a trade unless it is so heavily slanted to their team’s advantage. I just don’t get it.It’s like, “Hey, we’ll give you this low-level minor leaguer for your superstar. What? Why don’t you think that’s a good deal? We get what we need and keep our best players. I think you should take it.”If your team is getting a superstar/potential superstar player in a trade, it’s gonna hurt. You’re not going to like what you have to give up in order to acquire that player.I think fans should consider how much it would take for them to give up their favorite/star player from their team and then realize that other teams value their favorite/star players similarly.

            Edit: Exit soapbox now.

  4. knoxfire30 5 years ago

    Well the sox held beckham back in talks for roy halladay and adrian gonzalez, so good luck to rival GM’s with trying to pry him away from the whitesox. This is going to be a non story as soon as KW addresses it next time he is heard from as complete bull flop.

    • Uhhh well that was dumb so what is your point? Should they keep making mistakes because they already made one mistake? Should the Yankees never deal Joba because they held him out of deals?

  5. burtonbball88 5 years ago

    Beckham is a scrub

  6. Sniderlover 5 years ago

    If Jays were to get him, I’d imagine Hill moving to 3rd and Beckham to 2nd. Hill has the bat for a 3rd baseman.

    Would love to acquire him but I doubt he gets traded anytime soon.

    • moonraker45 5 years ago

      “hill has the bat for a 3rd baseman”or you can also say”hill doesn’t have the obp for a 2nd baseman”lol

      but in all seriousness, if they intend to move Hill to 3rd, move Esco to 2B, Hech starting at SS..

      Esco and Hech up the middle could be one of the best tandems in the league… that would prob be a 2012 projection

      also any news on hill’s options? i thought the jays had to pick if they wanted 1 more 2 more or 3 more years by now

  7. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    I really like the idea of Gordon Beckham going elsewhere. His trade status and potential destinations are one of my favorite things to talk about. I think the Marlins would be the best fit, but I don’t see him getting traded to a division rival

    Orioles: Ryan Adams and Zach Britton for Gordon Beckham?
    Blue Jays: Zach Stewart, Joel Carreno, Drew Hutchinson and A.J. Jimenez?
    Red Sox: Stolmy Pimentel and Ryan Kalish?
    A’s: Stephen Parker and Chris Carter?
    Marlins: Dan Uggla and Edgar Olmos?
    Mets are interesting as well: Armando Rodriguez, Kirk Nieuwehuis, and Brandon Moore?
    Cardinals: Colby Rasmus for Gordon Beckham and John Danks?
    Cubs: Hak-Ju-Lee and Andrew Cashner?
    Astros: Albert Cartright, Jay Austin, and J.B. Schuck?
    Dodgers: Trayvon Robinson Allen Webster?
    Padres: Simon Castro and Ernesto Frieri?
    Giants: Zack Wheeler and Heath Hembree?
    Rockies: Wilin Rosario and Christian Friedrich?

    • mkorpal 5 years ago

      Rosario and Friedrich? Thats two of their top three. For that, I want Grienke. Especially when we already have Nelson who could do as well as Bechham.

      • shysox 5 years ago

        Rosario and Fredrich would not be overpaying at all. You would probably have to give Fredrich, Stewart, Young, and Fowler to get Grienke. Nelson could never ever never ever ever ever ever ever ever as long as he is alive do better than beckham, let alone he won’t even have a higher ceiling than beckham, he’s not even one of their top 25 prospects, probably, and he’s already an year older than Beckham with 25 at bats of experience.

    • Ben_Cherington 5 years ago

      I wouldnt trade Kalish for Beckham! Let alone another prospect.

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      red sox would be grossly underpaying. i think Ellsbury and Doubront seem a little better.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        I suppose. I still have no idea what to expect from Doubront. Interesting fella

      • Stolmy has an elite ceiling, Doubront is a back of the rotation type. Ellsbury is a better player but is more expensive and less cost controlled than Kalish. Kalish and Stolmy is definitely a better package.

        • Ferrariman 5 years ago

          i like Stolmy a lot, but he is so far from the majors. Agree to disagree.

    • If the Diamondbacks went after him it might Reynolds and Parra for Beckham and a minor league pitcher.

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        could work very well….which would slot morell to 2nd(alot of scouts see him as a middle infielder rather than a corner guy), or simply move reynolds to 1st and keep morell at 3rd

    • Maybe I’m crazy, but if we could get Beckham without having to give up DeShields, Lyles, or Mier, I’d consider that a major win. It would allow us to move Keppinger back into a utility role against lefties, where I feel he’s more useful.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        Yeah well luckily, the Stros system is much improved. Ed Wade could even dangle J.D. Martinez.

    • ugen64 5 years ago

      I don’t think the Orioles will trade Britton. the problem is that of the big 3 pitchers (Tillman, Matusz, Arrieta), only Matusz has lived up to his potential in the majors so far. obviously they’re still young – I think Tillman is still 22 – but I think in order to trade Britton they’d need 2 or even all 3 of those guys to look good in the majors – and Hobgood making some strides behind him wouldn’t hurt either.

      if Beckham is available, I don’t think the O’s would be willing to give up enough to get him. they’d probably only be willing to trade guys like Pie, Riemold, Bell, Snyder, Hernandez… not the big prospects the White Sox would be looking for.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        You have to realize that pitchers sometikes take a little extra time to ease in. Your not going to see lights out numbers right away.

    • itlynstalyn 5 years ago

      Yes, the Giants are going to trade their best pitching prospect who doesn’t even have a full season in the minors for effing Gordon Beckham. Give me a break.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        It’ll take someone like Wheeler to pry him away. I think it would be Wheeler plus.

        • itlynstalyn 5 years ago

          Then you’re high. Pablo Sandoval is a better hitter than Beckham and had a DOWN year and still outperformed him. They already have a year of Freddy Sanchez at 2B left who is ALSO a better hitter.

          You’re not getting anyone in the Giants top five for Beckham and there’s no way they’d trade for him any way.

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            No way is Panda better than Beckham. Beckham is athletic, has better tools, plays defense. And might be an overall better hitter…especially in the long run. Your making it seem like the Giants could get Beckham for Adrianza and a piece of the outfield fence. That is not the case. He has tremendous talent he just had a down year and that happens a lot with young players.

          • itlynstalyn 5 years ago

            A down year? Pablo Sandoval had a down year. Beckham had a pretty similar year to last year. He won’t be worth a top five prospect until he shows he can actually produce the power numbers at the MLB level, which he hasn’t.

            Pablo has a better UZR defensively, and is a better hitter even though he had a terrible season. The Giants wouldn’t offer more than Tanner/Kieschnick/Peguero/Adrianza – pick two.

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            I don’t see it. I say Wheeler and Hembree, but I could also see someone like Runzler and Adrianza

          • itlynstalyn 5 years ago

            You really have no idea who the Giants best prospects are, do you? Wheeler is the Giants best pitching prospect by far. No way they include him in a trade for a mediocre 2B based on potential alone.

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            My point is not mediocre at all. He is young and had a rough sophomore year.

          • itlynstalyn 5 years ago

            Pablo Sandoval is the same age and had a “down year” too and still put up better stats by ALL COUNTS. Offensively AND defensively.

          • shysox 5 years ago

            Obviously you don’t watch any other team whatsoever than your Giants. You probably don’t even watch your Giants because unlike Beckham, Sandoval will never hit .330 again, let alone he probably won’t even hit .300 again. Sandoval is nothing special at 3rd base, and it’s foolish to compare a guy that’s been playing 3rd base his whole career, to a guy who played shortstop his whole career in the minors, hasn’t played a game of third base, all of a sudden comes up to the major leagues and plays 3rd base, and plays it rather well, then after the season is over the White Sox tell him to move to 2nd base, a much harder position than 3rd base, just before spring training. You don’t determine how good or bad a player is based on a half season’s play. They only call him Kung Fu Panda because 1. He has the weight of a panda 2. he runs like there’s a panda on his back 3. he sleeps like a panda at 3rd base. If Beckham hadn’t made the switch to 2nd, which made him worry about his defense and focus just on his defense, he would’ve posted up better numbers than Sandoval by all accounts. If the giants decide to move him to 1st base, then it wouldn’t take an hour for him to run over to 3rd base for a steal attempt. Beckham would have been a better fielder if he had more than 10 minutes in the minors, the position is new to him and it’s difficult for anyone to move from Shortstop to 3rd to 2nd base in 1 1/2 years. The only way Sandoval steals a base is if he sees a double bacon cheeseburger at 2nd base. I can almost guarantee you that Beckham will be better in 2011, better than Sandoval. He’s more athletic, better glove, better bat, more power, and he can run 90 feet without having to take a lunch break.

          • jwsox 5 years ago

            dont compare UZR of a 3rdbasemen/1stbasemen to a 2ndbasemen!!!

          • itlynstalyn 5 years ago

            Third base is a harder position to play than 2B. I think it’s quite a valid comparison.

          • jwsox 5 years ago

            not really…the angles of balls are different and the plays are different….on a side note panda is vastly over weight thus making beckham more valuable..

          • itlynstalyn 5 years ago


            Yeah, he’s so overweight that he has a better UZR than Beckham by almost 2 points last season. Facts clearly don’t matter in this argument do they?

          • shysox 5 years ago

            3rd base is clearly not a harder position to play when the Giants put Sandoval there.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      I like the ugla idea, but the colby for danks and beckham is laughable….maybe JUST MAYBE gordon beckham and floyd….danks isnt going anywhere he is under team control for 2 more years(this year included in the two) they are looking to extend him, he is getting better and better every year and is likely replacement for buehrle a the top of the order after next season…if a pitcher is going to be traded from the whitesox its floyd or jackson

    • Beersy 5 years ago

      I don’t think the Padres would trade those 2 for Beckham. If Mitchell does anything in the AZL, he and Beckham with a pitcher or 2 for Gonzalez sounds good to me. The Whitesox wanted Gonzalez last off season, and have the deep pockets to sign him to an extension, but wouldn’t part with Beckham. It’s funny how a guy can fall so fast in his own organization.

  8. AceGunderson 5 years ago

    I’d have to think that even some of the teams listed as already having long term options at 2nd and 3rd would get involved. This would hinge on including one of said “long term options” in the deal for Beckham. This would probably only work for a few of the teams, like maybe the Nats including Espinosa as part of the package, or the Pirates with Walker…you catch my drift.

  9. BleacherBumSF 5 years ago

    a young core of Gordon Beckham, Buster Posey, Brandon Belt, and possibly Sandoval would be beautiful

  10. Adam 5 years ago

    If the Sox were to trade Gordon it better be for a MLB ready SP pre-arbitration and either a replacement for 2nd base or a young potential closer.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      why does everyone think the whitesox want an big league ready pitcher…they current rotation is peavy-danks-floyd-buehrle-jackson..they have sale in the mix and garcia may be back as well

      • shysox 5 years ago

        Because if Kenny Williams wants any chance at getting an elite slugger, like Prince Fielder or Adrian Gonzalez, maybe someone in a lower class like James Loney if the Dodgers put him on the market. he’s going to have to be ready to give up one of his starters, and Dayan Viciedo.

  11. dickylarue 5 years ago

    If he’s really available, I’m sure Kenny Williams will put him on the table for Adrian Gonzalez.

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      and who would Jed Hoyer be putting? because 5 years of Beckham is worth more than 1 year of Agonz IMO.

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        you would have to bet there would be an extension in place before the deal happens…

      • dickylarue 5 years ago

        The White Sox don’t trade Beckham to SD unless they get to sign Agon. Considering Konerko is a free agent and up there in years I would not doubt Kenny Williams making this kind of bold move.

        A lot of his team is a win now team and adding a cornerstone 1b defines that team further.

        If you think a team is going to get Agon for players lesser than Beckham, you’re wrong. It’s going to cost to get the Padres to give up Gonzalez before he hits free agency.

        It’s the type of trade that a GM’s rep is made on and if Hoyer doesn’t get a satisfactory return it behooves him to take the draft picks and get full use of the player at a discount salary next year.

        Someone is going to offer Hoyer a serious young player (not minor league prospects) for Agon and whoever does that first probably gets him. And no, Ellsbury does not qualify as a serious young player.

    • danks50 5 years ago

      Even coming off a down year you don’t trade 5 more years of Beckham for a season of Gonzalez who probably won’t even begin playing until right before the start of the season.

  12. danks50 5 years ago

    Every year mlbtr puts out a potential Beckham deal which seemingly leads to nowhere. I’d like to see who these “rival sources” actually are because trading a player that’s still making major league change for the next two seasons with considerable upside doesn’t make much sense. Even with one awful half of baseball.

    • Absolutely, it makes ZERO sense. If the Sox really do have Beckham on the table it’ll most likely because they want to trade for a superstar. A lot of teams may get involved there may only be 2 or 3 teams that have a player Williams wants for his team.

      Trading Beckham now would be a pretty poor choice anyways because even though he’s still under team control for a long time he’s coming off a bad year which is drastically hurting his stock. The last thing any team wants is for Beckham ending up like CQ.

      • danks50 5 years ago

        I like mlbtr but an entire article about a unconfirmed rumor about trading a player to half the teams in major league baseball including every team in the AL Central = Failure.

  13. marlinsfanatic 5 years ago

    Id trade Uggla and a pitching prospect to the Chi Sox for Beckham.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      not a bad deal becuase you know kenny would give ugla the 5 year deal he wants…while i love gordons D….his bat is no where close to Ugla, ugla is still young and in the top 5 of hitting secondbasemen, hwo could move to 1st(if they resign konerko to a 2-3 year deal) or to DH eventually..ugla and a top prospect(does not matter the position) would actually work very well for both teams, and infield of henley and gordon is a good one and ugla in the middle of the order for the whitesox is very good as well

      • shysox 5 years ago

        What do you mean by Uggla’s still young? He’s 31 at the start of the season, just think about it, Beckham has 5 tools compared to Uggla’s 1 tool. In the long run we’ll all regret making this trade. The only trade i would do with the Marlins for Beckham is if we did a straight up trade for Mike Stanton or Beckham for Logan Morrison and Ozzie Martinez.

  14. grant77 5 years ago

    I have to wonder what the White Sox would want in return for Beckham?

    I’d love to see the Jays pick him up to play third, but catching prospects and pitching isn’t exactly what Chicago needs either.

  15. Potrzeba 5 years ago

    Kevin Youkilis for beckham and danks? beckham would play third and then the red sox trade for a big bat, or sign a F/A.

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      whitesox wouldn’t do it.

    • grant77 5 years ago

      I highly doubt Chicago even considers that.

      • Neither would the Red Sox. Significant downgrade from Youk to Beckham, and while Danks is a very good pitcher the Red Sox have significant SP depth. They are losing Vmart and possibly Beltre and need impact bats besides Youk. Losing Youk would create a giant hole in their lineup.

        For the record, people do consider Youkilis as one of the best hitters in baseball correct? Because he most definitely is, and is signed to a below market deal for the next three seasons.

    • Kenny Williams would fall out of his chair laughing if that was offered to him. Youkilis is a good player, but why not resign Konerko and keep those 2? The difference between Konerko and Youkilis isn’t enough to make this a sensible deal.

    • Red Sox wouldn’t do it.

  16. I love seeing White Sox-Cubs trades. It makes the whole rivalry better. Sammy Sosa for George Bell, David Aardsma for Neil Cotts- What a flop for both sides. I guess a Gordon Beckham trade could go like this.

    CHC Trade
    Blake DeWitt
    Hak-Ju Lee
    Josh Vitters
    Jay Jackson/ Chris Archer
    another A leaguer

    CHC get

    White sox
    C- Flowers
    1B- Konerko- He will be back or Viciedo
    2B- DeWitt
    3B- Teahen
    SS- Alexei Ramirez
    RF- Quentin
    CF- Rios
    LF- Pierre
    DH- Viciedo/ Konerko


    C- Soto
    1B- Dunn*Hopefully
    2B- Beckham
    3B- Ramirez
    SS- Castro
    RF- Colvin
    CF- Byrd
    LF- Soriano

    Batting Order

    SS- Castro
    2B- Bacon
    1B- Dunn
    3B- Ramirez
    CF- Byrd
    RF- Colvin
    LF- Soriano
    C- Soto

    This line up is a dream cause then I would actually believe we could contend in the NL Central.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      you clearly are a cubs fan…first off wont happen…secondly mark teahan will not be the starting 3rdbasemen for the whitesox

    • mlbscout6 5 years ago

      Why would you give all that up for a fringe starter like Beckham? You could get legit 30hr .369oba player in Dan Uggla for Vitters and Jackson and maybe a low level relief prospect

  17. First of all I doubt that Gordon will be dealt. This is a rumor from a Yahoo reporter who is quoting unnamed “rival teams” who THINK the Sox will listen to offers.

    That said, if Beckham is dealt for prospects it makes absolutely no sense unless the Sox are aware of something that may be wrong with him. I mean, why trade a guy who is a top tier prospect no matter what anyone says, for another prospect or 2 who havent played in the majors yet? The only explanation for this scenario is if Kenny is planning on totally rebuilding the team which he has never done during his time as GM. If he trades Beckham he has a HUGE hole to fill at 2nd and nobody to fill it. So trading one really good prospect for another doesnt make alot of sense to me.

    Now…if the plan is to use Beckham as a centerpiece in a deal for an established player who is a difference maker, thats different. If he could ..say…trade for AGon(just an example) using Beckham(and others) and he doesnt resign Konerko then maybe it makes some sense. I would hope like hell he doesnt waste Beckham for a one year rental though like AGon would likely be or Fielder absolutely would be.

    I just dont see the need to create a hole in order to try to fill another one…or..trade one good prospect for another.

    This…I believe…is a non story made up to create a little buzz

  18. I think a trade of Beckham and Jenks to the Marlins for Dan Uggla straight up would be perfect for both clubs. Since it seems that Uggla wants out of florida if he is traded to the Sox the Sox gets some power to go along with Carlos Quinten and Paul Kornerko. While the Marlins get a young second baseman and a closer that they need.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      the marlins would be able to go out and get jenks by them selves he is likely to be non tendered and the marlins have a hard enough time playing their start second basemen why would they pay what jenks might fetch?

    • shysox 5 years ago

      1.If the White Sox bring Jenks back, his salary will be more than 9MM, and there’s no way the White Sox or the Marlins want to pay that.
      2. In the long run, Beckham is a much, much better player than Uggla any day, he hasn’t proven it yet, but trust me he will, as of right now, Uggla is better than Beckham, but 5 years from now, Beckham is better than Uggla. More athletic, speedier, better clutch hitter, better solid contact, might even have more power as he matures in the majors, anyways, Beckham is a 5 tool player while Uggla might be no more than a 2 tool, or possibly a 1. You are overvaluing Uggla, heck, i doubt that KW would ever even consider a straight up Beckham for Uggla.
      3. Uggla’s is in for a huge raise and the White Sox only have to pay him a little bit above the minimum, less than $1,000,000. Uggla is in for more than 8 million.

  19. Mobi 5 years ago

    I do not see Gordon moved anytime soon. Unless WhiSox is pessimistic about Gordon, no reason to sell low. Besides, who do they play 2B if Gordon is traded? 44 year old Omar? Unless some team makes a crazy proposal, I do not see this happening.

  20. Mobi 5 years ago

    I do not see Gordon moved anytime soon. Unless WhiSox is pessimistic about Gordon, no reason to sell low. Besides, who do they play 2B if Gordon is traded? 44 year old Omar? Unless some team makes a crazy proposal, I do not see this happening.

  21. This is the worst post i’ve ever read as you provide no actual reasoning for him to go to the teams you’ve listed besides the fact that those are only teams that have a hole at 2nd/3rd base. Nowhere do you mention the potential prospects it would take to get beckham away from the White Sox. This is the worst post i’ve ever seen on this site ever.

  22. How about Beckham to the Dodgers for Loney? Fit for both teams, especially the Chi Sox if Konerko leaves.

    • shysox 5 years ago

      As a White Sox fan, I would like to have Loney on the White Sox but not for Beckham. Maybe Gavin Floyd and Tyler Flowers and a minor league 1st baseman would be enough. I hope I’m not undervaluing him here because the Dodgers could use help at both catcher and they need another few pitchers after Kershaw, Billingsley, and Lilly.

  23. Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

    All this arguing about Rasmus being overrated [laugh], Quentin being an MVP calibre player [laugh], RBI’s and batting average telling the talent of a hitter [laugh], and how Sandoval will have a better career than Beckham [laugh] just leaves me shaking my head.

    Seems common sense is overrated today.

  24. TeamCropDusters 5 years ago

    WHY would you trade him???????????????????

  25. mboss 5 years ago

    Jesus Christ…Does anybody remember that Beckham was tearing up the minors in 2009, came up in June and was by many the odds on favorite for ROY. He was the Sporting News ROY in 2009. He hit 14HR’s in 2009 with a .270/.347/.460. He had a tough first half in his 2nd year….but if you watched him everyday you saw him turn it around. In July he hit .354 with a .950 OPS, and August hit .309 with a .931 OPS. He got hit on the hand with a pitch and struggled after that in Sept before getting shut down.

    He is not getting traded!! I don’t think he’ll be a Superstar player but he has the ability to be a very good 2B that perennially hits .290 with 18-24 HR’s.

  26. MurderersRow27 5 years ago

    It would be awesome to see the Yankees go after Gordon Beckham. I think Robinson Cano could be a good shortstop, he’s got a lot of range and a laser arm. I know Jeter will be the full-time shortstop this season, but who knows after that (and I’m not bashing Jeter here trust me).

  27. baseball52 5 years ago

    Cubs for Vitters and Samardzija. Cubs get a MLB ready 2B who could potentially bust, while the Sox get a 3B of the future and a SP project that still has limited potential.

    • mboss 5 years ago

      Vitters has not progressed as a prospect and Samardzija is nothing more than a Bull pen arm of which the Sox are loaded with. Also the sox already have a 3B of the future in Brent Morel who’s better defensively than vitters.

  28. Bigmouth 5 years ago

    How would Beckham be an upgrade over Panda at 3b?

  29. dro1202 5 years ago

    honestly if im sandy alderson i give the sox what they want, hes exactly what they need, a 2b with some pop and is still a good fielder, what could chicago want from the mets?

  30. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    way to absolutely undervalue rasmus. Baseball America ranked him as the #3 best prospect in baseball after the 2008 season(ahead of Beckham by a lot). the previous season he was #5. he was a top 10 on just about any prospect list. Now he has performed in the majors(how’s beckham doing?) at a high level. He has plus tools across the entire board. His ceiling is a .275/.400/.550 sort of guy with 30/20 upside and he isn’t that far from it either. And he doesn’t have a bad attitude, anyone would go crazy having to deal with TLR, good thing he is probably retiring after next season. I go crazy and get a bad attitude from just watching him. little research goes a long way.

    granted i still think Rasmus for beckham and Danks is probably an overpayment, its not too far off either. Cardinals would probably have to add one of their BP guys with good closing upside (motte, boggs, sanchez, mulligan, salas,etc).

  31. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    Everyone now thinks because of Colby’s “barely slip-up” with TLR that he is the next Terrell Owens of Baseball. Not really. He had one problem back in May I think it was and didn’t say a word the rest of the season. He is one of the young rising stars of the game who is under control for a long time. I think Beckham and Danks would even be CHEAP for Rasmus.

  32. “That is a terrible trade for the Sox.”
    I think you mispelt Cardinals. Rasmus is a monster and one of the top CF’s in the game. I’ll take his bad attitude any day of the week.

  33. knoxfire30 5 years ago

    beckham lasted about 5 minutes in the minors, or he would have easily been a top 5 prospect in all of baseball, i think people need to talk his sophmore slump with a huge grain of salt his professional baseball experience is very very limited

  34. burtonbball88 5 years ago

    Danks is seriously underrated, and Rasmus isn’t amazing yet. He didn’t even have that good of a season, and yet people are calling him a top 10 CF. Wow. If Danks had run support every once in a while people would see how good of a pitcher he really is.

  35. danks50 5 years ago

    John Danks was a 4 WAR pitcher last season and put up a 5 WAR season in 2008. Obviously being a huge fan might slightly tilt my views of him but he’s an extremely valuable pitcher that still has 2 arb eligible years left. Gordon Beckham looked like a minor league player in the first half of the season and then put up a .310/.380/.877 line after the All Star Break. He still has considerable upside and 5 years of team control left.

    Colby is a excellent young player with a great future but that proposal is insane.

  36. jwsox 5 years ago

    no one is under selling rasmus, we all know what he is, very good and white he could be, great…but gordon is a solid player who has only had 1.5 seasons in the bigs while changing postions THREE TIMES!!!!! and only lasted a half a season in the minors….while gordon and floyd or jackson for colby and a infield prospect is a good deal, colby for gordon and danks is a bad deal for the whtiesox no matter how you cut it…danks has shown time in and time out he is a great pitcher

  37. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    you also have comprehension problems. i specifically said the same thing: rasmus isn’t worth Danks and Beckham. read the second paragraph

  38. knoxfire30 5 years ago

    flash in the pan, he was a top end prospect, he was a first round pick, he had an mvp professional season and last year he produced 26 bombs and 87 rbi, he is hardly a useless “flash in the pan” player. So I think you should get a clue.

  39. jwsox 5 years ago

    so far the only that that was a flash in the pan was his average since coming to the sox…his power has stayed the same and his obp is similar..

  40. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    he lead all mlb centerfielders in OPS at age 23/24 and he didn’t have a good season? i guess your criteria is a Pujols type season then?

  41. BlueCatuli 5 years ago

    Danks is overrated in Chicago and underrated everywhere else. He is a good number two or three starter. He isn’t an ace by any means, but he isn’t a scrub either.

  42. burtonbball88 5 years ago

    Really? Top CF? Really? What baseball have you been watching

  43. deere5800 5 years ago

    Ironically mispelt was also misspelled.

  44. Beauford 5 years ago

    “I think you “mispelt” Cardinals…” Priceless

  45. You don’t get it, we have ALEX RIOS, he is a 5 tool player, maybe the best all around CF in baseball. we’d love to have Rasmus and are willing to put a package around Quentin. but we don’t need Rasmus and were fine without him. Danks, a current #2, in a rotation full of all star pitchers, will be a future ace. and Beckham is an athletic 5 Tool player and understands the strike zone and has proven hitting in the clutch and spots of great Defense at a position that he’s just now learning. Rasmus is going to be a great OF, but hes not worth Beckham and Danks, definitly when we don’t need him as much as you think we do.

  46. burtonbball88 5 years ago

    He is definitely worth Danks and Beckham. He’s worth less.

  47. burtonbball88 5 years ago

    and i guess yours isn’t average and RBI’s?

  48. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    he had a .276 average and over a .360 obp. no, i don’t care about RBI’s that much. i guess you don’t care about HR, slugging, and obp. sabermetrically, i guess you don’t care about stuff lile woba, ISO, WAR, UZR, etc. but feel free to continue cherry picking.

  49. If your criteria is average and rbi’s solely, you shouldn’t brag about it…

  50. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    Ells is a good player but he is what he is. His OPS away from Fenway hovers around .700, had an injury plagued season, doesn’t have a ton of value right now because of said injuries, boras client, and arb eligible. I guess i undervalue Kalish a bit, which i admit probably was the best choice(looked up a few scouting reports just now). No, i don’t hate the red sox. i hate the cubs and the Johny Cueto. thats about it.

  51. Combined 5.8 WAR over his first 2 years in the Majors and he plays a premium position. What have YOU been watching?

  52. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    he said one of, which he is.

  53. Randy_McWeen 5 years ago

    sandovals actually 34…nobody knows it yet…i havent really seen much of beckham, but what i have seen is that he looks like he could be a real stud. What are his projected (potential) stats 20-25 hr’s, 100 rbi, .280 avg.? i know people dont think rbi’s count, but i think they are telling of a persons capability of just being a good hitter, especially with guys on base. Please people, give me a real offer that could land beckham..none of this rasmus for danks AND beckham

  54. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    no, you don’t get a real offer. why? because he isn’t going anywhere. neither is rasmus. the major guys i see getting moved this offseason are one of the whitesox starters, Kemp, Fielder, and Upton.

  55. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    agree wholeheartedly. Rasmus for Beckham and Danks is too much for the Sox. Cards would have to add some other interesting piece(though probably not an overwelming one like Garcia or Shelby Miller).

  56. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    who cares if it was a fluke? point is he still got injured. Flukes happen all the time and people still have to pay for it. Fair or foul, it happens. Point is it hurts his value and your a fool to think it doesn’t. The cardinals misdiagnosed Brad Penny’s “back” injury which turned out to be a shoulder tear. guess what? now Penny’s value has been hurt for it. Rick Ankiel was never an injury liability then had a gigantic mental melt down, it hurts his value. was it his fault? not really. Jake Peavy’s shoulder basically popped out of his socket, i doubt he was trying to do that. whenever someone gets injured and misses basically the entire season, you’d be an absolute fool to think his value isn’t hurt.

  57. jwsox 5 years ago

    he missed almost half the season with the same injury..he got hurt came back then got hurt again how is that not injury plagued…

  58. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    i’l take beckham for 5 years and danks for 3 years over Youkilis. Just because i don’t love every red sox player or that i disagree with you means i hate them? someone seems a bit defensive…

  59. I don’t know where to begin. Quentin has been in the MLB for five seasons and has had one good year. He has been a replacement level player the other seasons, not even an average regular. He is a terrible fielder, and while he’s a capable hitter acting like mentioning him as the primary piece for a Rasmus deal is a joke. And no, he didn’t have an “mvp season”…Pedroia, Mauer, Youkilis, Sizemore and more guys had a better season that year. You can say he would’ve been a better candidate if he didn’t get hurt, but that’s part of his problem, the guy gets hurt. But yeah, he had a very good 2008, but you can’t say he had an “mvp professional season” when he didn’t win the mvp in a year that was the weakest field in a long time.

  60. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    for the love of god, i said this 3 times now, i don’t think Rasmus for Beckham and Danks is a good deal for the whitesox. how many times do i gotta say it before people stop criticizing it? i even said it in the post you are replying to.

  61. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    i never said he wasn’t. i’m saying i would rather have 8 total years of Beckham and Danks over 2 years of Youkalis.

  62. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    like i said, defensive are we?

  63. jwsox 5 years ago

    wow there is some serious whitesox hate in that post….what fan base are you from my friend? because unless its the yankees, phillies or bosox you have no room to talk about fluke success…

  64. shysox 5 years ago

    You my friend, need to seek some help. Carlos Quentin would be capable of doing what he did in 2008 if he didn’t keep getting himself injured, and Beckham had one BAD half of a season.

  65. Randy_McWeen 5 years ago

    kemp – cant see it
    fielder – yes
    upton – 50/50 – people want him, but it seems he’s got sex and the city type baggage with’em.

    I assume your a cards fan. Whats the latest on Rasmus? what could he get in return? I think they are really incompetent if they move him. Even if La Russa wants him gone.

  66. jwsox 5 years ago

    what if beckham were part of a deal to get kemp? i know the sox need a lefty bat but they can find that in FA, dunn, pena…trade carlos and resign thome…what about gordon-quentin-floyd or jackson(eating some of jackson contract) for kemp and a prospect

  67. jwsox 5 years ago

    agree i would not do it either….why would the bosox trade away the only for sure player they have at the corner? a guy who has proven he can hit in fenway and has a decdont contract, and the last thing the bosox need is another pitcher…PLEASE EVERYONE DANKS IS 99% NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

  68. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    “please everyone danks is 99% not going anywhere”

    isn’t gonna stop people from still putting his name in trade proposals. You keep putting Rasmus’ name and he probably has just as likely of a chance of getting traded as Beckham and Danks but people will still do it.

  69. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    i doubt the white sox offer that much. Gordon/Quentin/Floyd is enough to get a lot bigger fish than Kemp.

  70. jwsox 5 years ago

    ha if that was a trade it would be danks for colby with gordon thrown in hahaha

  71. jwsox 5 years ago

    i never thought you said it was a good deal chill bro

  72. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    “we’d love to have Rasmus and are willing to put a package around Quentin”

    umm..no. I agree though, whitesox are a bad trading partner. Rasmus isn’t going to chicago.

  73. Im about as much of a White Sox fan as there is but even I dont think Beckham is a 5 tool player. You do know what the 5 tools are right?
    Beckham is a good player at this point in his career. He has a tremendous amount of potential but hes never going to be a 5 tool player. He lacks the speed to be a real base stealing threat. His power is suspect…hes more likely going to be a gap hitter and a doubles machine. Hes good defensively but hes not a gold glove by any stretch. Can he improve in these areas…probably..except for the speed. But hes never going to be a 5 tool player. That doesnt mean that I want to see him traded…I dont..unless he can bring a player who fills a need.

    Next….Name the pitchers on the Sox staff who are currently considered to be all stars. Buehrle …possibly..but his best days are behind him. Danks has a huge upside…could be an All Star in the future… but he needs more consistency. Same with Floyd. Edwin Jackson is a nice #3-4 with a career record under .500 and a career ERA hovering at about 4.50. Peavy…he may NEVER pitch as well as he used to in San Diego…if he pitches at all..ever again. You cant be talking about Garcia. So Im confused…who are the All Stars on this staff again?(Actually Garcia isnt on this staff any longer)
    I agree..it would be nice to have Rasmus but its a luxury. To create a couple of holes to get him makes no real sense to me. But lets not exaggerate the talent or the value of Sox players.

  74. I thought that you said “I’m alright Spider”…

  75. shysox 5 years ago


  76. Two words: Game 163.

  77. jwsox 5 years ago

    think so? I mean yeah kemp had a down year this year. But last year he was in the top 5 if not the best centerfielder in the game and is still young…maybe something like beckham+floyd+OF prospect of jordan danks or maybe maybe mitchell

  78. shysox 5 years ago

    There’s barely any talent in center field anymore. There wasn’t a full-time centerfielder that was all that solid this year, of course, Carlos Gonzalez, Josh Hamilton, and Torii Hunter all played centerfield for a fair amount this year, but none of them played it full time. Centerfielders like Grady Sizemore, Curtis Granderson, and Matt Kemp all played bad or were plagued by injury. That being said, I think Alex Rios, Adam Jones, and Andrew McCutchen are all better than Rasmus AT THIS MOMENT. I think he will turn out to be better than all of them but as of right now, he is not the top centerfielder in the MLB, at least in terms of talent.

  79. shysox 5 years ago

    Is your name John Mozeliak?
    If not, then how do you know he’s not going anywhere. I heard it from the San Diego Fans “Peavy isn’t going to Chicago”, and he did. “Rios isn’t going to Chicago” and he did. “Jackson isn’t going to Chicago.” and guess what? He did.
    I’m sure a package of Danks, Quentin, Viciedo, and Eduardo Escobar will at least get him to consider.

  80. I wouldn’t trade Danks straight up for Rasmus. He hasn’t put it completely together yet, but I think he will be a top pitcher in the league soon. While Rasmus is a good going to be a great player, pitching is more important than an OFer.

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