Derek Jeter Rumors: Friday

Not only are the Yankees close to signing Mariano Rivera to a two-year deal, negotiations with Derek Jeter seemed to take a step forward yesterday. The Yankees increased their offer to Jeter and agent Casey Close lowered his asking price. Here are the latest updates on Jeter and the Yankees:

  • "Significant progress" has been made between Jeter and the club over the last two days, tweets Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated.
  • The Yankees are still waiting to hear Jeter's response to their most recent proposal, according to's Buster Olney (on Twitter).
  • The Yankees are hesitant to add a guaranteed fourth year, though they are willing to offer Jeter more than $15MM per season, according to Andrew Marchand of If the Yankees do add a fourth year, it would likely be an option triggered by performance.

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  1. If I’m the Yankees I might as well go 4 years projecting to match Jeter’s free agency with Hanley’s free agency.
    The only good ss projected to be available in 3 years is Alexei Ramirez and that is if he doesn’t sign an extension with the ChiSox. Also they don’t have any decent ss in their farm system unless they’ll be satisfied with Nunez’ .650 ops

    • You’re assuming Jeter will be playing SS at the end of the contract. Not necessarily a safe assumption.

      • I agree. I think Posada retires after 2011 and Arod is the DH in 2012 with Jeter moving to 3rd (after getting 3000 hits as a SS)

        • slider32 5 years ago

          I agee, and the Yanks will get the best SS available at the time if Nunez doesn’t cut the mustard!

      • Ok. I’ll agree with that.
        Still, if Jeter will accept a 4th year player option for about $5 mil the Yankees should strongly consider it. It would decrease the AAV substantially which means they’d save about $2 mil per year on luxury taxes.

  2. MB923 5 years ago

    I speak on behalf of not just baseball fans but all sports fans around the country who keep hearing this everyday. GET THIS DONE TODAY!!!

    • I agree, get it done! Both sides, just realize you are soulmates and could never part ways. That way I can come back to MLBTR on a less frequent basis!

  3. if anyone believes theres a chance he goes elsewhere..i have a bridge in nyc to sell you

    • boyofsummer 5 years ago

      I’m in. Name your price. Oh, and please identify the bridge’s location.

    • flickadave 5 years ago

      As soon as I get the millions from the former Nigerian oil minister that I just sent $100,000 to in order to get the money out of Nigeria I’m in! Name your price. I will blindly trust you not to gouge me.

  4. theyankeefanatic 5 years ago

    Jeter for 4 years goes against what the overwhelming fan base wants so i hope they pay some attention to that…no matter where Jeter ends up…his bat looks bad/at 3rd in LF or RF…and his defense in any of those positions is guaranteed to be a downgrade from whom ever they have now…i don’t like his declining arm strength for any of the possible alternate positions…so i again ask why are they even giving him 3 years…this signing is going to be one i’ll have to sulk thru after the thrill of his 3000 hits.especially if Jose Reyes or Stephen Drew hit free agency/traded.

  5. Vmmercan 5 years ago

    Three years max…This isn’t like Mo where he’s being offered an extra year (reportedly three) from another team. Notice how after Cashman told Close to explore the open market, CLOSE set up a meeting with Yankees FO to try to find a middleground. IE: There was nothing better than the Yankees’ offer on the open market. Nothing even good enough to use as an empty threat.

    I understand the Yankees have to up their offer so they maintain their “we take care of our own” image and so their cornerstone player doesn’t look bad like he came crawling back. I also understand this new drawn-out firm process so the Yankees don’t have to deal with every player in the future who feels entitled (perhaps Cano at the end of his deal or something like that?).

    Regardless, up the man’s offer 3-15 million for the life of the contract and stay firm on three guaranteed years. I also wouldn’t be surprised if in addition to upping the money, they told Jeter if he’s terrible after 2011 at shortstop, be prepared to change positions.

  6. Zuidvogels 5 years ago

    I see a 3 year deal worth 18M per with a 18M option. So it could end up being 4/72M. Any thought to moving him to 2B and moving Cano to 3B with Arod to DH at some point in the deal?

  7. Why wouldn’t they move Jeter to 3B? His loss of range is going to be just as bad at 2B. There’s also the little thing of having one of the top defensive 2Bmen there right now. Why would you him to put a worse defensive player there? Weird.

    • start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

      yanks have some other guy at third… one who is a lot more productive and a lot more expensive. Same guy really shouldn’t be playing short.

      • slider32 5 years ago

        I think the change will be gradual. In 2012 they both play in the infield some with A-Rod DHing some, and in 2013 and 2014 is when A-Rod DHs more and Jeter moves to third full time.

    • theyankeefanatic 5 years ago

      it’s all a matter of what the Yanks thinks is more important…Jeter at 2nd makes some sense and so does jeter at 3rd…but the reality is putting him at either position makes the Yanks weaker…because he will be in decline and so will Arod although to a lesser extent…and the Yanks can deal with Arod’s decline if they limit Jeters years…but they won’t because they love him so much…but i think Jeter in his 3rd year and maybe even in his 2nd could be very bad for the Yanks if it combines with a marked decline with Arod…the Yanks seem to be committed to make the same mistake twice…because they don’t want to hurt Jeters feelings….and giving Jeter a 4th year is a definate NO NO.

  8. Come on get this deal done. So we can stop hearing about it.. He’s going to sign, it’s just a question of how much the Yankees will pay him.

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